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Scientists Achieve Superconductivity At The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded With New Material

In the hunt for the ultimate superconductor, physicists discovered lanthanum hydride. Experiments showed that the material can conduct electricity with zero resistance at nearly room temperature.

Energy May 23, 2019

Let It Snow! This Clever New Device Creates Electricity Out Of Snowfall

Forget solar panels, on snowy days, one can simply create electricity from snowfall. A team of researchers from UCLA figure out how to make a cheap, clever device that can generate charge from practically nothing.

Energy April 16, 2019

Bacteria That Can Conduct Electricity Could Be Key To Making Very Small Batteries

Radioactive waste-eating bacteria could be the answer to making nano-sized batteries. Researchers from the University of Virginia have discovered how the Geobacter sulfurreducens conduct electricity.

Earth/Environment April 6, 2019

Scientists Use New Method To Find Electricity Generating Bacteria In Lab

Scientists at MIT developed a technique that can find which strain of bacteria can produce electricity in the most efficient manner. They hope that through the experiment, they can pave the way for the production of clean energy and biofuel.

Energy January 14, 2019

Scientists Create 'Bionic Mushroom' That Can Generate Electricity

Researchers were able to turn regular white button mushrooms into sources of electricity. They manipulated the cyanobacteria to generate electricity for days by attaching it on top of a button mushroom.

Energy November 9, 2018

Stimulating The Spinal Cord With Pulse Generator Can Help Injured People Walk Again: Study

A new technique has given hope to people who have been paralyzed due to spinal cord injury. By sending electrical signals to parts of the spinal cord responsible for movement, three patients were able to walk again.

Biotech November 1, 2018

Scientists Create Biomimetic Tree That Generates Electricity When Wind Blows Through Its Leaves

Scientists at the Iowa State University have developed a tree-like device where artificial leaves sway in the wind to generate power. According to Michael McCloskey, who designed it, the effort is aimed at generating power for smaller requirements coupled with aesthetics.

Energy February 1, 2017

150 Years Of British History From Over 100 Local Newspapers: What Did AI Researchers Find?

University of Bristol's ThinkBIG Project sourced information from more than 100 British newspapers encompassing 150 years of history to trace important historical and cultural shifts using artificial intelligence tools.

Life & Style January 11, 2017

New Method Captures, Converts Carbon Dioxide While Creating Electricity

Carbon-capture methods have long existed but a new one has just been developed. This time, carbon dioxide is also converted after being captured, a process that also results in electricity being generated.

Energy August 8, 2016

Electric Shocks Reduce Fats In Chocolate, Make Treat Healthier

Sending electric shocks to cocoa particles improves the flow of liquid chocolate without the need for extra cocoa butter. The process can reduce chocolate's fat content by up to 20 percent.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 26, 2016

This Ultra-Thin Solar Cell Is So Flexible It Can Wrap Around A Pencil

An ultra-thin solar photovoltaic cell developed by scientists in South Korea is so flexible it can wrap around virtually any surface. What are its potential applications?

Energy June 23, 2016

Leaping Eel Confirms Myth On How The Snake-Like Fish Stuns And Attacks Land Predators

A new study was able to confirm the old myth about how electric eels attack predators. The author was able to discover the attack mechanism of the animals, which he found bizarre at first.

Animals June 7, 2016

Chile Gives Away Electricity For Free Because It Produces Too Much

Thanks to a booming mining industry and economic growth, Chile is facing such an overwhelming surge in its solar energy industry that it has given away free electricity. The country continues to struggle toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy source.

Energy June 6, 2016

World's Largest Solar Power Plant Catches Fire

The world's largest solar power plant caught fire, crippling the operations of the facility. The fire was immediately extinguished, but the incident's impact on the electric power supply of California has yet to be determined.

Energy May 22, 2016

New Metamaterial Can Form Solar Panels That Harvest Energy In The Dark

A new metamaterial discovered by researchers from ANU glows unusually when exposed to heat. This artificial material could open potential developments on thermophotovoltaic cells that produce electricity from harvested heat even in dark conditions.

