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Michigan Doctor Yasser Awaad Faces Trial Over Wrong Epilepsy Diagnosis

A Michigan woman has accused former Oakwood Healthcare physician Dr. Yasser Awaad of misdiagnosing her epilepsy. Awaad allegedly misread her test results to convince her to undergo more testing and medication to make more money for his employer.

Public Health June 3, 2019

Graphic Design Student Jasmine Banovic's Daydreaming Turns Out To Be Epileptic Seizures

Epileptic seizures do not always occur in the same way. For some people like Jasmine Banovic, seizures are quiet and nondescript, but they're no less serious.

Neuroscience March 28, 2019

Researchers Develop AI-Enabled Technology That Can Translate Thoughts Into Speech

Columbia University researchers developed a system that can translate thoughts into recognizable speech. It could eventually help people who have lost the ability to speak. How does the AI-enabled technology work?

Feature | Tech January 31, 2019

New Wireless 'Pacemaker' For The Brain May Prevent Seizures, Tremors In Patients With Epilepsy, Parkinson's

The device called WAND offers hope for patients with neurological conditions who suffer from unwanted movements. It acts like a pacemaker for the brain that can prevent tremors and seizures.

Neuroscience January 1, 2019

Teen Now Recovering After Singing Her Way Through Brain Surgery

It was four years ago when 19-year-old Kira Iaconetti started noticing strange changes about her musical abilities. She is now recovering after a personalized brain surgery.

Medicine December 22, 2018

Device That Stimulates Nerves Could Help Improve Quality Of Life For Depressed Individuals

Researchers found that, although it does not alleviate depression symptoms, nerve stimulators can vastly improve the patient's quality of life. A new study claims that the device has seen better responses from treatment-resistant patients.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 23, 2018

The Keto Question: What Fats Are Ideal For This Diet?

Here are ideal fat sources while on a ketogenic diet, according to nutrition coach Amber - Fitness FT. These high-quality fats just might be what you need while on a low-carb, high-fat diet for weight loss or another health goal.

June 28, 2018

Disney Warns Epilepsy Patients That ‘The Incredibles 2’ Causes Seizures

The Walt Disney Company released a warning about a certain scene in its blockbuster sequel 'Incredibles 2.' There is an animated sequence that could startle moviegoers who deal with epilepsy and other photosensitivity issues.

June 18, 2018

UK Mother Fights To Get 12-Year-Old Son’s Cannabis Medication Back From Government

A United Kingdom mother is fighting the government over her 12-year-old son’s epilepsy medication. Government officials confiscated the cannabis oil after they discovered it carried an illegal substance.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 12, 2018

Supreme Court Rules No Further Treatment For Toddler With Neurodegenerative Disease: What Happened To Alfie Evans?

UK’s highest court ruled that it was not in the best interest of toddler Alfie Evans to continue with his life support since his undiagnosed neurodegenerative disease made him impossible to eat, drink, and breathe.

April 21, 2018

Epilepsy Drug With Marijuana-Based Ingredient Could Be Available In The US This Year

A clinical trial involving 171 patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome showed GW Pharmaceuticals' Epidiolex can reduce seizures. What are the side effects of this marijuana-based drug?

Medicine January 25, 2018

Epilepsy Drug May Cure Lethal Centipede Bites: Study

Centipede bites have no known treatment until a recent study suggested an anticonvulsant prescribed for epilepsy. This recommendation comes after scientists pinned down SsTx, the toxin that makes the insect’s venom deadly.

Animals January 24, 2018

Epilepsy Drug May Help Restore Normal Brain Activity In Alzheimer's Disease Patients

Alzheimer's disease patients may benefit from using epilepsy drugs. The treatment was found to have effect on the brain activity of patients with mild form of the progressive brain disorder.

Neuroscience June 25, 2017

Cannabidiol From Marijuana Reduces Seizures In Kids With Rare Epilepsy

A compound present in marijuana was shown effective in treating children with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. What are the side effects of the treatment?

Medicine May 25, 2017

Rice University Engineering Students Develop An Algorithm That Effectively Predicts And Prevents Seizures

A team of engineering students have designed an algorithm that is very good at predicting and stopping seizures in real time. The project could be a product in the next seven years.

