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How To Avoid Obesity? E-Cigarettes Can Help Prevent Weight Gain In Ex-Smokers

Scientists have found a connection between people who are trying to quit smoking and vaping electronic cigarettes. According to the research, the latter could help control the weight gain associated with quitting the habit.

Public Health October 27, 2016

Use Of E-Cigarettes May Have Helped 18,000 Smokers Quit Smoking In 2015

As the number of people who use e-cigarettes increases, the number of smokers who quit smoking also rises. Use of electronic cigarettes may indeed help smokers who want to stop their unhealthy habit, researchers say.

Public Health September 14, 2016

US Teen Smoking Drops But Vaping Increases: CDC

The latest survey on risk behaviors among teens has found an all-time low of students smoking tobacco or traditional cigarettes. On the other hand, vaping and use of e-cigarettes among these high school students are increasing.

Public Health June 10, 2016

The Weeknd Launches A Vape That Plays His Hit Single 'The Hills' As You Smoke

R&B singer The Weeknd partners up with startup Pax Labs for a limited edition vaporizer that plays his hit single when the device is turned on.

Gadgets November 4, 2015

National Park Service Bans Electronic Cigarettes Across Over 400 Parks

Going to a national park? Better leave your electronic cigarette at home, as the National Park Service has banned their use across the country effective immediately.

Life September 17, 2015

High School Students Who Use E-Cigarettes Use Vaping Device To Smoke Weed

Electronic cigarettes allow high school students to use cannabis in less detectable way. Experts said this could expose teens to higher concentrations of THC.

Life September 7, 2015

Some E-Cigarette Varieties May Be More Harmful Than Others

Thousands of different flavors are already on the market, but their health effects are still largely unknown. New research suggests that some aerosol flavors may be more damaging to lung tissue than others.

Life May 17, 2015

Vaping Claims First Victim: Toddler Dies From Liquid Nicotine Poisoning

A one-year-old toddler died after accidentally swallowing liquid nicotine from a bottle that did not have a childproof cap. Harmful exposure to the toxic substance has skyrocketed with the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes.

Life December 13, 2014

Vape is Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year: Do You Know What It Means?

The word "vape" made it as Oxford Dictionaries' international word of the year for 2014 thanks to the use of electronic cigarettes becoming mainstream and the public debate on the safety of these vaping devices.

Arts & Culture November 21, 2014

'Vape' is Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2014

Oxford Dictionaries chooses ‘vape’ from the shortlisted entries for 2014's popularized terms. ‘Bae,' 'indyref,' and 'slacktivism' were other options for Word of the Year.

Arts & Culture November 20, 2014

E-Cigarettes pave the road to quitting, though only as last resort

The American Heart Association is advocating for the use of e-cigarettes as a last resort for people who want to quit smoking. Though the previous research is inconclusive, the AHA suggests doctors give their patients the option while informing them that it is unregulated and unproven.

Life August 25, 2014

New York, Chicago ban e-cigarettes, CDC director hints crackdown has just begun

More cities banning e-cigarettes as debate over health issues continues. Both Chicago and New York institute new prohibitions.

Life April 30, 2014

UK has two million e-cigarette users now, mostly smokers and ex-smokers: Study

One study shows e-cigarette users in UK have increased dramatically over the past four years, while another study shows e-cigarette use has decreased the number of tobacco smokers in England. Is this good or bad news? Experts weigh in on the issue.

Life April 29, 2014

CDC reports a sharp spike in e-cigarette poisonings over the past three years

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported a sharp spike in e-cigarette poisonings across the past three and a half years, calling for stronger legislation around the use, packaging and sale of the electronic devices.

Life April 3, 2014

E-cigarette lobbyists face uphill battle against FDA regulations

Manufacturers, distributors, and advocates of electronic cigarettes continue to fight against an ongoing review of the FDA to include the product under its jurisdiction. Should the proposed move by the FDA push through, e-cigarettes will be regulated, and shall be subject to the standards and requirements that tobacco products are also subject to.

Life February 24, 2014

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