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Strange 'Alien' Lights From NASA Aurora Experiment Looks Out Of This World

NASA's AZURE mission launched on Friday, creating a spectacular light show in the sky over northern Norway. The experiment is part of a larger effort to study the region of the atmosphere where particles from Earth and outer space interact.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2019

Microsoft's Q3 FY17 Earnings Report Shows Azure, Office, And Windows Revenues Go Up, While Surface Goes Down

Microsoft has now released its earnings report for Q3 2017. The results suggest that while the company is successful in its Intelligent Cloud business, it needs to brush up on its Surface efforts.

Microsoft April 28, 2017

Microsoft Acquires Kubernetes Orchestration Specialist Deis To Step Up Its Container Game

Microsoft has just announced plans to acquire Deis, a company which has popular tools for building and managing applications via the Kubernetes container system. More than the technology, however, Microsoft's purchase will also bring in talents.

Business Tech April 11, 2017

Authentication Issue Hits Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Skype Once Again

Microsoft services encountered issues as many users were unable to access their accounts in Outlook, OneDrive, and Xbox Live. This comes days after a similar problem prevented people from signing into their cloud services.

Microsoft March 22, 2017

Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning Will Transform Microsoft, Says CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s leader, Satya Nadella, detailed how the machine learning and artificial intelligence deployed in the company’s products will shape the future. From the cloud to augmented reality, Microsoft said it will put AI to work.

Microsoft September 27, 2016

Microsoft And Boeing Team Up To Store Aviation Data In Azure Cloud Platform

Boeing partners with Microsoft to store large amounts of data in Azure cloud platform. The deal will help Boeing to improve various aspects of aircraft efficiencies.

Microsoft July 19, 2016

Microsoft, GE Team Up To Develop Industrial IoT Cloud

The first of the efforts made by the newly established partnership between Microsoft and GE has been unveiled to the public. Both companies are in the works of targeting industrial sectors by providing IoT capabilities to these fields.

Microsoft July 12, 2016

US Department Of Defense Wants Employees To Use Windows 10 At Home

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) CIO Terry Halvorsen says he wants the department's employees to use Windows 10 at home. His recommendation follows the DoD's February announcement to upgrade 4 million department PCs to Window 10.

Apps/Software April 18, 2016

Microsoft Boosts Cloud Security For Office 365 And Azure To Better Compete With Google And Amazon

Microsoft has stepped up its security efforts to stay ahead of attackers as part of the company's holistic approach philosophy for enterprise security. The company is poised to launch a slew of products that will bring additional online security tools.

Apps/Software February 26, 2016

Microsoft Slashes Price Of Azure Cloud Services To Better Compete With Amazon Web Services

Amazon recently lowered prices for Amazon Web Services, and in turn, Microsoft plans to cut down prices for Azure Cloud Services. The tech company is going to carry out the move in part of its promise to keep up with prices of the retailer's similar services.

Business January 18, 2016

Xbox Chief Says Microsoft Azure Available To All Third-Party Games, Even PlayStation Exclusives

Xbox boss Phil Spencer disclosed that Microsoft Azure is available to all third-party games, including PlayStation exclusives. In terms of backward compatibility, Spencer revealed that all Xbox 360 games are going to be available to fans.

Video Games December 21, 2015

Microsoft's Cortana Gets Down To Business With New Power BI Integration

Microsoft’s Cortana becomes integrated with Power BI, allowing users to get their answers directly from their business data. Cortana will intelligently reason over Power BI data in order to provide users with ‘data-driven answers’ to their business-focused questions.

Apps/Software December 3, 2015

Lowe's Announces Next-Generation Iris Smart Home Hub With Mobile-First Update

Lowe's has launched the second generation of its Iris smart home system, which focuses on a mobile experience.

Gadgets November 16, 2015

Microsoft Beefs Up Azure Cloud Services With Acquisition Of Israeli Web Security Firm Secure Islands

Microsoft has acquired the Israeli-based web security firm Secure Islands. The Redmond tech firm aims to considerably improve its Azure Cloud Service for better user data protection.

Deals November 10, 2015

Microsoft Shares Soar As Profits Climb Thanks To Cloud, But Surface And Lumia Revenue Still Down

Microsoft posted its quarterly earnings report for the first fiscal quarter of 2016. Investors were pleased to know Microsoft’s cloud business continues to grow enough to forgive the declining revenues in the Surface and Lumia divisions.

Money October 23, 2015

Microsoft Azure Cloud Switch Is A Cross-Platform Linux-Based Operating System

Microsoft forays into networking software and showcases the ACS, a Linux-based cross-platform modular operating system. Redmond is showing how flexible and fearless it can be by building on competing operating systems.

Apps/Software September 20, 2015

Microsoft Beefs Up Azure With High-Performance GS-Series Virtual Machines Offering 64TB Of Cloud Storage

Microsoft announced the GS-series, its latest variant in its performance-packed G lineup of virtual machines. Its features include 64TB storage and up to 2,000 MBs throughput.

September 4, 2015

GameStop Taps Microsoft Azure to Bolster Consumer Experience, Marketing Strategy

GameStop gets a cloud lift from Microsoft's Azure servers. The retailer says the servers will help bring products to life, strengthen employee-consumer relationships and help customers make more informed decisions.

Deals January 12, 2015

Microsoft Hops on Bitcoin Wagon With Bitpay Partnership

Microsoft now supports bitcoin and is rumored to be preparing to expand its acceptance of the digital currency beyond the U.S. border. A one-off mention of its cloud hints that Microsoft's Azure cloud servers could host large-scale mining operations to stabilize bitcoin.

Business Tech December 11, 2014

CEO Satya Nadella claims equal pay for men and women is a thing at Microsoft: Talked a lot about Azure

After his big blunder when it came down to his comments on why women should not ask for a pay hike, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella can't seem to shake what comes with saying things like that.

Money October 24, 2014

IBM remains staunch cloud advocate, vows to accelerate transformation

With lagging hardware sales hurting IBM, the company continues trying to establish airspace in the cloud. Chief Virginia Rometty calls performance in third quarter disappointing.

Money October 22, 2014

Microsoft prepping smart watch, but is it too late jumping into the wearables game?

Multiple reports agree Microsoft is developing a piece of platform-agnostic, wearable tech. What's not agreed on is whether that wearable tech is a smart watch or some sort of brilliant band.

Internet October 20, 2014

Microsoft betting big on the cloud and putting money on its strategy

While small when compared with its total operations, Microsoft's cloud services make up a $4.5 billion sector of the company. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says there should be no doubt that Microsoft is fully behind its cloud business.

Internet October 20, 2014

DeLorean: Microsoft's biggest weapon yet in cloud gaming

Microsoft Research has published a report that signals the company's goal of creating something akin to Netflix for gamers. DeLorean, as it is dubbed, would bring together gaming and the cloud for instant gaming needs.

August 24, 2014

Microsoft Azure will predict future, thanks to machine-learning technology

Microsoft's new Azure Machine Learning program will enable organizations to create predictive models using cloud computing technology. The service will begin beta testing in July.

Business June 18, 2014

Microsoft Azure updates to make cloud computing easier: Here's what you should know

Microsoft looking solid on cloud-based tech. New updates could keep the company at the top.

Business May 13, 2014

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