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#EqualPayDay: Statistics Shows Women’s Minimum Wage Hardly Budged Since The '80s

A recent survey showed that women have to work 20 percent more than men to receive equal amounts of salary. The wage gap in the United States remains the same since the '80s despite efforts for equal pay rights.

Life & Style April 11, 2018

Iceland Proposes Gender Pay Gap Law To Ensure Companies Give Equal Wage To Employees

Iceland is arguably one of the best places to live and work as a woman, but gender pay gap still exists in this island nation. The parliament presented a solution that could end wage discrimination.

Life & Style April 6, 2017

Pay Gap In Medicine: Female And Minority Doctors Earn Much Less Than Their Peers

According to Medscape’s Physician Compensation Report for 2017, male primary care doctors earn more than their female counterparts. The gender pay gap in medicine is also seen in those with specializations and among ethnic groups.

Business Tech April 6, 2017

#20PercentCounts: Sheryl Sandberg-Led LeanIn.Org Launches Equal Pay Day Campaign

Lean In marks this year’s Equal Pay Day through an innovative campaign called #20PercentCounts. Dedicated to women, who typically earn 20 percent less than men, this campaign offers the same percentage in shopping discounts.

Business Tech April 3, 2017

European Parliament Begins Probe On Polish Lawmaker's Speech On Gender Pay Gap

The European Parliament has launched an investigation into a Polish lawmaker's remark that 'women must earn less than men' during a debate on gender pay gap.

Feature | Culture March 4, 2017

Apple Workforce Diversity Update: Gender, Minority Pay Gap Solved As Apple Makes Good Progress

In its latest report, Apple claimed that it has solved the pay gap issue for both women and minorities in the United States. Through the numbers, it is apparent that Apple has committed to improving the diversity of its workforce.

Apple August 4, 2016

Women Still Earn Less Money Than Men, Research On Gender Pay Gap Reveals

The gender pay gap still exists, and a large part of it is not caused by workplace discrimination, a new report by Glassdoor revealed. It is possible that the distribution of women and men per occupation is at play.

Society March 26, 2016

No Salary Gap Here: Amazon Pays Men, Women, Minorities Equally

Amazon revealed that it pays men and women in its workforce equally, reversing its stance of looking to avoid to disclose the information. The company added that it pays minorities equally compared to white employees.

Business March 24, 2016

Girls Avoiding Math, Science At High School Less Likely To Get High-Paying IT, Engineering Jobs

A new study from Australia showed that women’s underrepresentation in high-paying IT and engineering jobs – which likely plays a role in the gender wage gap – could be partly attributed to high school subject choices. On average, girls tended to not choose STEM subjects in high school.

Society March 10, 2016

Good News For Women! Still Outnumbered In The Business World But Earning More Than Men In Corporate Finance

A recent study finds that female CFOs earned higher than male CFOs in the past year. Find out what makes the result welcome news.

Society December 19, 2015

Female Stars Weigh In On Jennifer Lawrence Pay Gap Essay: Julia Roberts Applauds, Kate Winslet Thinks Talk Is Vulgar

More female celebrities speak up in admiration of Jennifer Lawrence's essay on gender pay gap. Kate Winslet understands the issue but prefers a less publicized discussion

Internet Culture November 12, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Inspired By Her 'Hunger Games' Character Katniss Everdeen To Write Essay On Hollywood Pay Gap

Jennifer Lawrence bids goodbye to Katniss Everdeen in the final installation of the 'Hunger Games' film series. She talks about the character as a source of inspiration for herself, and relates this to her recent essay on the gender pay gap.

Movies/TV Shows November 4, 2015

Josh Hutcherson Supports Mockingjay Co-Star Jennifer Lawrence On Gender Pay Gap In Hollywood

Josh Hutcherson expressed his pride for friend and co-star Jennifer Lawrence for tackling a serious issue in Hollywood. Other stars gave their support too.

Internet Culture October 24, 2015

Male Nurses Get Paid At Least $5K More Than Female RNs: Gender-Based Salary Gap Exists

Male nurses make more money than women in the same field, a new study has found. How big is the problem?

Life March 24, 2015

Karma talk haunts Microsoft CEO: Nadella says sorry in employee email, pushes for company-wide diversity

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has once again apologized for his controversial comments on the gender pay gap. To mitigate the damage from his statements, his company is instituting new initiatives to provide equal pay to men and women.

Business October 18, 2014

Latest perk for joining Apple or Facebook: They will pay female employees to freeze their eggs

Apple follows Facebook’s footsteps in the arms race to who gives the wildest employee perks and starts offering free egg freezing for women who want to delay their pregnancy.

Society October 14, 2014

Microsoft's Nardella remains under fire for controversial pay raise comments

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella continues to come under fire after his remarks concerning women's pay, saying they should trust the system when it comes to raises. Many in the industry have since come out against the remarks, saying that women who believe that they deserve a raise should ask for one.

Business October 14, 2014

Women should trust karma for pay raise? Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apologizes for gaffe

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is backtracking after making controversial comments about the gender pay gap. He apologized for telling women not to ask for raises and that keeping mum would result in 'good karma.'

Business October 10, 2014

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