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Who Will Survive In 'Game of Thrones?' Science May Have The Answer

The 'Game of Thrones' final season is airing in a few days and every fan is itching to find out if their favorites will survive. Scientists take a stab at predicting each character's fate at the end of the popular show.

Apps/Software April 12, 2019

Engineers Store 214 Petabytes Of Data In A Gram Of DNA: What It Means For The Future

Scientists in New York have successfully stored the highest amount of data ever kept in just a single gram of DNA. This breakthrough in data science can change how we keep and retrieve information in the future.

March 3, 2017

Wattpad Stories Contribute To Development Of Artificial Intelligence

A group of scientists from Stanford University developed an artificial intelligence that "mines" human activities from publishing site Wattpad. The site contains works of fiction that depict the modern world much better than classic literature.

March 7, 2016

What Makes A Memorable Photo? Computers Can Predict Almost As Well As Humans Can

Artificial intelligence allows computers to look at a photo and predict how memorable people will find it. A 'deep learning' algorithm mimics what the human brain does, researchers say.

Computers December 17, 2015

Why Is Graphene The Miracle Material?

The strongest material on Earth is only one atom thick. How will we use it?

Energy November 17, 2015

Wi-Fi Signals Can Now Track And I.D. You, Even Through Walls

A fascinating new technology developed by a group at MIT uses Wi-Fi signals like sonar to detect human shapes. It's still rudimentary, but it could be used to monitor the elderly or detect heart problems.

FUTURE TECH October 28, 2015

Forget 'Super Mario Maker': This Computer Designs Mario Levels By Watching YouTube Or Twitch

The Georgia Institute of Technology has developed an automatic-level maker that can design Mario levels by watching gameplay videos.

Video Games June 25, 2015

Ozobot Bit Makes Learning Block-Based Programming Fun

Evollve announced the launch of its second-generation Ozobot minirobot that teaches block-building programming skills.

Gadgets June 24, 2015

Look More Fashionable On Instagram With Some Help From This Algorithm

You might look at fashion blogs or see what your favorite celebrities are wearing for style inspiration. However, finding out what's fashionable on social media is actually a science.

Apps/Software June 20, 2015

This Is How An Innovative School Integrated Coding Into All Of Its Courses

Meet Beaver Country Day School, the first school in the U.S. to integrate computer coding into its core curriculum. Here, high school students learn programming while also studying everything from English to math to drama.

Geek January 5, 2015

Google Turns 'Nobel Prize' of Computer Science into $1 Million Award

The Turing Award - the Nobel Prize of computing - now comes with a cash award of one million dollars, thanks to Google.

November 14, 2014

‘Robo Brain’ uses videos, photos to learn human mimicry

Robots may soon be able to understand the world around them just a little better. Scientists have been hard at work downloading pictures, videos and books into a cloud for robots to access to better carry out human tasks.

Robotics August 25, 2014

Google wants girls to learn coding: $50 million 'Made with Code' campaign takes off

Google launched a Made with Code campaign to motivate girls to find mentorship and enter computer-related fields. Offers $50 million in grants to close gender-gap in tech industry.

Society June 20, 2014

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