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Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes And SEC Reach Settlement Over Blood-Test Technology Scandal

On March 14, the SEC has filed fraud charges against Theranos and its chief executive Elizabeth Holmes over the Edison. The blood-testing machine turns out to be a fake and that investors have only been misled all along.

Public Health March 16, 2018

'Fortnite' Players Facing Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Fraudulent Charges

Some 'Fortnite' players took to Reddit and the 'Fortnite' forum to report that hackers accessed their accounts and made fraudulent charges. Epic Games says it's aware of the issue and is working to resolve it.

Security March 14, 2018

13-Year-Old Was Led To Believe He Was Dying Of Cancer, Parents Charged With Child Abuse

A couple was charged with fraud and child abuse after allegedly convincing their young son that he was dying of cancer in order to gather money from donations. Is the father also a victim of fraud?

Public Health February 4, 2018

Former Volkswagen Manager Gets Maximum Prison Sentence And Fine For 'Dieselgate' Emissions Fraud

Former Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt got seven years in prison and a $400,000 fine for his role in the 'Dieselgate' emissions fraud. The executive had made a plea deal back in August and this was the maximum sentence under plea.

Business Tech December 7, 2017

Red Cross Loses More Than 5 Million Funds For Ebola Outbreak Due To Fraud

Humanitarian organization Red Cross has lost over 5 million dollars due to fraud within its own organization. The misappropriation of funds took place through fake custom bills and other fraudulent practices.

November 5, 2017

Texas Bank Teller Stole $1.25 Million In Fraud Scheme

A former bank teller faces 30 years in prison for stealing $1.25 million over 10 years from a First National Bank branch in Texas. How did she steal the money?

Feature February 4, 2017

Credit Card Theft Moves Online As Chip Technology Thwarts In-Store Criminal Efforts

Millions of credit cards in the United States have been turned into 'smart cards' or those equipped with EMV technology. Criminals, however, have easily adapted and moved their operations online.

Security February 2, 2017

T-Mobile Employees Report Predatory Work Culture: Unscrupulous Sales Reps Push Bill Cramming And Fraudulent Practices

Former and current T-Mobile employees claim that T-Mobile encourages fraudulent practices and a predatory work culture. T-Mobile bill cramming is reportedly common and many customers are charged extra or tricked into getting unwanted services, according to a new report.

Business Tech January 26, 2017

That's Not Really Halibut: Almost Half Of Sushi Served In LA Restaurants Mislabeled

A four-year study found that 47 percent of sushi served at 26 restaurants in Los Angles from 2012 to 2015 was mislabeled. The study also suggests that environmental regulations governing endangered species have also been violated.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 12, 2017

Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary Acclarent Settles Medical Device-Related Allegations For $18 Million

J&J's subsidiary Acclarent pays $18 million in U.S. court settlement to resolve accusations related to an unapproved medical device. The marketing and distribution of said device resulted in false claims submitted to Medicare and other federal health programs.

Medicine July 25, 2016

Google Offices In Spain Reportedly Raided Over Fraud And Tax Evasion Suspicions

Google is being investigated for tax evasion and fraud in Spain, after the company’s offices in Paris were also raided. Google is under scrutiny from tax authorities, as previous inquiries showed that it underreports its profits in Europe.

Google June 30, 2016

Underfilled Lattes: Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Starbucks Over Underfilled Lattes

A federal court judge in California has allowed two Starbucks customers to seek damages against the Seattle-based coffee giant through a class action suit for false advertising and fraud. The complaint stems from Starbucks allegedly underfilling its lattes.

Business Tech June 22, 2016

Sanford 'Spam King' Wallace Gets 2.5 Years Of Jail Time For Spamming Facebook Users

Sanford Wallace, the famous “spam king” of internet, will face jail time and a hefty fine for his malicious actions. The scammer was sentenced to jail after he sent out a whopping 27 million spam messages to Facebook users.

Security June 16, 2016

Renault Raided By Anti-Fraud Authorities As Emissions Scandal Takes New Dimensions: Shares Drop 20 Percent

Renault may be facing an emissions scandal of its own, as French anti-fraud authorities raided its offices looking for engine control units equipping certain vehicles. News of a potential emissions scandal sent Renault stock spiralling down with a 20 percent drop already.

Business January 14, 2016

Romanian Police Bust Tyupkin ATM Malware Gang In Rare EU-Wide Probe

Romanian cops arrested eight individuals tied to the Tyupkin ATM malware scheme in one of the first operations of its kind. The culprits used a Trojan horse for 'Jackpotting,' tricking ATMs across Europe into giving up their cash.