Energy April 21, 2016

New Solar Panel Turns Raindrops Into Electricity: Here's How The Technology Works

Scientists in China created 'all-weather' graphene-coated solar panels to harness power from raindrops. They developed dye-sensitized solar cells coated with an ultra-thin film of a miracle material known as graphene.

Energy April 13, 2016

Poop Power: Duke Energy To Use Poultry Waste As Energy Source

Duke Energy will turn to swine and poultry waste for energy. The company will start obtaining power from poop to create renewable energy and generate electricity.

Energy March 23, 2016

Damaged Tomatoes May Provide Alternative Source of Electricity

Florida generates a massive volume of tomato waste every year. Now, a team of scientists has developed a method to turn tomato waste as an alternative source of electricity.

Energy March 17, 2016

Thomas Edison's First Patented Invention Was An Electric Voting Machine

Thomas Edison is best known for inventing the lightbulb and for being one of the fathers of movie-making and sound recording. There's a less-recognized invention the Wizard of Menlo Park designed that in many ways could have changed the course of American history - that is, if it had ever been given a chance.

Computers February 11, 2016

Leafless Artificial Trees Swaying In The Breeze Can Harness Wind Energy And Generate Electricity

Many nations across the world use wind energy to generate electricity. A team of engineers are looking at leafless artificial trees to generate renewable power when they are shaken by the wind.

Energy February 3, 2016

Humans Can Harness Mini Black Hole To Power World's Electricity: Stephen Hawking

Nothing can escape black holes, not even light. But celebrity physicist Stephen Hawking has challenged this concept. Hawking even said if humans found mini-black holes, we could potentially harness them to supply electricity on Earth.

Energy February 3, 2016

Powerful Storm Rocks Southern California, Leaves Thousands Without Power

More than 150,000 people were left without power thanks to the raging storm that rocked Southern California. The raging winds led to power poles being knocked down, disrupting electricity supply.

Society February 1, 2016

California Upholds Net Metering Policy For Homeowners Using Solar Panels

California on Thursday voted to maintain its current net metering policy, allowing residential solar panel users to keep selling their excess electricity. The decision received both praise and criticism from experts.

Business January 29, 2016

Concrete That Conducts Electricity Could Make Roads Safer During Winter

Researchers in Nebraska have developed a special kind of concrete that can conduct enough electricity to melt snow. The conductive concrete may have possible applications on bridges and tarmacs, experts said.

Earth/Environment January 24, 2016

Work Out To Get Fit And Create Clean Energy: MIT Figured Out How To Harness Movement For Electricity

Researchers from the MIT found a way to create clean energy by transforming body movement to electricity. Check out the practical uses of the technology and its benefits for both companies and consumers.

FUTURE TECH January 8, 2016

Researchers Uncover Clue To Generate Electric Current Without Consuming Energy

Generate electric currents without using up energy? Researchers are a step closer toward achieving just that, as they uncover clues in an experiment involving topological insulators.

Energy January 5, 2016

99 Percent Of Costa Rica's 2015 Electricity Comes From Renewable Sources

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute on Friday said that 99 percent of the country's electricity has been generated from renewable sources. The nation's milestones in renewable energy have placed it in the global spotlight.

Energy December 20, 2015

Electric Eels Curve Their Bodies To Increase Their Shock Value

Scientists discovered that when electric eels curl their bodies, they are actually amplifying the voltage that they emit. In an experiment, Kenneth Catania attempted to find exactly how these animals manipulate basic principles of physics.

Earth/Environment October 29, 2015

Study Shows That Electric Eels Might Use Their Powers To Locate Prey

Most people think that electric eels kill their prey with their powers. Not only do their electrically-charged capabilities act as natural tasers — stunning their food, not killing it — but they also might double as an underwater echolocation tracker, a scientist at Vanderbilt University proposes.

