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Drug Manufacturer Points Finger At FDA Label Change Regulation As Cause Of Opioid Problem

A long-time drug manufacturer said that the FDA is partly to blame for the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States. A 2001 label change of Oxycontin, a powerful painkiller, gave more people access to the drug.

Public Health February 26, 2019

Most Common Reason For Medical Marijuana Use Is To Deal With Chronic Pain

A team of researchers probed whether people who reported to using medical marijuana do so because of evidence-based reasons. They found that 85 percent of users suffer from symptoms, which, according to previous research, can be alleviated using the drug.

Public Health February 6, 2019

Study Sheds Light On Why Sleep Deprivation Makes Your Body Ache

A recent study at the UC Berkeley identified the reason why sleep loss increases body’s sensitivity to chronic pain. Their findings also explained how lack of sleep contributes to global issues such as consistent pain and even opioid addiction.

Neuroscience January 31, 2019

Researchers Narrow Down Specific Cells Responsible For Pain In Human Brain

Scientists from Stanford temporarily disabled the brain cells responsible for the emotional experience of pain in mice. They hope this could lead to the future treatment of chronic pain in humans.

Neuroscience January 19, 2019

State Approves Use Of Medical Marijuana For Treatment Of Autism, 10 Other Debilitating Conditions

Autism and 10 other debilitating conditions, which include chronic pain, spinal cord injury, and Tourette’s Syndrome, are now allowed to be treated with medical marijuana. Patients are required to be a registered voter of Michigan to qualify.

Public Health July 10, 2018

No Strong Evidence That Medical Marijuana Reduces Chronic Pain: Study

A large study from Australia found no strong evidence that medical marijuana eased the chronic non-cancer pain. The four-year study is among the longest in-depth analysis on opioid medication for chronic pain.

July 6, 2018

Woman Suffers 3 Years Of Chronic Pain After Getting Tattoo: Here's What Happened

A woman suffered from three years of chronic pain, which doctors said was caused by a tattoo that she got on her left thigh. What happened in the bizarre medical case, and does it mean that people should avoid tattoos?

Healthy Living/Wellness June 20, 2018

People Are So Addicted To Opioids But They’re Not Even Better Than Painkillers, Says New Study

America’s opioid crisis is worsening at a point where health officials are encouraged to prescribe them only as a last resort. Well, it turns out painkillers may just be enough.

Medicine March 8, 2018

West Virginia Becomes 29th US State To OK Medical Marijuana

West Virginia became the 29th state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana. The new law will allow doctors to prescribe cannabis for terminally ill and support 16 medical conditions including cancer and AIDS.

Public Health April 20, 2017

Heartburn, Hemorrhoids, And Back Pain During Pregnancy: How To Manage Them Naturally

Heartburn, hemorrhoids, and back pain are three of the most common complaints during pregnancy. Find out how to prevent and address these conditions without drugs.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 3, 2017

New High-Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation Technique Found Effective Against Chronic Leg, Back Pain

For patients with severe, chronic back and leg pain, a new high-frequency spinal cord stimulation technique provides superior clinical outcomes, according to a new study. The finding could improve treatment in patients showing these symptoms.

Medicine October 31, 2016

Brain Region Responsible For Placebo Effect In Pain Relief Identified

The brain region responsible for rendering pain relief to patients on placebo treatment was discovered by researchers from Northwestern Medicine and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. The discovery could help physicians provide individualized treatment to patients with chronic pain.

Medicine October 31, 2016

Weather And Chronic Pain: Smartphone Study Reveals Rain Can Worsen Body Aches

The Cloudy with a Chance of Pain study has found a link between weather and body pain. People suffering from arthritis or chronic pain experienced more frequent severe symptoms during rainy days.

Public Health September 8, 2016

Can Narcotic Painkillers Actually Worsen And Lengthen Chronic Pain?

Opioids are used to treat and offer relief from chronic pain. However, new research suggests that opioid treatments among lab rats may actually worsen chronic pain.

Medicine May 31, 2016

Non-Invasive Light Therapy May Be Used To Treat Chronic Pain Sufferers

Chronic pain sufferers may soon benefit from a non-invasive light therapy. The mice study, according to the researchers, can be translated into humans using viral expression.

Neuroscience April 23, 2016

Mindfulness Could Be Beneficial For Adults With Back Pain: Study

A new study adds to the growing body of evidence that supports the benefits of mindfulness meditation. This time, the technique is found to improve the condition of adults with chronic pain.