Public Health April 29, 2017

‘Minibrain’ In A Dish: Will It Lend Insight Into The Origins Of Autism And Epilepsy?

Stanford scientists grew brain cells in a petri dish to show the 3D cluster formation in early forebrain development. Researchers watched live brain formation and concluded that genetic aberrations can impede the cluster formation and cause diseases such as autism.

Medicine April 27, 2017

Marijuana Ingredient Might Be New High In Preventing Seizures In Severe Form Of Epilepsy

A study revealed that severe epilepsy can be given relief in terms of reduction in seizures through the use of cannabidiol, a component in marijuana or cannabis plant. The trials showed a significant reduction in seizures after administering the drug.

Medicine April 19, 2017

Epilepsy Patients In Australia Resort To Cannabis To Manage Seizures: Survey

A nationwide survey in Australia found that adult and children with epilepsy use cannabis to manage their condition when traditional anti-epileptic drugs do not work properly for them.

Medicine March 10, 2017

Pfizer Fined $107M for 2,600 Percent Price Hike On Epilepsy Drug Phenytoin Sodium

Britain's Competition and Markets Authority slapped pharmaceutical company Pfizer with a fine equivalent to about $107 million for hiking the price of phenytoin sodium capsules. The epilepsy drug is used by about 48,000 patients in the UK.

Public Health December 8, 2016

Researchers Discover Genetic Change Responsible For Creating Resistance To Epilepsy Attacks

New study conducted by a joint team of scientists managed to prevent epilepsy seizures and even being born with epilepsy in mice. The research suppressed a protein that was associated with the disease.

Neuroscience November 29, 2016

Marijuana-Derived Drug Effective In Treating Rare Form Of Epilepsy

Once again, GW Pharmaceuticals' Epidiolex drug has been found to be effective in treating the symptoms of a rare form of childhood epilepsy. The company hopes the drug will be approved by the FDA soon.

Medicine June 29, 2016

Medicine For Epilepsy, Pain Linked To High Risk Of Birth Defects When Taken During Pregnancy

A widely prescribed drug used to treat pain or epilepsy has been linked to an increased risk of birth defects. Researchers gathered data from hundreds of women in different countries.

Medicine May 19, 2016

Birth Control Pills Linked To Increased Risk Of Seizures In Women With Epilepsy

Women with seizures are advised to avoid using oral contraceptive pills. Researchers have found that its main ingredient could trigger seizures.

Life April 3, 2016

Controlled Epilepsy In Children May Still Cause Social Problems Later In Life

Epileptic children with excellent to good seizure control abilities may still suffer from social and educational problems in adulthood. A 12-year study has found other factors that could affect epilepsy's consequences later on in the life of young patients.

Life April 1, 2016

New Study Links Type 1 Diabetes To Higher Epilepsy Risk

Type 1 diabetes is a serious condition that can have equally serious neurological effect. A new study has associated the autoimmune disease with an increased epilepsy risk.

Life April 1, 2016

Epilepsy: Signs, Seizures, Diagnosis, Treatment And Care

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder, however, the symptoms caused by this disorder such as seizures are similar to symptoms caused by other health conditions. How do we then really know if its epilepsy?

Life March 29, 2016

Harrison Ford Will Auction Off Original Han Solo Jacket For A Good Cause

Harrison Ford may or may not be trolling us lately, but one thing now seems to be for certain: when it comes to what matters, the actor certainly has heart.

Movies/TV Shows March 28, 2016

Study Reveals Why People With Autism Die Decades Earlier

A report has revealed that most people with autism die decades earlier than their peers, but what drives this phenomenon? Experts said there are several factors at play.

Life March 21, 2016

Cannabis Drug Shows Promise For Children With Severe Epilepsy

Clinical trial for a cannabis drug showed promise in the treatment of epilepsy in children. The drug makers are now preparing for its regulatory submission for FDA approval.

Life March 14, 2016

Wristband Monitors, Alerts For Epileptic Seizures

Embrace wristband, developed by an MIT professor, is a medical-grade consumer product that can monitor stress signals to detect seizures and alert both wearers and caregivers. It could also be potentially useful in the classroom to track children's stress levels.

