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WATCH: Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs Tow Huge Truck

A pack of robot dogs drag a massive tow truck easily across a stretch with a slight incline. The staggering power of the SpotMini robots, which will soon be available commercially, left viewers in awe online.

Robotics April 19, 2019

You Can Buy Boston Dynamics' SpotMini Robot Dog In 2019

Boston Dynamics confirmed that consumers will be able to purchase the SpotMini next year. The company recently demonstrated the smaller robot dog during TechCrunch's 2018 Robotics conference.

Robotics May 12, 2018

Human vs. Boston Dynamics SpotMini: 1-0 For Robot's Persistence

A new video released by robotics company Boston Dynamics shows its dog-like SpotMini robot's persistence in getting its job done. See the cute yet disturbing video here.

Robotics February 21, 2018

Boston Dynamics' Spotmini Robot Can Now Open Doors

Boston Dynamics' robots are advancing at a rapid pace as the Spotmini can now open doors. A reality in which we become like the world of 'Terminator' is getting closer.

Robotics February 13, 2018

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Humanoid Robot Can Now Do A Backflip: It's Awesome And Scary At The Same Time

Boston Dynamics' Atlas can do a perfect backflip all on its own. It expands the horizon for the robotics industry making it more suitable robot for the human environment.

November 21, 2017

New SpotMini Is Boston Dynamics's Latest Robot Dog, And It's Not As Terrifying As Before

Boston Dynamics has unveiled the new SpotMini, which is a less terrifying version of its predecessor. The robot dog now has more fluid motions, and it's covered in bright yellow plates to make it easier on the eyes.

Robotics November 13, 2017

Softbank To Buy Robotics Units Boston Dynamics, Schaft From Google Parent Alphabet: Why This Makes Sense For Both Sides

Softbank will purchase robotics units Boston Dynamics and Schaft from Google parent Alphabet for an undisclosed amount. Here is why the transactions make sense for all the parties involved.

Google June 9, 2017

'Tree On A Chip' Device Mimics Hydraulics Of Plants: Huge Step For Robotics?

The 'tree-on-a-chip' developed by MIT engineers is a microfluidic device that mimics the pumping in trees without any moving parts or external pumps. It is part of the efforts of scientists to create hydraulic robotics on a nano scale.

Material Science March 22, 2017

Boston Dynamics Officially Unwraps Handle, A Robot That Can Go Anywhere (No, You Can’t Run Away From It)

Boston Dynamics rolls out an official video of its wheeled robot Handle. Here's what it can do.

Google February 28, 2017

Alphabet's Boston Dynamics Showcases Wheeled Robot 'Handle,' AKA The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Boston Dynamics has just showcased a wheel-legged robot named Handle. On the stage at Abundance360, company CEO Marc Raibert introduced it as a 'nightmare-inducing robot.'

Robotics February 2, 2017

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Can Now Chase You Down Even On Rough Grounds But You Don't Have To Worry

Researchers at IHMC have provided Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid robot with an algorithm that allowed it to walk on surfaces that are riddled with cinder blocks, successfully navigating partial footholds with grace and without toppling over.

Robotics December 4, 2016

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tries To Balance On One Foot [Video]

Boston Dynamics showcased a video of its Atlas robot keeping its balance on a narrow piece of wood. The company’s research into human-like robots could bring us closer to seeing replicants, but the path is long and windy.

Robotics September 12, 2016

Fetch, Fido! Boston Dynamics SpotMini Can Do Your Household Chores And Will Slip On Banana Peel Too (Video)

Boston Dynamics' Spot now has a smaller, way more compact sibling. Meet SpotMini, the robotic dog that can pull its own weight around the house.

Robotics June 24, 2016

Google Selling Robotics Division Boston Dynamics To Toyota

Google is close to a deal to sell robotics division Boston Dynamics to Toyota. Alphabet executives did not believe that Boston Dynamics will be able to create a consumer product within the next few years, prompting the sale.

Google May 29, 2016

Alphabet Plans To Sell Humanoid Robot Maker Boston Dynamics: Here's Why

Alphabet doesn't seem to be satisfied with Boston Dynamics, as it's putting it up for sale. The robotics subsidiary is believed to be incapable of generating substantial revenue.