Life February 29, 2016

20 Minutes Of Acupuncture May Help Reduce Chronic Pain

Researchers in Spain recently found how individualized acupuncture benefited fibromyalgia patients up to a year after treatment. The therapy was able to reduce chronic pain score and markers such as fatigue and depression in subjects.

Life February 17, 2016

Blueprint Of Protein Linked To Pain, Heat Perception May Lead To Better Chronic Pain Treatment

Researchers have created a blueprint of protein associated with heat detection and pain. Findings can lead to better designed drugs, which target these receptors that could treat chronic pain in people.

Life January 19, 2016

This Implant May Block Pain Signals: Time To Delete 'Ouch' From Your Vocabulary

Chronic pain is one of the most debilitiating conditions that can hinder daily activities. Scientists have developed a wireless implantable device that can block pain signals from reaching the brain.

Life November 11, 2015

FDA Approves BioDelivery's Opioid Treatment For Chronic Pain

BioDelivery and Endo International's Belbuca ™ treatment for chronic pain receives 'go' signal from U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is the only treatment option that uses a dissolvable film placed in the inner lining of the mouth for faster pain relief.

Life October 28, 2015

Altering Chemistry In The Brain Can Make Patients More Resistant To Pain, Study Finds

UK researchers found that the more opiate receptors the brain had, the higher the body’s ability to hurdle the pain. The findings opened possibilities in developing more natural solutions for arthritis treatment and against long-term severe pain.

Life October 24, 2015

Medical Marijuana Appears Safe And Effective In Treating Chronic Pain: Study

A Canadian study published in the Journal of Pain found that medical marijuana appears safe for use among carefully monitored chronic pain patients who used it every day for a year.

Life October 2, 2015

Many Chronic Pain Sufferers Seek Alternative Therapies, But Don't Tell Their Doctors

When conventional care doesn't offer relief, many pain sufferers turn to other treatment options, a study finds. Many do so without consulting with or informing their primary physicians, researchers find.

Life July 20, 2015

Believe It Or Not, Texting May Help Surgical Patients With Pain Management

A new health study reveals that texting may help eliminate the need for pain medication and management for surgical patients.

Internet Culture July 20, 2015

Evidence For Medical Marijuana Effectiveness Good For Some Diseases, Lacking For Others

A large review of nearly 80 randomized control trials found ‘moderate-quality’ evidence that cannabinoids, the main active ingredients in marijuana, are effective in treating certain ailments. For other diseases, the review turned up only ‘lower-quality’ evidence.

Life June 23, 2015

Spider Venom May Be Key To New Generation Of Painkillers

Certain compounds found in spider venom can be used in next-generation painkillers. There are about 9 million spider venom peptides but only 0.01 percent has been explored for pharmacological purposes.

Life March 4, 2015

100 Million Americans Live with Chronic Pain: How are Clinicians Dealing with It?

To alleviate the condition of millions of Americans, a panel was convened to assess current treatment practices. Their recommendations will hopefully give way to better methods for easing chronic pain.

Life January 14, 2015

Pain Depends on More Than One Brain Pathway: Study

Pain travels through multiple pathways in the brain, according to a new study. What could this discovery mean for the future of medicine?

Life January 13, 2015

Acupuncture does little good in alleviating chronic knee pain

Patients with chronic knee pain who received acupuncture and fake treatments reported similar improvement suggesting that the benefits associated with the alternative treatment may be due to placebo effect.

Life October 1, 2014

Targiniq ER painkiller pill designed to prevent abuse, gets FDA approval

FDA green-lighted a powerful painkiller developed by Purdue Pharma for patients with chronic pain. Unlike other oxycodone-based drug, Targiniq ER is built to deter abuse.

Life July 26, 2014

Half of U.S. not feeling so hot as 50 percent suffer from at least one chronic condition

CDC study claims half of all adults in the U.S. have at least one chronic condition, such as diabetes, heart disease or obesity. It urges people to control risk factors as much as possible before conditions become chronic.

Life July 2, 2014

Almost half of Iraq, Afghan vets takes opioids for chronic pain

Based on a new study, U.S. vets suffer from chronic pain and use opioid drugs to soothe it. This poor pain management put them at risk of increasing life-long disabilities and the government should better do something about it fast.

Life July 2, 2014

Sleepless nights could lead to chronic pain

They say sleep is for the weak, but as the results of a recent study get the look-over, it appears that the reality is the polar opposite. Erratic sleeping habits have now been tied to chronic pain and fibromyalgia in adults over the age of 50 - meaning that tossing and turning can leave its mark for longer than previously thought.

Life February 20, 2014

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