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Scientists Are Revisiting PFAS And The Dangers They Pose To Human Health

PFAS, which have been linked to cancer, contaminated drinking water and have been found in the bloodstream. Several government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, have taken actions to protect the public from exposure to the potentially harmful chemicals.

Public Health April 24, 2019

Drinking Less Water Is Linked To Obesity In Kids: Study

A new study revealed that among kids, drinking less water likely leads to drinking more sugary drinks, which is tied to obesity. Researchers urge parents to push their kids drink more water.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 23, 2019

Drinking Water Additive Recalled Over Potential Contamination With Deadly Bacteria

A company is voluntarily recalling its water additive product after FDA analysis revealed that it was contaminated with a potentially deadly bacteria. The bacteria is typically contracted in hospital settings.

Public Health March 7, 2019

How To Avoid Getting UTI? Drink More Water, Study Confirms

Women who often get urinary tract infections should drink more water, according to new research. The study is the first randomized, clinical trial that studied the common recommendation of drinking water to avoid UTI.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 2, 2018

How To Stop Annoying ‘Plink Plink’ Sound Of Dripping Tap Based On Science

An experiment had finally figured out what produces the annoying ‘plink plink’ sound of water from a dripping faucet or leaky roof. The study also suggested one simple way to finally stop the nuisance which pestered generations of people.

Feature | Science June 23, 2018

Solar-Powered Water Harvester Creates Drinkable Water Out Of Thin Air

Scientists developed a new device that can harvest water from thin air using energy gleaned from the sun. The water harvester could be useful particularly to people living in areas where water is scarce.

Earth/Environment June 12, 2018

Drinking Water Actually Comes In Two Forms: Ortho-Water And Para-Water

A team of scientists from Switzerland introduced the less-known forms of water: the ortho-water and para-water. The team became the first group to successfully differentiate the two H2O types from each other.

Feature | Science May 30, 2018

How Much Water To Drink In A Day? The Answer Is Not As Simple As 8 Glasses

Staying hydrated is important, leading to questions on how much water people should drink each day. The popular answer is eight glasses, but the recommended amount of daily water intake is not as simple as that.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 8, 2018

Lawsuit Claims Nestle's Poland Spring Bottled Water Is Common Groundwater

A legal complaint filed in Federal court alleges that Nestlé is committing fraud. Plaintiffs argue that Poland Spring bottled water does not meet FDA regulations.

Business Tech August 20, 2017

UAE Will Tow Icebergs From Antarctica To Quench Drinking Water Problem

In order to tackle its unstable drinking water supply, the United Arab Emirates just might mine icebergs from Antarctica and park them off the nation’s coast. Find out how the gulf state plans to perform this iceberg mining mission.

Earth/Environment May 5, 2017

Solar-Powered Water Purifier Offers Hope Against Global Drinking Water Shortages

Solar-powered water purifier offers a ray of hope to combat global drinking water shortages. Developed by University at Buffalo academics, the new device will make access to safe drinking water cheaper and better.

Public Health February 6, 2017

Researchers Develop New Way To Clean Cancer-Causing Chromium From Drinking Water

An expert from Washington University has unveiled a new approach in converting cancer-causing chromium 6 to chromium 3 by dispensing with older strategies and using electricity in a process called electrocoagulation.

Material Science December 24, 2016

Drinking Water In Louisiana Town Tests Positive For High Levels Of Lead And Copper

The discovery of high levels of lead and copper in the drinking water of a small town in Louisiana has worried both the residents and authorities. A series of measures are aimed at providing the people with access to water until the situation is resolved.

Public Health December 23, 2016

Florida Water Polluted: Giant Sinkhole Leaks Dirty Water Into State Aquifer

More than 200 million gallons of water contaminated by low-level radiation and pollutants has leaked into the main drinking aquifer in Florida, reports revealed. Residents are worried about the safety of the water.

Earth/Environment September 30, 2016

US Drinking Water Sources Contaminated By Firefighting Chemicals That Cause Cancer, Hormonal Disruptions

Many public drinking water sources in the U.S. were found to have high levels of toxic chemicals known as PFASs. These are the places with particularly high concentration of these dangerous substances known to cause cancer, hormonal disruptions and obesity.

Public Health August 9, 2016

EPA Sets New Health Advisory For Toxic Chemical In Drinking Water

A new EPA advisory set recommended limits for chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid in drinking water. The move came about after growing pressure from health experts and studies showing the effects of toxic chemicals in drinking water.

Public Health May 20, 2016

KFC Launches Investigation After BBC Probe Finds Feces Bacteria On Ice

KFC has started an investigation after a BBC program revealed that feces from bacteria was present on its ice. Experts say the bacteria may cause illness to anyone who consumes it.

