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'Dream Chaser' Cargo Plane For Space Gets Nod Of Approval From NASA

The Dream Chaser can carry up to 5,500 kilograms of cargo to the International Space Station. It is one of the three companies contracted by NASA to deliver supply to the artificial satellite.

Space December 31, 2018

Dream Chaser Inches Closer To Space Station Cargo Runs With Successful Glide Test

Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser completed a successful glide test at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center. The reusable spacecraft now advances its mission of delivering cargo to the ISS.

Space November 15, 2017

UN Space Mission To Send Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser To Low Earth Orbit In 2021

The United Nations will send Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser spacecraft to low earth orbit five years from now. What is the objective of UN's first space mission?

Space September 29, 2016

GAO Rejects Sierra Nevada Protest Over NASA $6.8 Billion Space Taxi Contracts

Sierra Nevada, a private space developer, has filed a protest over a NASA contract award, and those objections have been rejected by the Government Accountability Office. What is all the fighting about, and what could it mean for the future of space exploration?

Space January 7, 2015

Dream Chaser drama: Sierra Nevada partners with Stratolaunch, challenges NASA

Sierra Nevada Corporation partners with Stratolaunch, files a lawsuit against NASA after not being awarded a contract. What is their plan to bring American astronauts back into space?

Space October 2, 2014

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