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New FAA Small Drones Rules Go Into Effect: Here's What You Need To Know To Get A Drone License

The FAA drafted a new series of rules for small drones in the United States. The recent document makes it easier for the average user to fly a UAV but puts some limits to commercial use.

Business Tech August 30, 2016

FAA Rolls Out Rules For Small Commercial Drones: What You Should Know

The Federal Aviation Administration has finally issued the first set of rules that covers the flight conditions and limitations for small unmanned aircraft. Taking effect this August, the approved rules will officially mark the dawn of a new drone age.

Gadgets June 22, 2016

DJI, Parrot, 3DR And GoPro Form Drone Manufacturers Alliance, An Advocacy Group For Sensible Drone Regulations

DJI, 3DR, Parrot and GoPro parted ways with Intel, Google and Amazon and founded their own drone regulation lobby group. Dubbed the Drone Manufacturers Alliance, the advocacy organization will cater to the needs of a distinct market niche.

Legal April 6, 2016

FAA Drone Registration Rules Challenged In Federal Court

The FAA's new rule requiring operators of unmanned aircraft systems to register their model aircrafts continues to receive protests. The latest case took FAA to court as an enthusiast alleged that the aviation authority is in violation of its own rules.

Gadgets January 5, 2016

FAA Drone Registration Website Goes Down On Day One As 45,000 Troop To Register Drones

The drone registration site went down during the first day of the new regulation. The Federal Aviation Administration also revealed that more than 45,000 individuals registered their drones, two days in of the rule's enforcement.

Society December 28, 2015

Budget-Friendly Drones: Top 5 UAVs You Can Get For Under $500

A drone is probably one of the top gifts being gifted this year. Some can be really cheap while some can be quite expensive, so we've found a middle ground between the two at $500.

FUTURE TECH December 22, 2015

Buyers Beware: Black Friday Drone Deals May Come With A Lot Of Red Tape Following New Hobby Regulations

It doesn't matter if the drone you're buying is for your personal use or given as a gift. New laws on recreational drone use may probably cause you a bit of a hassle, so it's best to be prepared and read up.

Internet Culture November 27, 2015

FAA Releases Proposed Drone Regulations To Take Effect Before The Holidays

The rules would have owners registering their unmanned aircraft with the federal government with the machine's information stored in a national database. Each drone would have to have a registration number marked on it.

FUTURE TECH November 23, 2015

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