Healthy hearts have been linked to drinking water, and studies find that proper hydration can go a long way for a person's most important muscle to function well. The effects would be seen in the long run, and hydrating one's self is essential not only for the heart but for other organs as well. 

However, there is a lot that is forgetful, and this is where hydration apps would work best, and give people a lifestyle change for the better. It has been apparent that there are hydration bottles that have a built-in app for your smartphone that can help in reminding you, for a healthier tomorrow. 

Healthy Hearts Linked to Drinking Water

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The European Society of Cardiology has released a study where it narrates the importance of sufficient water intake for the rest of one's life to keep the heart a healthy muscle. The study focused on having an extra glass of water from the recommended one, which gives the right benefits that a person needs for the health of their cardiac muscle. 

The study has explored the connection of water and hydration, to the thickening of the heart's walls, particularly the left ventricle or the main pumping chamber. It shows that heart failures are mostly connected to it, and its thickening is caused by the lack of proper hydration of a person throughout their lives. 

The study has found that proper daily hydration amounts to 1.6 to 2.1 liters for women and 2 to 3 liters for men. These are the ideal amounts of hydration that an adult person should drink, something that could help and prevent their chances of developing heart ailments, and in the worst-case scenario, a failure leading to death. 

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Hydration Apps to Remind You of Proper Water Intake

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The applications below focus on reminding people when to drink water, and it also tracks the amount of hydration that a person takes in (selected apps). It may be an additional app to take space, but it could potentially help in letting people know the time to drink and hydrate. 

It does not have to be those with water bottle trackers, as those can get expensive and a hassle. 

Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

The app is available for the iOS platforms, particularly on the iPad, iPhone, and the Apple Watch. The app would help in giving reminders and determining the proper amount of hydration based on demographics like age, sex, physiology, and location where one is living. 

It would also track data and store it within the app, giving people a chance to review their mileage while on the path to hydrate and stay healthy. 

Hydro Coach - Drink Water

Hydro Coach - Drink Water is the free version of the application and is an Android exclusive application that users can use to track their water intake. From the name itself, it says "coach," and the focus of the app is to guide people on when to drink at certain times.

The app helps in giving people an idea to hydrate, especially at certain times. The app can sync with Fitbit, Samsung Health, and Google Fit.


Aqualert is one of the top-rated apps for both Apple and Google smartphones or devices, giving people an app to remind them of when to drink their daily water needs. The features of the app help in determining the amount of water to drink, as well as the time it needs. 

The app can sync with different devices and built-in features of the device, giving people more adept data with regards to their health and fitness.

It is important to partner these hydration apps with the right amount of physical movement and exercise to ensure the heart's healthiness. 

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