40,000 Sign Up For BMW ReachNow, First To Test BMW Driverless Cars


If your city has a great public transportation system in place, then you might not be able to justify owning a car, considering the rising costs of car ownership or the lack of garage space.

Owning a car is not an option for everyone, which is why car-sharing services such as BMW's ReachNow is a great alternative for those people who are always on the go but do not have their own cars.

By using BMW's ReachNow service, you get to choose from BMW's fleet of premium cars such as the electric BMW i3s, the BMW 3 Series, and the MINI Cooper vehicles, and pay only for the time you use.

Aside from renting out BMW's traditional cars, ReachNow will soon be able to rent you a car without your having to drive. BMW wants ReachNow users to be the first to pilot its line of autonomous cars.

Seattle has the potential to become the first city to regularly use BMW's self-driving cars on its streets — with the help of ReachNow.

BMW ReachNow Will Use BMW Driverless Cars

Last year, BMW also announced plans of testing at least 40 of its driverless cars in Munich for 2017. The car company also hopes to test its range of self-driving cars through ReachNow. The company has been renting out electric cars for quite some time now, and CEO Steve Banfield wants to do the same once BMW becomes ready with its autonomous cars.

What ReachNow Has Achieved So Far

ReachNow, a BMW subsidiary, has already achieved much within the company's nine months of existence. Aside from its headquarters in Seattle, the company has also expanded its services to Portland, Oregon and in Brooklyn. And just recently, the company also reached a new milestone when its mobile app users reached 40,000.

Apart from car rental services, ReachNow also has a ride program that is akin to an Uber or Lyft service, where you can be chauffeured to your destination. The company also has a peer-to-peer car-sharing program that allows BMW car owners to rent out their cars via the mobile app when they are not in use.

BMW also provides transportation services to residential and corporate clients in which the company will designate a small fleet of vehicles to an apartment building, business, or community. To be eligible for mobility services, the building needs to have at least 100 rental units and five parking spaces.

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