Microsoft Backs Out of Blockchain Technology by Pulling Out Azure Services | Why?
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Microsoft Backs Out of Blockchain Technology by Pulling Out Azure Services | Why?

For those that don't know, Microsoft actually has its very own blockchain service which is reportedly coming to an end soon. The service has actually been around for a while and already has a list of some notable achievements.

Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service

According to an article by ZDnet, Microsoft is soon going to shut down its very own Azure Blockchain Service this coming September 10, 2021. The existing deployments will reportedly be supported just until that date. As of May 10, this year, however, there will be no more new deployments or even member creation to be supported.

Microsoft notes that they will no longer be supporting any new deployments or even the creations by members on the platform. The article by ZDnet notes that Microsoft's initial foray into the whole Azure Blockchain as a Service or BaaS actually started back in 2015 with an offering on the official Ethereum Platform known as ConsenSys. 

Microft Azure BaaS Lack of Updates

In the later part of January 2016, Microsoft made available a new preview of a certain lab environment in Azure's official DevTest Labs so that the new Blockchain-related services and its own partners can decouple the whole Blockchain technology from certain virtual machines. Microsoft's own short-term goal for the whole Azure BaaS was actually for it to make available an officially certified blockchain marketplace.

In the interim, the whole focus was to generally add blockchain partners to all particular kinds instead of trying to pick just a limited number of potential winners, according to officials. Microsoft, however, ended up fielding a new preview of the Azure BaaS but has lately had not that much done in order to update the service.

Microsoft Azure BaaS Users

Microsoft's very own product page, however, for the Azure BaaS lists down Singapore Airlines, GE, J.P. Morgan, Starbucks, and even Xbox as its own customers. Microsoft's official documentation suggests that users start migrating to another alternative now.

The actual recommended migration destination is called the ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain service. Users can also choose to self-manage their very own blockchain with the use of VMs. With Microsoft giving the recommendation to another blockchain service, they are slowly stepping out of the picture.

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ConsenSys Quuorum as an Alternative

The intentions of Microsoft, as of the moment, are quite unknown and although they are closing down their Azure Blockchain Services, the possibility exists wherein the company would just make a new one. However, as of the moment, there is no information as to whether Microsoft will decide to make a better version of the Azure Blockchain Service.

Users will have to start the migration process as soon as possible since the timeline given to their users is only up to September 10 of this year. Although this might seem like a lot of time left, users might have to migrate right away since no more additions will be supported on the Azure platform.

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