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Amputee Stearn Hodge Left To Crawl On Floor After Airline Security Confiscated Scooter Battery

An amputee man has filed a complaint before the Canadian Human Rights Commission for discrimination. Airport security officials allegedly forced him to leave the batteries of his mobility scooter even though he needed them for his trip.

Public Health May 6, 2019

Dozens Of 'Pokémon GO' Players File Complaints With FTC

Pokémon GO smashed all download records for mobile games, but The Federal Trade Commission did receive a few dozen complaints about the game. Read on to see what concerns users have and what perils await distracted Pokémon hunters.

Video Games September 30, 2016

Clinic Blames Computer Glitch Amid Complaints From Parents Who Received Identical 3D Ultrasound Images

Soon-to-be moms in Toronto are outraged after having been given identical images of ultrasound sessions by their prenatal imaging clinic. The clinic, however, said the issue was caused by a virus that had infected its printing system.

May 20, 2016

Amazon Sues 'John Does' Selling Fake Five-Star Reviews on Fiverr

Amazon has once again upped its game against made-to-order reviews and ratings, this time by filing a lawsuit against several members of online service marketplace Fiverr. More than a thousand Fiverr users have offered to create fake reviews for products sold on Amazon.

Business October 17, 2015

BlackBerry Butt Heads Again With Ryan Seacrest Startup Over Typo Keyboard

Despite a redesign, the Typo 2 case of Typo Products still infringed on patents held by BlackBerry, prompting the company to file a new complaint.

Legal February 19, 2015

FTC takes AT&T to court for breaking unlimited data plan promise

The FTC charges AT&T with throttling wireless data speeds of unlimited data plans by up to 95 percent since 2011. AT&T is dismissing those charges, asserting it was working to spread out network usage equally to all of its customers.

Business Tech October 28, 2014

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