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The Hidden Oceans Of Jupiter’s Moon Europa Found Containing Basic Table Salt

Table salt has been unearthed in an alien landscape. Scientists found that sodium chloride is present on the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, suggesting that the moon's oceans could be very similar to Earth's.

Space June 14, 2019

NASA Mission To Jovian Moon Europa Facing Tough Challenges Ahead

An internal investigation found that NASA's Europa Clipper and Lander, two upcoming missions, faced several problems. The investigators found that both projects suffer from budget and schedule issues as well as a shortage of staff.

Space May 31, 2019

NASA Wants To Use 'Tunnelbot' To Look For Aliens In Jovian Moon

Scientists and researchers proposed to send a nuclear-powered robot to Europa in search of extra-terrestrial life. Planetary scientists believe that this probe of Jupiter’s Jovian moon can be used to solve the mystery of the solar system.

Space December 18, 2018

Jupiter's Moon Europa Covered By Giant 'Ice Spikes' Says Study

A new study suggested that the surface of Europa might have sharp ice spikes that will make landing a rover a challenge. Jupiter's icy moon is a prime candidate in the search for alien life.

Space October 10, 2018

Bacteria Can Survive The Frigid, Harsh Environment Of Mars

Researchers found that hardy microbes found in Earth’s Arctic regions could possibly survive the extreme Martian climate. The findings raise expectations for the survivability of bacteria in other worlds.

Space July 7, 2018

NASA Hopes Undersea Volcano Can Give It Clues On How To Find Alien Life In Space

NASA hopes to find clues about life in outer space by diving under Earth's own oceans. Could an underwater volcano give scientists hints about where else life could be in the solar system?

Space June 4, 2018

NASA Finds Evidence That Spacecraft Flew Through Water Plume On Jupiter's Moon Europa Back In 1997

Old data from the Jupiter probe Galileo shows that it flew through a water plume on the moon of Europa. Although the data has been available for more than 20 years, scientists were just able to see this now.

Space May 15, 2018

NASA Denies Plans Of Joint Lander Mission To Jupiter Moon Europa

NASA and the European Space Agency are not yet officially pursuing a lander mission together to explore Jupiter moon Europa. The joint Europa lander mission was brought up weeks ago by a scientist at a geosciences summit.

Space May 12, 2017

Jupiter At Opposition: Here’s Why The Giant Planet Shines Brighter And Bigger This Friday Night

New photos from the Hubble Space Telescope reveal breathtaking views of Jupiter. They come in days before Jupiter at opposition, or where the planet forms a straight line with Earth and the sun.

Space April 7, 2017

NASA May Cancel Europa Lander Mission As Space Agency Faces Budget Cuts

NASA budget cuts would scrap a proposed mission to one of Jupiter's moon. The Europa lander mission would supposedly drill through ice into the moon’s subterranean ocean to find signs of life.

Space March 20, 2017

NASA's Europa Clipper Mission And Lander To Find Life In Icy Galilean Moon

NASA brings the search for alien life to an unfamiliar terrain by sending a flyby mission with a lander to Jupiter's icy moon. Underneath the icy-crusted Europa is a large amount of saltwater where life possibly exists.

Space March 13, 2017

Proposed NASA Europa Mission To Drill Into Icy Crust Of Jupiter Moon To Search For Alien Life

Members of NASA'S Science Definition Team submitted a report detailing the concept of a new Europa mission. The team proposed sending a probe to drill into the icy crust of the Jupiter moon.

Space February 11, 2017

Liquid-Based Analysis Can Improve Chances Of Findings Alien Life On Ocean Worlds

NASA scientists are working on a liquid-based technique to detect signs of alien life on extraterrestrial ocean worlds. How does the capillary electrophoresis method work?

Space January 30, 2017

NASA Developing AI To Explore Extraterrestrial Water Worlds

NASA is reportedly working on an AI pertaining to the autonomous navigation of underwater drones. The ongoing project is aimed at exploring the subsurface oceans of Europa, Jupiter’s moon.

Space January 25, 2017

Geysers On Europa: NASA Finds More Evidence Of Water Plumes On Jupiter Moon

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found what appear as water vapor plumes from the icy surface of Jupiter moon Europa. How will astronomers confirm the existence of this water geyser?

