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Donald Trump Can’t Block Twitter Users, According To New York Judge: Here’s Why

A new ruling prohibits President Donald Trump from blocking users on Twitter ever again. Doing so is a constitutional violation, according to a federal judge.

Internet May 24, 2018

Amazon Protects Customer Data In Murder Trial, Arguing That Alexa Speech Falls Under First Amendment Rights

Amazon continues to resist requests to turn over Echo voice recordings to help a murder investigation. The company has now filed a motion arguing that the responses of Alexa, the voice assistant powering the Amazon Echo, should be protected by First Amendment rights.

Business Tech February 23, 2017

Apple To Argue First Amendment Rights To Fight Government Requests For iPhone Unlock And Weaker iOS

The FBI has been putting great efforts into forcing Apple to weaken its software encryption and help hack into the iPhone of a San Bernardino suspected shooter. Apple is vehemently opposing and reportedly plans to argue First Amendment rights in court to counter the government's requests.

Legal February 24, 2016

Amarin Wins 'Off-Label' Drug Promotion Court Battle Against FDA

A federal court ruled that the FDA could not prohibit Amarin Corp. from marketing its Vascepa drug for off-label use. The court says that doing so would be a violation of free speech.

Life August 9, 2015

Google Sues Mississippi Attorney General for Being MPAA Stooge: 'A Salacious Hollywood Tale,' Says Jim Hood

When you keep on poking and prodding a giant, the giant is eventually going to notice and strike back. Google has filed a lawsuit against Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood for allegedly colluding with the MPAA to bring Google down.

Internet December 21, 2014

Google Slams MPAA for Trying to Censor Internet: Project Goliath Reveals Rift

Sony hackers have opened Pandora's box. The first relationship to fall victim to the chaos is the one between Google and Hollywood.

Internet December 19, 2014

Sony Warns, Reddit Blinks: Redditors Banned from Posting or Sharing Sony Pictures Hacked Data

Sony’s demands for media outlets to stop publishing information about its stolen data may have seemed futile at first, but the first signs of victory over freedom of speech are showing themselves.

Internet December 19, 2014

Sony Hackers Promise 'Christmas Gift' as Lawyer Bullies Media Not to Publish Hacked Data

Sony Pictures demand media companies to stop publishing information about leaked internal files as hackers threaten the studio with an ominous “Christmas gift.”

Business December 16, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Tackles Case of Facebook Threats. Freedom of Speech or Grave Offense?

The U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear a case that will reveal its stand on threats that are made online. While some people insists that it should be treated as a crime, there are those who believe otherwise.

Society December 1, 2014

Google Strives to Make Mobile Search More Friendly

After extinguishing a lawsuit, Google starts to place stakes on websites that cater to mobile devices. Google's new "Mobile Friendly" tags could play into the search engine's website rankings.

Internet November 19, 2014

'Ballot selfies' are illegal in New Hampshire and the ACLU is not happy about it

The New Hampshire ACLU filed a lawsuit against the state of New Hampshire to change the law that bans ballot selfies. The state's updated law is being challenged on the grounds it prevents political speech and violates the First Amendment.

Internet Culture November 4, 2014

Twitter sues US government, wants to be transparent on surveillance requests

Twitter sues the U.S. government over restricting the company's ability to disclose in public the government’s national security requests for user data. Such restriction violates the company’s First Amendment rights, it says.

Legal October 9, 2014

End of Innocence? Court stifles Google's bid to keep Innocence of Muslims movie on YouTube

A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the position of Google with regard to the controversial movie "Innocence of Muslims."

Legal March 4, 2014

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