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Move Over, James Bond: Experts Might Tap Nemo And Friends As Spies

The U.S. government taps marine life as agents of defense in a new project led by DARPA. By monitoring the behavior of certain marine species, scientists believe they can detect the presence of foreign vehicles around.

Animals April 1, 2019

Leaked Pentagon Report Reveals Supersonic UFO That Could Make Itself Invisible Interacted With Mysterious Underwater Object

A Las Vegas TV station has revealed a leak military report detailing strange UFO sightings in 2004. The report claims the UFO can fly at supersonic speeds and make itself invisible.

Space May 31, 2018

SpaceX Successfully Launches Spy Satellite And Nails Rocket Landing In 1st Mission For Defense Department

Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully launched a mysterious spy satellite into orbit on Monday morning, then landed the rocket at a nearby landing pad. This marks SpaceX's first mission for the U.S. Department of Defense, breaking a decade-old ULA monopoly.

Space May 1, 2017

Department Of Defense Tests Swarm Of 3D-Printed Micro-Drones Called Perdix

The U.S. Department of Defense announced a successful demonstration of its semi-automated Perdix drones, which function as a collective organism. A swarm of these devices is considered the biggest thing since the nuclear bomb.

Defense January 11, 2017

2 Chinese J-11 Tactical Aircraft Intercept US Military Plane Over South China Sea: Pentagon

Two Chinese fighter jets carried out an 'unsafe' intercept of a U.S. reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea on May 17, the Defense Department said. The incident comes weeks after the Chinese military intercepted a U.S. destroyer in the region.

Defense May 19, 2016

Defense Secretary Ash Carter Looks To Strengthen Washington’s Relationship With Silicon Valley

While speaking to a group of reporters on May 11, Carter gave a prime example of the government’s move to use more tech, citing electronic techniques used by U.S.-led coalitions to disrupt jihadist forces.

Security May 12, 2016

US Department Of Defense Wants Employees To Use Windows 10 At Home

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) CIO Terry Halvorsen says he wants the department's employees to use Windows 10 at home. His recommendation follows the DoD's February announcement to upgrade 4 million department PCs to Window 10.

Apps/Software April 18, 2016

Public Private Consortium Pours $317 Million For Advanced Functional Fibers of America: What The Project Is About

A public-private consortium will receive $317 million deal for a very promising project. It will develop a range of advanced functional fabrics that can change many things from fashion to national security.

Business April 1, 2016

DARPA's New Grand Challenge Wants To Address Congested Radio Spectrum

DARPA wants to see machine learning manage spectrum usage intelligently. It will give $2 million to the group that shares the best idea for doing so.

FUTURE TECH March 27, 2016

US Defense Department Wants To Challenge Top Experts To Hack The Pentagon

The Department of Defense will allow vetted security experts to take a swing at the Pentagon’s websites. The new program, dubbed 'Hack the Pentagon,' is aimed at strengthening the safety of the governmental network, and cash prizes are involved.

Internet March 2, 2016

Uncle Sam Loves Windows 10: US Department Of Defense To Upgrade 4 Million Computers To Microsoft's Latest OS

The U.S. Department of Defense will beef its security and IT infrastructure with Microsoft’s help. To do so, the department will roll out 4 million Windows 10 copies on its PCs, hailing the OS’s robust safety features.

Apps/Software February 18, 2016

iRobot Sells Off Its Defense And Security Wing To Focus On Connected Home Products

iRobot announced that will sell its defense and security robot business to a private equity firm, and instead focus on developing connected home devices and other home robots.

FUTURE TECH February 4, 2016

Ocean-Focused Research Center Attacked By Chinese Hackers: Huh? Why?

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a private and nonprofit facility doing scientific research focused on the world's oceans, was attacked by Chinese hackers. What were the hackers targeting?

Internet October 17, 2015

Hackers Stole 5.6 Million Fingerprints In US Personnel Data Breach

Hackers who stole security clearance data on millions of federal employees under the Department of Defense and other agencies were able to obtain a total of 5.6 million fingerprint records.

Society September 24, 2015

Cerner Awarded DoD Contract To Revamp Health Records

The Defense Department awarded the billion-dollar Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization contract to Cerner Corporation. The system will replace older record systems that are currently in use.

Life July 30, 2015

Hoverbike-maker Malloy Aeronautics Now Developing Vehicle For The US Military

Malloy Aeronautics is now working with a US-based company to develop a hoverbike for the Department of Defense.

Defense June 22, 2015

3 Suborbital Rockets Successfully Launched From Wallops Island NASA Facility

NASA launched Terrier-Oriole suborbital rockets for the Department of Defense Tuesday from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The launch was successful following October’s Antares mishap.

Space February 24, 2015

Pentagon Pushes Back Date for SpaceX to Compete for U.S. Military Satellite Launches

SpaceX will be allowed to bid on Defense Department launches, starting in the middle of 2015, the Pentagon announced. Why not now?

January 9, 2015

Lytro camera tech has caught NASA's fancy: Here's what the space agency intends to do

Lytro is licensing its technology to NASA, which intends to use light field photography in developing high-tech new cameras for future explorations.

Gadgets November 7, 2014

Pentagon: Climate change threatens national security

Climate change could present a wide range of threats to U.S. military missions, a new report from the Defense Department reveals.

Earth/Environment October 14, 2014

DoD lets few undocumented immigrants in for military program

The American military will soon accept a limited number of illegal immigrants into the armed forces through the expansion of an eight-year-old program.

Society September 27, 2014

DARPA grant is funding brain implant research to restore, boost human memory

DARPA will fund the Restoring Active Memory program. Their grants will allow research of a memory restoration device.

Life July 10, 2014

Pentagon wants to play weather god: Laser beams developed to make rain and lightning

A dual-laser system may be able to cause rain and lightning in clouds. So, what could be done with such a device?

April 21, 2014

BlackBerry plunges as Pentagon refuses to show some love

Good news but no good news. BlackBerry is not getting any orders from the Department of Defense.

Business January 24, 2014

BlackBerry shares jump as Pentagon shows some love

Blackberry stocks are looking north as the company gears up for a lucrative deal with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Business January 21, 2014

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