Public Health April 25, 2016

Nitrogen From Farm Fertilizers Can Pollute Drinking Water For Decades

Man-made nitrogen fertilizers have been used for decades. Researchers found that even if farmers stop using these fertilizers today, the levels of nitrates in water will remain high for decades.

Earth/Environment March 16, 2016

Flint Water Crisis By The Numbers: The Most Important Things To Know To Understand The Situation

The Flint water crisis has become a complicated issue with numbers and details zooming in from different sources. Here are the most important things to know to understand the situation better.

Life March 6, 2016

Reusable Water Bottles May Hoard Bacteria, Make Children Sick

A father posted photos online of his sick daughter's reusable water bottle that has been 'hoarding bacteria.' When he opened the inner part of the bottle's cap, he found it to be too dirty, prompting him to raise awareness by sharing his experience on Facebook.

Life February 22, 2016

Health Expert Says Eating Water Is Better Than Drinking It - What?

Health experts say that just drinking water may not be effective in hydrating the human body and suggest switching to water-rich food instead. Find out why experts think people should abandon the idea that drinking eight glasses of water a day is best.

Life February 19, 2016

High Lead Levels Found In Five Children From Ohio Village With Lead-Tainted Drinking Water

Five children in Sebring were found to have levels of lead above the CDC threshold. Officials, however, are still conducting investigations to find out if tap water caused the children's lead exposure.

Life January 28, 2016

Offering Water In School Cafeterias May Help Students Lose Weight

Providing cool fresh water to schoolchildren may help fight childhood obesity. Students in schools with water jets were found to be slimmer than their counterparts in schools without these water dispensers.

Life January 20, 2016

Kidney Stone On The Rise Among US Teens: Poor Water Intake To Blame, Says Urologist

Kidney stones used to affect only children with metabolic conditions. Poor water intake and dietary habits, however, have increased the incidence of nephrolithiasis in relatively healthy kids.

Life January 15, 2016

Water From 900-Year-Old Well Below Basement Of Australia House In London Still Fit To Drink

A hidden well under the Australia House in London has safe, drinkable water according to lab tests. The 'holy well' is believed to be around 900-years-old and to have come from River Fleet, London's largest subterranean river.

Society January 11, 2016

A Glass Of Water Contains 10 Million Good Bacteria

A glass of drinking water contains 10 million good bacteria. Researchers have discovered that a thin layer of biofilm found in water pipes contributes to water purification.

Life January 2, 2016

Scientists Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water By Shocking The Salt Out With Electricity

A simple portable system could be used in disaster areas to provide emergency drinking water, researchers say. The system has advantages over other technologies such as filters.

November 21, 2015

Scientists Develop 'Nanopores' That Can Make Seawater Drinkable

American scientists created a nanometer-thick porous material capable of filtering salt and other impurities from seawater, making it safe to drink. Compared to reverse osmosis, the sheath riddled with 'nanopores' requires less pressure and cost to operate.

Earth/Environment November 14, 2015

California Inmate Catches Legionnaire's Disease: Management Takes Steps To Prevent Prison Outbreak

Officials at the San Quentin State Prison in California turned off the water at the correctional facility following the hospitalization of one inmate and the sickening of others because of the Legionnaires' disease present in the drinking water.

Life August 29, 2015

AgTech Company Develops Smart Water Monitoring For Farmers

The agriculture-tech company CropX just received $9 million in first-round finding to further develop its affordable and simple precision irrigation monitoring system for farmers.

Apps/Software June 22, 2015

Documentary Chronicles Dean Kamen's Quest To Solve World’s Water Crisis With ‘SlingShot’ Device

Legendary inventor Dean Kamen has created a device he dubbed ‘SlingShot’ that can make even poisoned water potable. Tech Times sat down with director Paul Lazarus to learn more about the film.

FUTURE TECH June 17, 2015

You Are Drinking Dinosaur Pee Every Day: Here's Why

A new YouTube video explains where all this dinosaur pee has come from.

Animals May 30, 2015

How Arsenic, The Organic Kind, Can Make Drinking Water Safer

Oregon researchers recently studied the presence of organic arsenic (a non-dangerous form of the chemical) in water to understand how to remove the dangerous inorganic kind of arsenic from drinking water.

March 10, 2015

Manmade Flood Brings Colorado River Delta Back to Life

Experimental release of dammed water turns arid stretches of the Colorado River's course green again. Most of the river's water normally goes to agriculture and for drinking water in distant cities.

December 18, 2014

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