Space September 27, 2016

Alien Life Forms Discovered On Europa? NASA To Present New Findings About Jupiter Moon

Has NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found signs of alien life on Europa? The U.S. space agency said it will reveal new findings about Jupiter's moon on Sept. 26.

Space September 24, 2016

NASA To Reveal ‘Surprising Activity’ On Europa On Sept. 26

NASA’s press conference on Monday, Sept. 26, will announce ‘some surprising activity’ on Europa based on new updates from the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA’s focus on alien life on Europa is already well-known.

Space September 23, 2016

Jupiter Moon Europa May Have Ocean With Earth-Like Chemical Balance

Jupiter's moon Europa may have an ocean with a chemical balance similar to Earth's, a new study has found. Researchers found that Europa has similar features with our planet in terms of supporting life and biological processes.

Space May 23, 2016

Where Might Alien Life Be Hiding - Europa or Titan?

Europa and Titan are the two likeliest places in our solar system to hold alien life. What are the conditions like on these giant moons, and what is the chance for life on each world?

Space May 18, 2016

Ice Crust In Jupiter Moon Europa Produces More Heat Than Scientists Thought

Jupiter moon Europa’s deforming ice appears as a surprising generator of heat. A better understanding of this process can lend greater insight into the thickness of Europa's shell and in turn the chemistry of its subsurface ocean, which is critical in the search for any signs of life.

Space April 16, 2016

NASA Plans To Land On Jupiter’s Glacier Moon Europa In 2020 To Find Possible Alien Life

Europa is the glacier moon that hovers above Jupiter. NASA is making plans to land on it in the future in hopes of finding alien life below the icy surface.

Space November 20, 2015

ESA Allots $380 Million For Juice Mission That Aims To Search For Alien Life In Jupiter's Water Moons

The European Space Agency has selected a contractor to launch the first massive mission to Jupiter. The agency has agreed to shell out $380 million to find out if alien life on Jupiter and its icy moons exists.

Space July 27, 2015

NASA's Preparation For Europa Exploration On Full Blast: Biggest Hope To Find Alien Life?

NASA has announced on Wednesday that the planning for the Europa project has reached the formulation phase, which means the space agency will push through with the development of the mission design and requirements. Once mission receives its final approval, the launch date of the space probe could be scheduled for the 2020s.

Space June 22, 2015

NASA Dead Serious On Europa Mission: Preparations Enter Development Phase

It’s really happening. NASA is pushing through with its plans to explore Europa and investigate the moon’s habitability, now entering a development phase for the mission.

Space June 19, 2015

NASA Plans To Use These Tools To Find Alien Life In Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa

NASA's Europa spacecraft, bound to assess whether or not Jupiter's icy moon is habitable, will bring along nine scientific instruments to hunt for signs of alien life.

Space May 27, 2015

NASA Mission To Europa Will Search For Life - Will It Find Aliens?

Europa may be one of the most likely places in the solar system to find alien life. Now, NASA has chosen nine instruments to fly onboard a mission to the Jovian satellite.

Space May 26, 2015

Dark Material Seen On Jupiter's Moon Europa Could Be Common Sea Salt, Scientists Say

Distinctive lines of dark material coating the surface of Europa may be sea salt from an underlying ocean, made darker by exposure to radiation, an experiment suggests. The finding may add to understanding of conditions on the moon that might support life, researchers say.

Space May 12, 2015

Robotic Eel And Squid Rover Could Assist NASA In Search For Alien LIfe

NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts program has recognized 15 futuristic projects to explore space and the Earth. What strange craft is the space agency looking at developing?

Space May 12, 2015

Jupiter And Company To Provide Skywatchers With Stunning Astronomical Shows This March

Jupiter and its moons will be visible from the Earth this month. Sky gazers will have to use a decent pair of binoculars or a medium telescope to see the moons of the planet.

Space March 3, 2015

NASA Wants To Search For Alien Life On Jupiter's Europa

Scientists are now closer to investigating Jupiter's Europa with the 2016 budget allocations. The Europa Clipper mission may involve hunting for signs of life on the ocean-harboring moon.

