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Eating At The Right Time May Reduce Adverse Effects Of Shift Work

British researchers have identified insulin's role in helping keep the body clock functioning properly. The hormone acts as a signal to let different cellular processes operate in line with each other.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 27, 2019

Study Links Mental Health Problems With Body Clock

People who wake up early are more likely to have better mental health than night owls who stay up too late. In a massive new study, researchers identified genes responsible for the body clock.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 30, 2019

New Blood Test Will Determine Your Body Clock: Here's Why You Need To Know

Scientists have developed TimeSignature, a new blood test that will determine a person's body clock, or circadian rhythms. This is important because biological clocks regulate various processes beyond just sleepiness and hunger.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 11, 2018

If Your Body Clock Is Messed Up, Your Mental Health Is At Risk

A new study established a link between biological clock disruptions and increased risk for mental health issues. People with increased nighttime activity, decreased daytime activity, or both were more likely to have symptoms of major depression or bipolar disorder.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 16, 2018

Say Hello To ZeitZeiger, A Computer Method That Tells Time According To Your Body Clock

ZeitZeiger, a computer method developed at Vanderbilt University, uses blood samples to measure the circadian time of the body. This method can eventually be used to personalize treatments for sleep-related disorders.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 28, 2017

Flashing Light During Sleep Changes Timing Of Body's Biological Clock And Helps Prevent Jet Lag

Flashing-light therapy makes it easier for the body's biological clock to transition to new time zone helping prevent jet lag. The method can help travelers and night-shift workers who need to adjust their circadian clock.

Life February 9, 2016

What A 'Brain In A Jar' Tells Us About The Biology Of Jet Lag

Scientist use light to cause "jet lag" in fruit fly brains. Study is the first to identify how light cues can "reset" the body clock through an organism's neural network, they say.

March 9, 2015

Scientists Discover A 'Local Clock' In The Brain That Affects How We Sleep

Scientists discover that the body does not just have a master clock controlling sleep cycles in the brain, but it also has a local clock that regulates histamines that keep the body awake.

Internet Culture November 14, 2014

Medications will be more effective when taken according to your body clock: Study

There’s a right time for everything. According to a study, this includes when to take your medication to make it more effective.

Life October 28, 2014

Pill to reset body clock in the works: Goodbye jet lag and shift-work stress

Effects of long flights, crossing different time zones, or even stress brought by shift-work disrupts one's body clock. What if there is a pill just for that?

Life March 22, 2014

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