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DNA Shows The Denisovans Have At Least 3 Distinct Branches

A new study shows that ancient humans' evolutionary history is complex than previously believed. Scientists discover that there are multiple groups of Denisovans that existed separately from each other.

Ancient April 12, 2019

Denisovans Mated With Modern Humans More Recently Than Previously Thought

Denisovans are a richer, more varied group than scientists previously believed. New research shows that two Denisovan populations existed in Southeast Asia and even mated with modern humans fairly recently.

Ancient April 3, 2019

First Denisovan Skull Fragment Found In Siberia Cave

DNA analysis confirmed the skull piece belonged to a Denisovan. It was found in a cave in Siberia three years ago and represents the fifth Denisovan individual ever found.

Ancient March 4, 2019

Neanderthals And Denisovans Shared Denisova Cave In Siberia For Thousands Of Years

Two new studies shed light on when the Neanderthals and the Denisovans occupied the Denisova cave in Siberia. Evidence suggests the two species shared the space for thousands of years.

Ancient January 31, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Identifies Human Ancestor Species That Was Likely A Hybrid Of Neanderthals And Denisovans

Deep learning algorithm identified the genome of a human ancestor that would have been a hybrid of the Neanderthals and Denisovans. This species is not known to modern science.

Ancient January 19, 2019

Ancient Fossil Had Mixed Parentage: Neanderthal Mom And Denisovan Dad

A fossil found in Russia proved that Neanderthals and Denisovans had intermingled and interbred tens of thousands of years ago before they went extinct. Neanderthals and Denisovans are the closest relatives of modern humans.

Ancient August 23, 2018

Ancient Humans Bred With The Denisovans More Than Once: How This Interbreeding Affects Modern Humans

The Denisovans and ancient humans interbred at least twice. Here are some of the traits in modern humans that are linked to genes inherited from the extinct hominin species.

Ancient March 17, 2018

Early Humans Mated With Neanderthal Relative Denisovans At Least 2 Times

A new study revealed that ancient humans mated with the Denisovans not just once. Denisovans are related to the more famous hominids species, the Neanderthals.

Ancient March 16, 2018

Early Humans Migrated Out Of Africa 60,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

New discoveries show modern humans have likely dispersed into the Asian continent 60,000 years earlier than previously thought. Researchers said that the "Out of Africa" human migration theory may need to be revised.

Ancient December 11, 2017

Neanderthal DNA Points To Proof Of Little-Known Ancient Human Migration

Neanderthal DNA from a femur offers scientists proof that a small human group left Africa and disappeared long before the ancient human migration that spearheaded modern human population. Learn more about the new piece of the puzzle.

Ancient July 5, 2017

How New Technology Reveals Early Human DNA Without Skeletal Remains

Archaeologists found ancient human DNA belonging to the Neanderthals and the Denisovans in several caves in Europe, like the Vindija Cave in Croatia. The DNA samples were recovered not from human fossils, but from cave sediments preserving mitochondrial DNA.

Ancient May 1, 2017

New Technique For Recovering Ancient DNA Without Bones May Shed Light On Human Evolution

A new technique for DNA recovery allows for collecting ancient DNA even without solid bone fragments or fossils. Could this new method shed light into the mystery of human evolution?

Ancient April 29, 2017

Neanderthal And Denisovan DNA Detected In Cave Even Without Bones

The DNA of extinct human relatives have been found in cave mud along with the DNA of animals. How does the technique for finding the DNA of Neanderthals and Denisovans without skeletons work?

Ancient April 28, 2017

Ancient Skulls Found In China Could Be Rare Evidence Of Neanderthal Cousin Denisovans

Two partial skulls found in China may have belonged to the now extinct group of humans called Denisovans. Researchers only have a few tangible evidence that can prove this Neanderthal cousin once existed.

Ancient March 5, 2017

Neanderthal DNA Still Affects Your Health And Looks Today

Neanderthals are believed to have died out 40,000 years ago. Yet through their Neanderthal DNA, they still have a say in the health and appearance of modern humans, reminds a new study.

Ancient February 25, 2017

Mating With Neanderthals And Denisovans Helped Ancient Humans Survive Outside Africa

Modern humans owe several of their strengths such as immunity and skin color to the ancestors’ interbreeding with other human forms such as Neanderthals and Denisovans. This was revealed in a new study.

Ancient November 12, 2016

Melanesians Carry Genes Of Unidentified Extinct Human Species

Melanesians who live in the South Pacific carry genes of an extinct human species. Researchers said the hominid species is not likely Neanderthal or Denisovan.

Ancient October 31, 2016

Genome Study Reveals Modern Human Ancestors Interbred With Neanderthals And Another Extinct Line Of Humans

A new genome study revealed that our modern human ancestors have interbred not only with Neanderthals, but also with another extinct line of humans called Denisovans. The DNA of both species still lives on up to the present time.

Animals March 18, 2016

Ancient DNA From Pit Of Bones In Spain Offers Earliest Genetic Evidence Of Neanderthals

DNA from hominin bones that were found at a Spanish excavation site offers earliest genetic evidence of the Neanderthals. The findings could mean that the homo antecessor and not the homo heidelbergensis could be the common ancestor of modern humans, Denisovans and Neanderthals.

Animals March 16, 2016

Suffer From Allergies? You Can Blame Ancient Neanderthals, Researchers Say

Neanderthal DNA helped evolve the modern human immune system, researchers suggest. However, it may have made some people more prone to allergies, they say.

January 8, 2016

Almost-Human DNA Found In A Super Old Tooth

The fossilized molar belongs to a Denisovan, a sister group to the Neanderthals.

Animals November 19, 2015

Denisovans Were More Genetically Diverse Than Neanderthals, DNA From Tooth Fossil Reveals

Researchers found that an extinct race of human species may have lived in Siberia's Altai mountains. Known as Denisovans, their DNA suggests that they are genetically more diverse than the Neanderthals.

Animals November 17, 2015

Genetic mutation in Tibetans helps them thrive in high altitudes

Researchers from UC Berkeley analyzed and compared genome of Tibetans to genome of Denisovans, close relatives of Neanderthals, and found nearly identical match of gene mutation for surviving extremely high altitudes.

Life July 4, 2014

Tibetan 'super athlete' gene courtesy of an extinct human species

Genes from a long-extinct human lineage may have given modern humans in Tibet their adaptation to high altitudes. Gene is also sometimes called 'super athlete' gene.

Animals July 3, 2014

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