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Google AI Predicts Lung Cancer Better Than Radiologists

A team of researchers at Google is planning to use deep learning to look for signs of lung cancer in people. So far, the AI has detected malignancies in CT scans of patients, with an accuracy of 94.4 percent.

Public Health May 21, 2019

Monkey Brains Experience Pleasure After Looking At AI Generated Images

Scientists tried to figure out what stimulates every neuron in the brain’s visual cortex by hooking up monkeys with a computer capable of deep learning. The result: bizarre and abstract AI-generated images.

Animals May 4, 2019

Godfathers Of AI Win This Year's Turing Award And $1 Million

Computer scientists Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun, and Yoshua Bengio have been awarded the 2018 Turing Award by the Association for Computing Machinery. All three men have contributed much in the advancement of AI systems.

Apps/Software March 29, 2019

Scientists Create Self-Repairing Robot That Is Also 'Self Aware'

Scientists invented a robot that is "self-aware," which means, it can learn what it is — from scratch. In just about a day of in-depth computing, or a brief "babbling" period, the robot initiated "self-simulation."

Robotics February 2, 2019

Simulated CAPTCHA Solver Proves This Web Security Feature Will Soon Be Unreliable

A simulated CAPTCHA attack conducted by computer engineers from China and UK showed that websites are vulnerable and need multi-layer security. Researchers reported that website owners should consider discarding CAPTCHAs for future use.

Security December 8, 2018

Wannabe Dancers, Rejoice: AI Will Have You Dancing Like A Pro On Video

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have developed a deep learning system that will help people look like they are dancing like pros. There are limitations to the artificial intelligence technology, which should be made into an app soon.

Apps/Software August 27, 2018

In The Name Of Conservation, Animals Now Have Their Own Facebook

Wildlife conservation found an ally in Wildbook, an open-source software that tracks and collects wildlife data from sites such as YouTube and Flickr. The AI-powered tool enhances research collaboration and efforts to prevent species extinction.

Animals June 26, 2018

Startup Creates Deep Learning Algorithm That Can Crack CAPTCHAs: Robots One Step Closer To Thinking Like Humans

Artificial intelligence startup Vicarious just published details about an algorithm model that can crack CAPTCHAs. The company has grander ambitions than making robots capable of tricking websites they’re human, though.

Apps/Software October 27, 2017

Here’s How Google’s AI Helps Detect Cancer Via Deep Learning

Google has trained algorithms using the deep-learning approach GoogLeNet to match or exceed a pathologist’s performance in breast cancer diagnosis. Learn the potential of the technology in speedier, more accurate cancer detection.

Medicine March 6, 2017

Salesforce To Beef Up CRM With Einstein AI Platform

Salesforce has successfully embedded an AI technology called Einstein in its software. Salesforce Einstein uses deep learning to analyze data, spot trends and alert salespeople on which leads are promising or which customers will buy.

Apps/Software September 19, 2016

Startup Will Use Deep Learning To Teach Self-Driving Cars How To Solve Problems And Communicate With Humans

Startup is looking to teach self-driving cars how to deal with on-road situations and communicate with humans using deep learning. According to co-founder Sameep Tandon, deep learning is the best enabling technology for driverless vehicles.

Car Tech August 31, 2016

Prisma AI Photo Editing App Gets Offline Mode For iOS, Video Editing En Route

Prisma app users on iOS just got a gift from the company. The photography modification app can now run half of its filters offline and is rumored to bring video support soon enough.

Apps/Software August 24, 2016

Have You Tried Prisma Yet? This App Transforms Photos Into Paintings In The Style Of Famous Artists Using AI

An iOS app named Prisma transforms photos into paintings that look like they were done by famous artists. The app does not simply apply filters though, as it uses a deep learning method known as convolutional neural networks.

Apps/Software June 24, 2016

New Qualcomm SDK To Bring Deep Learning To The Smartphone

Qualcomm Inc. is poised to release a new SDK called the Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine. It will bring deep learning capabilities to smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 820 processor.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 4, 2016

Chip Maker Movidius Unveils AI On A Stick: What Can Fathom Do?

Movidius has unveiled the Fathom Neural Compute Stick claimed to be the first acceleration module for deep learning in the world. The device will provide cameras, drones and robots with the ability to run computer vision applications such as image recognition.

Computers April 30, 2016

Nvidia Bets Big On Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Supercomputer DGX-1

Nvidia unveils the DGX-1, a cluster of eight Tesla P100 units that sport 16 GB worth of memory per card. It's designed to meet the computing needs of virtual reality and artificial intelligence researchers.

