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Nationwide Smoking Ban In And Near Public Housing Takes Effect End Of July

The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a smoke-free policy in and near local public housing two years ago. HUD said the policy, that will strictly take effect on July 31, was aimed at encouraging people to quit smoking.

Public Health July 13, 2018

E-Cigs Contain Toxic Metals That Can Kill You: How Many Are In Danger In The US?

E-cigarette users may be exposed to potentially toxic amounts of metals such as lead, nickel, manganese, and chromium. Here are the number of people in the United States that are at risk of the adverse effects of using these vaping devices.

Public Health February 26, 2018

E-cigarette, Hookah Use Among US Teens Rises

More teens in the United States are using e-cigs but the rate of tobacco use stayed the same in the last four years, a CDC report says. According to health officials, it is too early to say whether e-cig use would lead to fewer people turning to tobacco products.

April 18, 2016

Flavored E-Cigarettes Contain A Chemical That Irritates Your Lungs: Study

A study found that 108 out of 145 flavored e-cigarettes contain the benzaldehyde, a chemical that can irritate the lungs. Tasting like almonds or cherries, benzaldehyde is a popular flavoring agent that can also be found in medicines.

Life January 30, 2016

E-Cigarettes Do Not Help Smokers Quit Tobacco: How To Effectively Quit Smoking

Most adult smokers turn to e-cigarette smoking in order to stop smoking conventional cigarettes. However, a new study in California revealed that e-cigarettes may not be effective in helping smokers quit the habit.

Life January 15, 2016

E-cigarettes are not healthy alternatives to smoking, make superbug more potent

Based on new research, e-cigarettes are not safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. The vapor is found to be just as dangerous and affects resistance to antibiotics.

Life May 20, 2014

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