Animals October 22, 2015

Freevolt Transforms Radio Frequency Waves In The Air Into Electricity

Freevolt technology can transform the radio waves from the air into electricity that can be used by devices with low energy requirements. One pegged application for the technology is the Internet of Things.

FUTURE TECH October 1, 2015

U.S. Demand For Electricity From Renewable Sources Taking Off

Solar power market in the U.S. has significantly grown between 2010 and 2015. The growth can be attributed to several factors including falling prices and subsidies by the government.

Energy September 15, 2015

NASA Researchers Use 'Seafloor Gardens' To Generate Electricity

In a study, researchers from NASA showed that electricity can be generated in hydrothermal vents by simulating chemical gardens on the seafloor in the laboratory.

Energy August 7, 2015

Canadian Rivers Might Be Answer To Lower Energy Prices In Northeastern US

Canada's hydropower could help ease the cost of energy in the northeastern U.S., but there are concerns that additional transmission lines could have unwanted impact on the region's landscape and on efforts to switch to renewable energy sources.

Business August 4, 2015

Army Develops Efficient Solar Cells That Convert Light Energy Into Electric Energy

Researchers in the U.S. Army developed a smaller and cheaper solar cell to convert light from the sun into electric energy.

FUTURE TECH July 7, 2015

Study Says Amazon Biodiversity Faces New Adversary: Hydroelectric Dams

Experts have discovered that animal species may be at risk of extinction due to the development of hydroelectric dams. The study shows the loss of forest species even in a biological reserve where hunting is prohibited.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2015

Plant-Inspired Solar Cells Could Store Energy For Weeks

A team of chemists at UCLA have developed a new solar power technology that allows solar cells to collect and store energy for longer periods of time.

June 25, 2015

Lasers Can Be Used To Bend Electricity And Control Lightning

Electricity can now be made to curve through space and even travel around objects. What could be done with this new technique?

June 20, 2015

Akon's Solar Power Initiative Aims To Bring Electricity To 600 Million People In Africa

Akon hopes to bring electricity to 600 million people in Africa with his 'Akon Lighting Africa' Solar Academy initiative.

Culture June 3, 2015

Researchers Develop 'Smart Glass' That Can Produce Electricity And Change Color

A study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology discovers a new type of color-changing glass that harnesses static charges from wind and raindrop. Researchers believe the electricity produced is enough to power a mobile device.

Geek April 13, 2015

Daylight Savings Time: How It Began And Do We Still Need It

Although the idea behind daylight savings time is to conserve energy, studies suggest DST is associated with paltry savings. The time adjustment is also linked with increased incidence of traffic accidents and heart attacks.

Society March 9, 2015

Cambridge Researchers Design And Build Bus Shelter Powered By Plants

By using plant walls and solar panels, researchers from Cambridge University were able to produce electricity that could power up 'the greenest bus shelter.'

Energy March 7, 2015

British University Students Are Turning Their Pee Into Electricity

Going to the bathroom is great for a lot of reasons. And now students at the University of the West of England have found one more.

Internet Culture March 5, 2015

Watch Bill Gates Drink Water That Was Once Poop

In a new video to demonstrate a machine, Bill Gates drinks water that was made from human waste. The co-founder of the Gates Foundation shows off the machine called the OmniProcessor, which is manufactured by Janicki Bioenergy in a facility just north of Seattle, Washington.

Internet Culture January 6, 2015

Champagne Bubbles May Help Solve Our Future Energy Needs: Here's Why

Scientists use supercomputers to study bubbles in boiling water. Their objective? More efficient electrical-generating power plants.

Energy December 22, 2014

Revolutionary Material Cools Building by Dumping Heat into Outer Space

Stanford engineers have developed a new material that can cool buildings without requiring electricity. The photonic radiative cooling process reflects much of the sunlight, which strikes the material, then sucks internal heat from the building.

Energy November 27, 2014

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