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Dicynodont Fossils Reveal 'Phantom' Mammal Coexisted With Dinosaurs

Sometimes, the biggest discoveries are found when you take a second look. Such is the case of the dicynodonts or Pentasaurus goggai, which first and only remains uncovered only upon reexamining a fossil collection from the 1870s.

Animals March 22, 2018

Fossil Teeth Hint Mammals Thrived Millions Of Years Before Dinosaur Extinction

New evidence suggests that early mammals may have already been diversified even before the extinction of the dinosaurs. This contradicts the popular notion that mammals only became dominant after the massive reptiles were wiped out.

Ancient June 9, 2016

Lystrosaurus Changed Breeding Behavior To Survive Drastic Climate Change

Although most species were wiped out by an extreme extinction event millions of years ago, the therapsid Lystrosaurus survived. How did they do it? By changing their breeding behavior.

Animals April 7, 2016

Fossil of 125-Million-Year-Old Mammal So Exquisitely Preserved It Shows Evidence Of Hair

A fossilized mammal shows evolution of sophisticated hair and organ systems even in the age of the dinosaurs. The small, rat-sized mammal was probably a ground-dwelling insectivore, researchers say.

October 16, 2015

Fossil Find Is Ancient Beaver-Like Mammal That Outlived The Dinosaurs

A fossil unearthed in New Mexico is of a mammal that managed to survive the asteroid impact that that pushed dinosaurs to extinction, researchers say. The large size of the creature shows mammals started to thrive and evolve without the competition dinosaurs represented, they say.

Animals October 6, 2015

Mammal Evolution 'Exploded' During Jurassic Era

Mostly unnoticed by dinosaurs, mammals were evolving at breakneck speed during the Age of Reptiles, researchers say. The Jurassic saw mammals experimenting with body plans and tooth varieties, fossils show.

July 16, 2015

Prehistoric Fossils Explain Lives Of Early Mammals Living In Trees And Underground

Fossils of tiny prehistoric mammals, one a tree dweller and one a burrower, show beginning of mammalian diversity, scientists say. Ability to inhabit varied ecological niches helped earliest mammal ancestors to compete with dinosaurs, they say.

Animals February 12, 2015

A dinosaur, a crocodile and a mammal walk into a future diamond mine: 118 million-year-old tracks found in Angola

Preserved footprints in African diamond mine show passage of both dinosaurs and mammals. Ancient lake may have attracted the creatures to water, researchers say.

Animals November 7, 2014

Jurassic era mouse-sized mammal may be our earliest ancestors

Euharamiyida was a mammal that lived 160 million years ago that could be a distant ancestor of human beings.

Animals September 12, 2014

When did mammals evolve? Fossils of an extinct squirrel-like animal reveal the answer

The first full fossilized remains of the extinct mammal called haramiyids suggest that the mammals lived during the time of the dinosaurs, proving that mammals evolved much earlier than previous thought.

Internet Culture September 11, 2014

Mammalian ancestors were nocturnal long before the origin of true mammals

Fossil evidence of the eye structure of ancient ancestors of mammals showed many preferred a nighttime existence. Finding contradicts previous belief of nocturnal behavior only evolving with modern mammals.

Animals September 4, 2014

South Lake Mammoth needs a name - Here's how to help

A Columbian Mammoth was unearthed near Seatlle in February. Here's how to give it a name!

Animals March 11, 2014

New feathered dinosaurs found in Chinese Jurassic Park Jehol Biota

A new biota of dinosaurs has been discovered in a Chinese fossil bed. Remains include fossilized soft tissue, and the finding could change much of what we know about evolution.

Animals March 6, 2014

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