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YouTube Brings Direct Messaging Feature From Mobile To Website

YouTube brought its in-app direct messaging service to its website. The communications feature was previously introduced to Android and iOS users who were able to share videos and have conversations on the app simultaneously.

Apps/Software May 25, 2018

Twitter Now Allows Total Strangers To DM You: How Can You Stop It?

Twitter wants its users to have more messaging capability and is opening DM to everyone. But not everyone is going to like it. The good news: it's easy to disable.

Apps/Software April 22, 2015

Twitter’s New Direct Message Policy Allows Anyone To Message You

Twitter updated its Direct Message policy feature to allow anyone to privately converse without having to mutally follow each other.

Internet Culture April 20, 2015

Twitter Goes Direct Messaging, Debuts Support for Video Capture, Edit

Groups can now huddle up in private on Twitter to discuss tweets or share 30-second videos from the social network's app. Yep, the Twitter app now features native video capture and direct messaging has been expanded to support 20 users in a forum.

Apps/Software January 27, 2015

Twitter CFO Posts Acquisition Plan Publicly Instead of Using DM. Oops

Twitter’s CFO accidentally posted about the company’s plan to acquire another company. The message, which was originally intended as a DM, was sent out for the public to see.

Business November 25, 2014

Vine now allows private video messaging between friends (Read: Parent alert)

Vine has a new private messaging feature added to its platform, but will this be a medium parents should be worried about?

Internet April 5, 2014

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