Business March 18, 2016

Fido vs. Spot: Watch An IRL Dog Try To Pick A Fight With A Robo Dog

Welcome to the future.

FUTURE TECH March 1, 2016

Boston Dynamics Unveils Its Next-Generation Atlas Humanoid Robot

The latest generation of Boston Dynamics' Atlas is lighter, more agile and has a lower noise profile than its predecessor. Some may feel bad for the bot, while others may want to put an end to it while we still can.

FUTURE TECH February 24, 2016

Boston Dynamics Robot Gets Up After Being Bullied, Pushed Down [VIDEO]

In a new video, Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot managed to get up after being pushed down — a display of its LIDAR, stereo sensors and other features for optimum indoor or outdoor performance. It was a good day for robotics after all.

FUTURE TECH February 24, 2016

Sorry, Rudolph: Boston Dynamics Robots Can Replace Reindeers To Pull Santa's Sleigh

Google-owned robot maker Boston Dynamics uploaded a holiday greeting featuring robots pulling a sleigh. The robots are no other than the Spot quadrupedal robots that the company revealed earlier in the year.

FUTURE TECH December 23, 2015

Marines Test Google Robot As Replacement For Working Dogs

The Marine Corps are testing a four-legged robot called Spot that can replace working dogs in combat drills. Spot weighs 160 pounds and can be controlled wirelessly.

Gadgets September 22, 2015

Boston Dynamics Sends Its Bipedal Robot Atlas Into The Wild

The Google-owned company Boston Dynamics send Atlas, a bipedal robot designed for rescue missions too dangerous for humans, out into the open for the first time.

FUTURE TECH August 17, 2015

Google's Boston Dynamics Unleashes Kick-Proof Robot Dog: What Can It Be In the Future?

It's called Spot and the robot dog, uncanny like a real one, reacts in a similar way to obstacles and challenges.

FUTURE TECH February 14, 2015

Boston Dynamics' New Robot: Who Needs A Dog When You've Got Spot? (Video)

Boston Dynamics shows the outside world 'Spot,' a quadrupedal robot that is leaner and quieter than BigDog. Spot could be coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

February 11, 2015

DARPA Upgrades ATLAS: Humanoid Robot Gets Better Functionality, Shiny Chest Plate

DARPA unveiled the newly upgraded Atlas, its search and rescue humanoid robot, in time for the upcoming DARPA Robotics Challenge in June. Except for the lower legs and feet, 75 percent of the robot has been overhauled.

FUTURE TECH January 21, 2015

Not yet Karate Kid but Atlas Robot Comes Pretty Close [Video]

Google's Atlas humanoid robot has one more feat to boast: doing a karate move. Is the feared robot army near?

FUTURE TECH November 15, 2014

This Google Robot by Boston Dynamics can do the Crane Kick A La Karate Kid [Video]

The Atlas robot by Boston Dynamics stands 6 ft 2 in and weighs 330 lbs. It was ‘trained’ to stand on just one leg – reenacting that famous part from the ‘Karate Kid.’

FUTURE TECH November 12, 2014

OutRunner robot is one of the fastest running robots out there: It joins the Cheetah

Robotics Unlimited is introducing the OutRunner robot, capable of traveling over rough terrain. Here is the story of what it can do.

Robotics May 27, 2014

Eric Schmidt bets big on two things: 1. U.S. govt don't have access to your data 2. robots

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has disclosed that the search engine firm has completed its program to protect its users data from snooping U.S. intelligence agencies. He also sees (no, not dead people) robots everywhere in the future.

Business March 9, 2014

Google 35000sft SF Mission District work space may be for engineers of newly acquired companies

Google has been checking out properties in San Francisco, allegedly for its teams of engineers from newly acquired companies, and the search engine giant has reportedly zeroed in on a building in the Mission District that can easily accommodate 200 employees.

Business February 18, 2014

What does Google want to do with Boston Dynamics?

Google has acquired Boston Dynamics in a bid to to become a major player in robotics industry.

Deals December 15, 2013

Wildcat unleashed: No, it does not belong to Skynet

The quadruped WildCat is the latest military-grade robot from Boston Dynamics. Yes, not Skynet.

Photo Gallery October 5, 2013

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