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Men With Older Brothers Have Higher Likelihood Of Being Gay

Men with many older brothers have a higher chance of becoming gay. A study has explained how certain maternal antibodies, produced in women pregnant with boys, increase with more male children one has.

Medicine December 12, 2017

Gay Dads Cry Discrimination During Family Boarding On Southwest Flight

A gay couple was denied family boarding privileges when they tried to board a Southwest Airlines flight together with their three kids and grandma to boot. The two fathers believe they were discriminated against, but the airline says otherwise.

Business Tech May 24, 2017

New Government Study Finds Gay, Lesbian Students Susceptible To High Levels Of Violence

A government study has found that gay, lesbian and bisexual students in the United States are far more susceptible to violence than their heterosexual counterparts. However, without the reasons why this is so, it will be difficult to come up with intervention measures to combat it.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 12, 2016

Man Contracts HIV Despite Taking Truvada Pill

Despite taking an antiretroviral drug for two years, a gay man in Canada was diagnosed with HIV infection. The man's physician presented the case at a conference in Boston.

Life March 1, 2016

2015 Is A Historical Year For US LGBT Rights

From Supreme Court rulings to coming out stories, 2015 is undeniably a momentous year for the LGBT community, not just in the United States. Will 2016 be a good year, too?

Society December 22, 2015

People Are Born Gay Or Straight: Study Refutes Continuum Theory Of Sexual Orientation

A new study refutes the continuum theory of sexual orientation, which hypothesizes that people move along a path from homosexuality to heterosexuality. It turns out that gays and lesbians are part of an assemblage that is not part of the sexuality spectrum.

Life November 22, 2015

Meningococcal Disease Outbreak Hits Chicago: Health Officials

Officials from the Chicago health sector announced that an outbreak of invasive meningococcal disease is present in the city. The health department is particularly looking at gay men as the main individuals affected.

Life June 4, 2015

FDA Wants To Lift Blood Donation Blanket Ban On Gay Males

The U.S. FDA proposes to lift ban on blood donation made by gay and bisexual males. However, there is still a catch.

Life May 13, 2015

Tomorrow, This Original X-Men Character Comes Out As Gay

Tomorrow, in Marvel's 'All-New X-Men' #40, an original character from the X-Men will come out as gay by comics writer Brian Bendis. Who will it be? We've got your spoilery answer here.

Movies/TV Shows April 21, 2015

Indiana Religious Freedom Law Debate Heating Up With Calls For Further Clarification

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Indiana Statehouse on Saturday while rallying against a new state law which is deemed as something that would sanction discrimination against members of the gay community.

Society March 30, 2015

J.K. Rowling Responds Perfectly On Twitter To Why Dumbledore Is Gay

J.K. Rowling reacted to a fan's confusion over the sexual orientation of a popular 'Harry Potter' character in the most perfect way possible.

Internet Culture March 26, 2015

New Book Claims First Outbreak Of AIDS Occurred In 1908 Not In The 80s

A new book describes the origination and spread of AIDS. The book suggests that the first incident of AIDS occurred in 1908 and not in 1981 as previously believed.

Life February 24, 2015

Google Scrubs Google Translate of Offensive Gay Slurs

Google is currently working on deleting offensive gay slurs and homophobic terms from its Google Translate services after receiving a petition for the removal of the words that included over 50,000 signatures.

Business January 28, 2015

Tiffany's New Engagement Ad Features Its First Same-Sex Couple

The 178-year-old jeweler Tiffany & Co. is featuring a gay couple for the first time, as it takes a more "modern approach" to love.

Internet Culture January 12, 2015

Russia removes Jobs memorial, calls for travel ban on Cook following Apple chief's sexuality declaration

It may have been hard for Apple CEO Tim Cook to declare his sexuality, but some Russian groups are making it harder with their lack of acceptance. Less than a year after erecting a memorial for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in St. Petersburg, Russia, the same group topples it given Cook's recent announcement.

Business November 3, 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook says 'I'm proud to be gay': What now and who cares?

Apple CEO Tim Cook, one of Silicon Valley's most powerful men, publicly acknowledges that he is gay. He hopes to encourage other LGBTs and allay their fears of discrimination.

Society October 31, 2014

Warm response, industry support in wake of Apple CEO Tim Cook coming out

The tech sector is moved by Tim Cook's public announcement regarding his sexuality. On Wall Street, it's all business.

Business October 30, 2014

Major gaps in HIV treatment for gay, bisexual men

Homosexual and bisexual American males are affected by HIV and AIDS to a far greater degree than other people in the nation, according to the CDC.

Life September 25, 2014

Teen’s organ donations rejected because of sexual orientation

A grief-stricken mother learned today that one of her son's organ donations had been rejected because of FDA regulations banning organ and blood donations from gay donors.

Life August 15, 2014

Major study suggests health challenges vary depending on sexual orientation

Some risky health behaviors such as drinking and smoking more prevalent in U.S. gay, bisexual population, study finds. Study is first of gay health issues on a national level.

Life July 15, 2014

Apple employees take to the streets to march for gay pride

Thousands of employees from Apple took to the streets to show their support for gay rights at a gay pride event in California. Few companies have made this contribution to the LGBT community.

Society July 8, 2014

Gay hook-up apps may double risk of STDs, claims new research

Hooking up is getting easier for everyone, men and women, thanks to online dating sites, social networks and smartphone apps that help people meet up on the moment or find a new mate. But it's not without some drawbacks.

Life June 12, 2014

Time to openly talk about HIV. CDC asking men for dialogue as a key to prevention

CDC is launching a new national communication campaign encouraging gay and bisexual men to talk openly with their sexual partners about HIV risk and prevention.

Life June 3, 2014

Increasing syphilis rates among gay, bisexual men worry U.S. health authorities

Syphilis is considered as a restrained sexually transmitted disease in the U.S. but latest data show the cases have increased by leaps and bounds in the past eight years, and most of them are in gay men and bisexual men.

Life May 11, 2014

Derrick Gordon's coming out party lights up Twitterverse as college hoops player admits he’s gay

Gordon's coming out follows NBA’s Jason Collins and Missouri’s Michael Sam as athletes who admit sexuality while still actively playing.

Society April 9, 2014

Mass. student slams Apple for defining gay as 'foolish' and 'stupid'

A 15-year old student has criticized Apple for defining gay as "foolish" and "stupid."

Society November 18, 2013

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