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Facebook Reportedly Testing A Feature Everyone Has Always Wanted: A Downvote Button

Some users are seeing a new downvote button on Facebook, which apparently should be a nice alternative to the much-requested dislike button. However, Facebook doesn’t want you to think it’s anything close to a dislike button.

Internet February 9, 2018

And It Goes On And On: Facebook Testing Snapchat-Style Messenger Streaks Feature

Facebook has launched a new feature for its users to interact more with its Messenger app. A copy of Snapchat 'Streaks' will make people chat more often with their friends now on Messenger.

Apps/Software November 25, 2017

Happy Mother's Day: Celebrate With Facebook Flower Reactions, Personalized Cards, Masks, Frames And More

Facebook gears up for Mother's Day and prepared a number of treats. Celebrate with 'thankful' flower reactions, special Mother's Day-themed frames and masks, stickers for Instagram Stories, or personalized cards.

Internet May 14, 2017

Facebook Comments Get Reactions, But Do They Improve Or Kill Communication?

Facebook has started rolling out reactions for comments on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. Will this move improve communication or hinder it?

Internet May 5, 2017

Facebook Users Shared 300 Billion Reactions In One Year

Since its launch a year ago, Facebook users have shared 300 billion reactions with 'Love' being the most popular.

Internet February 24, 2017

Facebook Users Can Now Use Reactions In Virtual Reality For 360-Degree Videos

Oculus began rolling out the ability for Gear VR users to use Facebook Reactions when watching 360-degree videos in virtual reality on Wednesday.

Internet June 23, 2016

The Belgian Police Do Not Want Its Citizens To Use Facebook Reactions

The police in Belgium are warning people not to use Facebook Reactions for the sake of their privacy.

Internet May 13, 2016

Facebook Reactions Study Shows Underwhelming Adoption: Most Users Stick To 'Likes'

Quintly rolled out a Facebook Reactions Study that looked at 130,000 posts. The results were discouraging for marketers, because it seems that users need a specific type of content to give it more than a like.

Internet May 9, 2016

Download This Plugin To Change Facebook Reactions Emojis To Pokémon Characters And Donald Trump

Facebook users can use this browser extension to replace their animated emoji Reactions with Donald Trump's face or Pokémon characters.

Internet March 4, 2016

The Guide To The All The Latest Facebook Changes And How To Use These New Features

Facebook has a whole slew of new features lately. Here are all the details on how each of them work.

Internet February 29, 2016

Facebook Just Got More Emotional: Here’s Your Definitive Guide To Using Facebook Reactions

Facebook rolled out its new Reactions on Wednesday for users worldwide. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to find and use the Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry reactions.

Internet February 25, 2016

Facebook Expands Its Like Button With The Launch Of 'Reactions'

Facebook launched 'Reactions' on Wednesday for desktop and mobile, its extension of the 'Like' button that will help users better express how they feel about posts.

Internet February 24, 2016

Facebook Reactions Is A New Feature That Finally Acknowledges Humans Have An Entire Range Of Emotions

With the newly released Facebook Reactions, a range of six new animated emojis to convey feelings in a post, Facebook gets more emotional. Not-so-happy moments can now get the appropriate response.

Internet October 9, 2015

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