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Microsoft Unwraps New Flagship Store In New York A Few Blocks Away From Apple's Cube

Microsoft opens its new flagship store on Fifth Avenue, New York City. Occupying more than 22,000 sq. feet of space, the company highlights its opening day with a Grand Opening ceremony, new Surface products launch, and complimentary tickets to the Pitbull concert.

Business October 26, 2015

Apple's new neighbor: Microsoft to open flagship store on 5th Avenue

Microsoft confirms that it is opening a flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City. The store is only a few blocks away from Apple’s glass-cubed flagship store.

Business September 30, 2014

Microsoft takes Manhattan, retail store strategy much more than just sales

Microsoft is moving into Sony and Apple's neighborhood on Fifth Avenue. Microsoft's new flagship store will go beyond retail, offering community theater and experimental space, says Microsoft executive.

Business September 29, 2014

USPTO grants Apple patent, design protection for glass cube Fifth Ave. store

Apple receives a patent for the iconic glass cube design of the Fifth Ave. Apple store in New York City. Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is credited as one of the inventors of the structure.

Business August 29, 2014

Apple's iconic glass cube store design finally wins patent

Apple has just been granted a patent for the "ornamental design" of its flagship store in Fifth Avenue in New York City. The patent, which has a duration of 14 years, was first filed in October 2012.

Business August 28, 2014

Microsoft said to be in talks to open New York Store on Fifth Avenue

A report claims that Microsoft is in negotiations to open a New York store in Fifth Avenue. Its possible location is just a few blocks away from Apple's famous glass cube store.

Business August 9, 2014

Microsoft may take on Apple with new flagship store on Fifth Avenue New York

Is Microsoft ready to launch a flagship store on Fifth Avenue? If the rumors are true, Microsoft would be just next door to Apple’s iconic glass building flagship store.

Business August 8, 2014

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