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Vermont Fertility Doctor John Coates III Accused Of Using Own Sperm To Impregnate Woman More Than 40 Years Ago

A couple filed a lawsuit against a fertility doctor over allegations that he used his own sperm instead of that of an unnamed donor to impregnate a client more than 40 years ago.

Feature | Health December 30, 2018

DNA Test Reveals Woman’s Biological Father Is Her Parents' Fertility Doctor

A surprising DNA result from led a woman from Washington state to file a lawsuit against a fertility doctor. Kelli Rowlette was devastated to learn that the father she grew up with was not her biological dad.

Feature | Culture April 5, 2018

The Cleveland Fertility Clinic Embryo Failure Is Actually Far Worse Than Originally Thought

4,000 frozen eggs and embryos were destroyed after the alarm system of a storage tank in a Cleveland fertility clinic malfunctioned. Further investigation reveals a history of problems with the storage units.

Public Health March 28, 2018

Fertility Clinic Malfunction Risks The Viability Of More Than 2000 Eggs And Embryos

A malfunction over the weekend caused temperatures to rise at a Clevelant area fertility clinic. The temperature fluctuation may have compromised the viability of at least 2,100 frozen eggs and embryos.

Medicine March 10, 2018

Scientists Grow Human Eggs Ready To Be Fertilized

For the first time, researchers grow human eggs from the earliest stage to a point these are ready to be fertilized. How can the technology help girls with childhood cancer?

Biotech February 9, 2018

59-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth After Decades Of Attempting To Get Pregnant

After nearly four decades of attempting to get pregnant, a 59-year-old woman finally gave birth to a baby boy. What helped Akosua Budu Amoako to have a successful pregnancy?

Feature | Health July 18, 2017

Controversial IVF Doctor Helps Make Mothers Out Of Indian Women Age 50 And Beyond

An Associated Press report introduced Dr. Anurag Bishnoi, who employs in-vitro fertilization treatment on Indian women over age 50 and well into their 70s. Learn more about his controversial IVF technique and criticism of his practice.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 25, 2017

Hawaii LGBT Couples Push For Equal Access To Fertility Therapy Available To Heterosexual Couples

Sean Smith and his husband paid more than $20,000 for a fertility procedure for which, under Hawaii state law, married heterosexual couples have the right to financial help. The LGBT community is now lobbying for equal access to fertility treatments.

Public Health April 10, 2017

Artificial Embryo: How Researchers Engineer Life In A Petri Dish

The world’s first embryo grown in a lab offers groundbreaking insight into early embryonic development, with unparalleled potential in reproductive medicine. This breakthrough may pave the way for advancements in IVF and stem cell therapy.

Biotech March 3, 2017

Fertility Clinic Investigates Possible Mix-Up That May Have Left 26 Women Fertilized With Wrong Sperm

A procedural error may have resulted in 26 women being wrongly fertilized. Fertility clinic UMC Utrecht launched an investigation to determine the best course of action for the incident.

Public Health December 29, 2016

Children Conceived With DNA From Three People Now In Their Teens, Doing Well

Some children were conceived as a result of a fertility treatment trial more than a decade ago, using DNA from three different people. According to research, these children have grown well and are healthy today.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 27, 2016

First Three-Parent Baby Born In Mexico: Here's How A Fertility Doctor Made It Possible

Through mitochondrial transfer, a fertility doctor made possible the birth of a three-parent baby. The procedure was performed because the mother carries genes for Leigh syndrome.

Biotech September 28, 2016

Women Over 40 More Likely To Have Babies Than Teenagers

More women in the United Kingdom are delaying childbearing, which affects fertility rates across age groups. New figures show that more women over 40s are having babies compared to their under 20s counterparts.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 15, 2016

New Fertility Test Gauges How Long Before Women Run Out Of Eggs

The new fertility test called 'What’s My Fertility' identifies hormonal changes and a genetic defect that makes females at risk for Premature Ovarian Aging. POA strikes one in 10 women and is mostly diagnosed at a later age.

Life November 24, 2015

Scientists Grow Human Sperm In Lab: Cure For Infertility Or Not?

French scientists say they have successfully grown human sperm in a top government lab in Lyon, France. What's next?

Life September 23, 2015

Historic Baby In Toronto Born Using IVF Stem Cell Treatment

A revolutionary IVF treatment known as Augment has assisted a couple in Toronto in having their first baby. Eight more women are expected to deliver Augment newborn babies.

Life May 8, 2015

Phoenix Mom Dies While Giving Birth to Quadruplets

Nearly $40,000 has been donated by thousands from all over the world to help raise four babies whose mother died while giving birth to them.

Society January 19, 2015

UK wants more sperm donors, mulls on accepting older donors

Amidst shortage of donor sperm in the UK, study finds sperm from donors between 41 to 45 years old have slightly increased odds for live birth. Current guidelines require donors not to be older than 40.

Life June 30, 2014

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