Apps/Software January 9, 2016

The Rise And Fall Of Martin Shkreli: How The 'Pharma Bro' Got A Dose Of Karma

Martin Shkreli went from the CEO of several Pharmaceutical companies to CEO of none after his arrest on Dec. 17. Check out what makes Shkreli's case controversial aside from his move of raising drugs 5000%.

Business December 22, 2015

Madoff Ponzi Scheme Victims Getting Holiday Treat With $1.1 Million Checks

Victims of the elaborate Madoff Ponzi scheme will receive an average of $1.1 million checks as the trustee who unraveled the scandal distributes recovered funds. The payout comes out a week before the anniversary of Bernard Madoff’s arrest on Dec. 11.

Society December 7, 2015

Introducing GreenDispenser, A Money-Stealing Malware That Liquidates ATMs

A global cyber security firm has detected a malware called GreenDispenser that, with help from an inside man and a texting device, can help liquidate ATMs with little warning — and it's spreading.

Apps/Software October 6, 2015

Court Sentences Michigan Cancer Doctor 45 Years In Prison For Giving Cancer Treatments To Patients Without Cancer

Justice was served for the victims of a Cancer doctor, who was sentenced to spend 45 years in jail after prescribing anti-cancer treatment even when unnecessary. Some patients died and some are faced with the lifelong consequences of the disabling therapies.

Life July 12, 2015

Close To 250 People Arrested By Feds For Medicare Fraud

Two hundred forty-three people were indicted for fraud by the Justice Department on Thursday after sending fake billings to Medicare worth $712 million.

Life June 19, 2015

Gay Marriage Study Published In Science Retracted Due To Falsified Data

It could have been a landmark study to further the LGBT cause, but it used falsified data, prompting a retraction from one of the authors.

May 22, 2015

Four Cancer Charities In Hot Water Due To Allegations Of Fraud

The FTC has charged four cancer charities of fraud after these organizations put well over a hundred million dollars of donations toward personal expenses.

Life May 20, 2015

Photobucket Hacking Software Developers Arrested, Charged With Conspiracy And Fraud

The FBI is indicting two men for a slew of fraud charges related to creating an app that gave unauthorized users access to password-protected user data, images and videos on

Legal May 9, 2015

California Woman Investigated For Identity Theft Used 74 Aliases

A woman who lives in the Hollywood area stole the identities of people working in the film industry, as well as using dozens of false identities. She was just taken into federal custody.

Internet Culture April 19, 2015

Uber Shows It's Serious About Customer Security By Poaching Facebook's CSO

As Uber investigates the potential sale of customer data, fraudulent fare charges and a database break-in last year, it takes time to hire a new security chief. Facebook CSO Joe Sullivan will move into the role at the end of April.

Business April 4, 2015

US Government Recovers $3.3 Billion From Health Care Fraud

Millions of Americans suffer the consequences brought on by those who abuse the health care system. The U.S. government's efforts have, however, paid off as billions of dollars are recovered from health care fraud.

Life March 21, 2015

NY Lawyer Confesses of $5 Million Ponzi Scheme in Suicide Note But Survives Attempt

A New York lawyer who attempted suicide but survived has been arrested after confessing a $5 million Ponzi scheme in his suicide note. The lawyer tried to avoid prosecution for his fraudulent activities.

Society December 13, 2014

Netflix Sues Former Executive, Now Yahoo CIO, for Kickback Scam

Netflix accuses a former top executive of taking $500,000 in kickbacks through his consulting firm. Michael Kail, now Yahoo's CIO, connected two companies to Netflix and took commission off the $3.7 million the streaming media company paid them, according to a Netflix lawsuit.

Business November 26, 2014

Fraudulent credit card transactions mushroom following Home Depot security breach

When Home Depot suffered a security breach, 56 million payment cards were compromised. Now effects of the breach are being felt as fraudulent transactions pile up across the U.S.

Business September 25, 2014

T-Mobile cramming under FTC scrutiny, customers urged to review bills

T-Mobile is accused of a practice called 'cramming' that alleges customers were charged for texts they did not know they were paying for. The FTC alleges T-Mobile did it knowingly.

Legal July 2, 2014

'You got the wrong guy:' Mum of alleged hacker of Riot Games cries foul

Any mother will do anything to protect her child. In Australia, a mom has claimed that her son battling Asperger Syndrome did not do what he is accused of.

Business Tech March 21, 2014

Experian security lapse have just exposed over 200 mn consumer IDs

The perpetrator of fraudulent activities that acquired sensitive information via an Experian-owned company has pleaded guilty in court. It is not yet clear if the credit bureau will be liable for its oversight.

Business March 13, 2014

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