Computers April 7, 2016

Salesforce Acquires Deep Learning Startup MetaMind

Salesforce has joined hands with the artificial intelligence startup, MetaMind. With this wise move, Salesforce has managed to integrate deep learning with its data science capabilities, beating other leading companies in their pursuit of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Business April 6, 2016

AlphaGo Beats Go Human Champ: Godfather Of Deep Learning Tells Us Do Not Be Afraid Of AI

Last week, Google's artificial intelligence program AlphaGo dominated its match with South Korean world Go champion Lee Sedol. Geoffrey Hinton, called the godfather of deep learning, explained the win's importance and why we should not fear artificial intelligence.

Computers March 21, 2016

MIT's New AI Chip Could Make Skynet 10 Times Faster, Bring Deep Learning To Mobile

MIT researchers found that neural networks could be used on specially designed chips to quicken data transfers. The Eyeriss chip is important because its technology could lead to a significant leap ahead in mobile device performance.

Computers February 5, 2016

Microsoft Makes Its CNTK Deep Learning Software More Accessible To Developers By Posting It On GitHub

Microsoft has relocated its repository of Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) deep-learning software from CodePlex to GitHub, making it accessible to many other developers. According to the team, it wants to let other researchers have the same resources it has.

Apps/Software January 26, 2016

Nvidia's New In-Car Computer 'Drive PX 2' Could Help Deliver Autonomous Vehicles Quicker

The company's newest in-vehicle supercomputer claims to be capable of 24 trillion deep-learning operations per second, packing the processing punch for deep learning equivalent to that of 150 MacBook Pros.

Automotive Tech January 8, 2016

Apple Acquires Facial-Recognition Startup Emotient

Apple has purchased a company called Emotient, which has built a technology that uses artificial intelligence to detect user emotions.

Business January 7, 2016

Facebook Open-Sources Design Of Big Sur Artificial Intelligence Server To Take On Google

Facebook now brushes shoulders with Google in the front lines of the artificial intelligence field with its release of an Open Rack-compatible hardware for large-scale computing called Big Sur. Facebook is contributing its design to the Open Compute Foundation.

Computers December 11, 2015

Nvidia Solidifies Claim On Deep Learning With New Tesla M40, M4 GPUs And HyperScale Suite

Nvidia has announced the release of the Tesla M40 and M4 GPU accelerators as part of its hyperscale accelerator line. The line of offerings is accompanied by GPU libraries called the Hyperscale Suite.

Computers November 10, 2015

Google Announces Its Machine-Learning System TensorFlow Is Now Open-Sourced

Google open-sourced its machine-learning system TensorFlow to outside developers in order to make advancements to artificial intelligence.

Apps/Software November 9, 2015

Facebook Wants To Leverage AI To Beat Humans At 'Go', The One Game Computers Can't Master

Facebook announced that it's working on an AI development program that relies on deep learning and visual pattern recognition. One of its uses? Creating a bot 'Go' player so advanced that it can beat a human at the ancient game.

Internet November 4, 2015

IBM Creates 'Neuromorphic Chip' That Is As Powerful As A Rodent's Brain

IBM has created a computer chip that is as powerful as a rodent's brain. The system, called TrueNorth, is being used for deep-learning in artificial intelligence and is cheaper and smaller, yet as powerful as other deep-learning machines.

Internet August 18, 2015

Machine Beats Humans In IQ Test For The First Time Ever

For the first time in history, a deep learning machine has been able to beat a human in an IQ test when it comes to verbal reasoning, something that machines have traditionally not been very good at.

FUTURE TECH June 13, 2015

BRETT The Robot Learns By Trial And Error, Just Like Human Beings

BRETT is a robot with the ability to learn from its mistakes. This turns out to be one of the great skills of humans.

May 26, 2015

IBM Acquires AlchemyAPI To Boost Deep Learning Capabilities Of Watson

IBM acquires startup company AlchemyAPI to boost the IQ of the Watson ‘cognitive’ computing system with AlchemyAPI’s deep learning technology. The move will create a wider range of available cognitive computing APIs to customers of IBM.

Deals March 5, 2015

Facebook Open-Sources Deep Learning Tools for AI Project

Facebook is serious about being a main player in artificial intelligence research and development, sharing deep learning tools for use by developers and companies.

January 17, 2015

These Robots Learn How to Cook by Watching YouTube. Forget 'MasterChef'

Researchers have developed a way for robots to learn how to use tools by watching videos. The method is used to train a robot how to cook.

FUTURE TECH January 3, 2015

MetaMind $8M Launch Aims to Bring Deep Learning Capability to the Masses

After receiving $8 million in funding, MetaMind starts sharing its deep-learning platform with organizations of all sizes. The platform is free to use, but MetaMind will charge a consultation fee to organizations that want to learn how to use it effectively.

Internet December 5, 2014

Netflix Deep Learning-based AI will tell you what you want to watch but do we need one?

Netflix wants you to refuse from taking recommendations from your friends, and rely on its new artificial intelligence.

Internet February 13, 2014

Facebook taps NYU professor to chase AI dream

Facebook has taken on board NYU professor Yann LeCun to head the company's new lab created to research on artificial intelligence.

Business December 10, 2013

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