Wearable Tech March 13, 2016

Australia Set To Legalize Cultivation Of Cannabis For Medical, Scientific Purposes

The Australian government is pushing for legislation allowing controlled cultivation and access to medical marijuana. Some target beneficiaries include patients with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain.

Life February 10, 2016

Medical Marijuana Trial To Examine Benefits Of Synthetic Cannabis To Children With Severe Epilepsy

For the first time, Australia will administer medical marijuana to a small group of children with severe epilepsy in a clinical trial. The trial will take place starting this February.

Life February 3, 2016

This Mind-Reading Computer Knows What You’re Thinking The Moment You’re Thinking Them

Researchers were able to develop a mind-reading computer program that accurately and rapidly knows what people are thinking. By decoding brain signals, the program was able to predict thoughts almost instantly.

Life January 31, 2016

Weak Electrical Field May Spread Brain Waves Linked To Memory And Epilepsy

Scientists were able to find that weak electrical fields help spread brain waves. The discovery is said to help researchers better understand mechanisms associated with memory and epilepsy.

Life January 15, 2016

Colombia President Signs Law Legalizing Growing And Sale Of Medical Marijuana

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree legalizing medical marijuana in the country. With the new policy, as many as 400,000 Colombians suffering from epilepsy and other diseases may be treated.

Society December 23, 2015

Discovery Of Intelligence Gene Clusters May Unlock Ways To Boost Mental Ability

Researchers discovered a network of genes that may be responsible for a person's level of intelligence. Understanding the said gene clusters deeper may help improve mental ability and enhance the quality of life of patients with cognitive difficulties.

Life December 23, 2015

Children Age 2 And Below Being Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs For Adult Neurological Disorders

Cases of children aged two years old and younger who are being subjected to adult psychiatric drug treatment are rapidly rising, experts said. The medical community is becoming increasingly alarmed.

Life December 12, 2015

Texting Sets Off New Type Of Brain Wave

A new study presented during the latest American Epilepsy Society meeting has found that a previously unknown waveform occurs in the brain of individuals whenever they use smartphones. Experts believe this discovery could provide information on how the device affects the functions of the nervous system.

Life December 10, 2015

Studies Explore How Epilepsy Leads To Memory Decline

Four studies presented during the 69th annual conference of the American Epilepsy Society's (AES) discussed how epilepsy impacts the memory and learning competency of patients. The researchers identified certain regions of the brain significantly affected by epileptic seizures.

Life December 9, 2015

Marijuana Extract May Help Children, Young Adults With Epilepsy

Two studies found that marijuana extract may help children and young adults suffering from epilepsy. Rates of seizure episodes significantly went down among participants of both studies, giving hope to patients and families stricken by the neurological disorder.

Life December 9, 2015

SCN8A Gene Mutation Role In Epilepsy Unveils Clues To Better Seizure Therapies

Three studies shed light on how the mutation in SCN8A gene, which is known to underlie early infantile epileptic encephalopathy (EIEE) and other neurological problems, affect the brain and its functions.

Life December 7, 2015

Price Of Drug For Infants With Rare Epilepsy Jumps By 2000 Percent

Infantile spasm drug Synacthen Depot cost-per-vial jumped by 2,000 percent. The sudden price hike caused Alberta Health to delist the drug in the government-subsidized healthcare and many health officials and families affected.

Life November 17, 2015

Whooping Cough In Infants Linked To Later Epilepsy Risk

Researchers in Denmark found a link between children who were diagnosed with whooping cough early on and an increased risk for epilepsy later in life. In the U.S., experts say that cases of whooping cough are relatively rare.

Life November 4, 2015

Music Therapy May Help Prevent Seizures In People With Epilepsy

Listening to music could assist people with epilepsy seeking to reduce symptoms. Is Mozart the next great treatment for the condition?

Life August 15, 2015

Classical And Jazz Music Might Provide Relief From Epileptic Seizure

Scientists at the Ohio State University have discovered that the brains of people diagnosed with epilepsy react differently to music compared to the brains of those without the medical condition.

Life August 10, 2015

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