Space February 21, 2015

Hubble Captures Rare Moment Of Triple Galilean Moon Transit Across Jupiter

With some stroke of luck, the Hubble Space Telescope managed to capture an image of three of Jupiter's biggest moons transiting across its face, a rare phenomenon that occurs only once to twice in a decade.

Space February 6, 2015

$30 Million: Amount NASA Will Spend On Sending Life-Hunting Probe To Jupiter Moon Europa

Of the $18.5 billion proposed budget for NASA in 2016, $30 million will go to the development of the Europa mission, which aims to understand the habitable potentials of one of Jupiter's moons.

Animals February 4, 2015

NASA's Plans For Mars Get Boost With 2016 Budget Proposal

NASA's budget proposal for fiscal year 2016 will give a boost to near-term Mars exploration. The latest budget proposal of $18.5 billion is $500 million more than the 2015 budget.

Space February 4, 2015

Could Europa Be Home To Alien Life? White House Approves NASA's Mission To Find Out

The Europa Clipper could be on the way to a rendezvous with a satellite which could be home to alien life. What could the spacecraft find there?

Space February 3, 2015

If You Missed It, Wait Until 2032: Three Moon Shadows Appear Simultaneously on Jupiter

In a rare celestial event, the shadows of Jupiter’s three largest moons came together briefly. Triple shadow transits usually occur only once or twice in a decade and the next one won’t be until 2032.

Space January 24, 2015

Extreme Shrimp Thriving Near Hydrothermal Vents May Hold Clues to Alien Life [Video]

A shrimp species called Rimicaris hybisae can survive the extreme environments of the hydrothermal vents of the Caribbean Sea. NASA scientists suggest that the shrimp may also survive in other planetary bodies.

Space November 25, 2014

NASA Releases Remastered Europa Photo: Is A Mission To Jupiter's Moon Likely?

NASA revealed a beautiful remastered image of Jupiter moon Europa using an image taken from the Galileo spacecraft in the 1990s. Is this a sign that the agency is taking a mission there?

Geek November 24, 2014

Stunning Beauty of Jupiter Moon Europa Revealed in Remastered NASA Photo

Newly improved images of Jupiter's moon Europa show a likely place to look for evidence of extraterrestrial life, NASA says. New image based on photos taken by the Galileo spacecraft in the late 1990s.

Space November 23, 2014

NASA Releases Remastered Image of Jupiter's Moon Europa

Captured by the Galileo spacecraft in the 1990s, images of Europa have been remastered by NASA. The resulting photos offer a clearer picture of what Jupiter's icy moon looks like.

Space November 22, 2014

Europa’s plate tectonics: Jupiter’s moon may mirror Earth more than we thought

New research reveals that Europa, one of Jupiter's four moons, shows geographic similarities to Earth in having tectonic plates that shape and form the surface.

Space September 9, 2014

Jupiter moon Europa has icy plate tectonics: Can it support alien lifeform?

Europa is found to exhibit plate tectonics in a manner similar to Earth, but what can that say about the possibility of alien life there?

Space September 9, 2014

Astronomers discover that Jupiter's Europa has icy plate tectonics

Jupiter's moon Europa becomes more interesting with each discovery about its icy surface. Now, astronomers have found evidence that the moon's crust may have a system of plate tectonics, similar to that on Earth.

Internet Culture September 8, 2014

Antarctic ice sheet hides entire ecosystem: Is there life in outer space?

Lake Whillans, lying beneath a glacier in Antarctica, is teeming with life, perhaps providing a glimpse into possible alien life.

Animals August 21, 2014

Life under Antarctic ice raises hope of life on icy planets

Discovery of life in lake trapped beneath Antarctic ice raises intriguing possibility of it existing elsewhere in our solar system. Antarctic ecosystem could have parallels on icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn, researchers say.

Space August 20, 2014

Does Jupiter icy moon Europa contain alien life? NASA wants to hear you

In an effort to find life beyond this planet, NASA is calling for proposals on science instruments that could be carried on a spacecraft. Here’s how you can participate.

Space July 23, 2014

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