In a world of wearable devices, technology has got you covered in every aspect of your life to keep you entertained, monitor your health, or ensure your safety. Now, a soon-to-be-launched gadget can help bicycle enthusiasts maximize their rides while ensuring their safety.

Meet Hexagon

Hexagon may look like an ordinary bike light, but it is far from that. It is a rear-view 1080p/30 fps Wi-Fi camera that allows users to see the view behind them from the smartphone app. At the same time, cyclists can also live stream their rides on social media.

The plug-and-play device is easy to install. By simply mounting the camera on the seat post underneath the saddle and mounting the remote control and app-connected smartphone on the bike's handlebars, you can go ahead and enjoy your ride.

Safety Features

The Hexagon's safety features will aid not just the cyclists themselves but also other pedestrians and motorists on the road because it is equipped with bright and automatic stop, turn, and motion signals, allowing cyclists to communicate with others on the road.

A study has linked exercising and increased visual processing during physical activities, but Hexagon does not take any chances with the bright rear lights that can be seen during the day or night.

Hexagon is also equipped with an emergency alert that can detect if you've had an accident and send an SMS message to your family or friends with an accompanying GPS coordinates. Further, if you're a parent, the Hexagon allows for setting territory boundaries and speed and location detection.

Beyond The Usual Features

The all-in-one gadget also has a power bank function that can charge your smartphone or other gadgets, which can come in handy for long cycling trips. Further, the Hexagon also tracks your speed and distance traveled as well as calories burned in a ride, making the device your personal fitness tracker.

Hexagon will launch on Tuesday, March 14, with a price tag between $129 to $179, depending on the chosen model, and interested buyers can sign up on their website for launch announcements and a possible discount of up to 50 percent off on the retail price.

Hexagon can join Lumos, a smart helmet with built in turn signals, an accelerometer, and other safety features to ensure the cyclists' safety. The $180 smart helmet that passed U.S. and European standards combined with the Hexagon can make for safer and maximized bike rides.

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