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Neanderthal, Mystery Human DNA Found In The ‘Dark Heart’ Of Our Chromosomes

Scientists dive into the deep, dark heart of the human chromosome to see what's within. Their discovery included chunks of DNA from Neanderthals and a mystery human ancestor.

Ancient June 21, 2019

Here's Why Some People Are Shy And Some Aren't

An expert said that genetics might influence a person to be shy, but the trait is also a result of the environment. Experts have discussed the genetics behind shyness and provided recommendations on how to be more confident.

June 5, 2019

Here's How Genetic Makeup Can Influence Dog Ownership

Researchers from Sweden and Britain found that a person's genetic makeup can highly influence whether they want a dog or not. The findings of the study can support why some people are more drawn to dogs than other pet companions.

Animals May 19, 2019

Scientists Created A Living Organism With An Entirely Synthetic Genome

Is this the next step for artificial life? By streamlining and rebuilding the E. coli genetic code, scientists have created the first-ever organism with a genome that is completely human-made.

Biotech May 18, 2019

Researchers Find Reason Behind Blandness Of Supermarket Tomatoes

Scientists revealed that a rare version of a gene that gives tomatoes flavor is missing in the cultivated variants that are often available in supermarkets. They believe that their study can give flavor back to tomatoes.

Earth/Environment May 16, 2019

Genetic Test Could Be Used To Predict Risk Of Obesity In Newborns

A genetic scorecard may help scientists predict the risk of obesity in newborns, a new study revealed. Scientists believe doing so could urge people to prevent the early onset of obesity.

Public Health April 24, 2019

Scientists Discover Genes That Prevent People From Getting Fat

Genetics play a significant role in determining overall health, including weight. New research finds certain genetic variants that protect people from obesity as well as variants that trigger obesity.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 19, 2019

Genetic Test May Reveal Why Texas Baby Ja'bari Gray Was Born Without Skin

Three-month-old Ja'bari Gray was born without most of his skin, and doctors still can't confirm why. Now, medical experts say genetic testing may be the key.

Medicine April 18, 2019

Moderate Drinking May Not Be Healthy At All, New Study Suggests

Researchers found that drinking alcohol moderately may not be as healthy as previously thought. A large study suggested that alcohol, regardless of amount, may increase stroke and high blood pressure risk.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 6, 2019

Girls With Twin Brothers More Likely To Drop Out Of School And Earn Less Income

Research showed that twin brothers have some negative effects on their girl twins. In a study, such girls were found to either be school drop outs or low income earners later in life.

Feature | Health March 19, 2019

Fossils From Hunter-Gatherers Shed New Light On Genetic History Of The Iberian Peninsula

Researchers analyzed the DNA from ancient Iberian individuals to create the most extensive genetic record of the region to date. A paper revealed that the last hunter-gatherer group that survived in the region was more diverse than originally thought.

Ancient March 15, 2019

DNA Testing Company FamilyTreeDNA Now Allows Users To Block FBI Access To Their Genetic Data

After it had received backlash from customers, DNA testing company FamilyTreeDNA decided to change its terms of service that would allow users to prevent law enforcement agencies from accessing their genetic data.

March 14, 2019

People Sensitive To Caffeine's Bitterness Drink More Coffee: Study

Prefer coffee over tea or alcohol? Researchers of a new study investigated the relationship between bitter taste perception and the consumption of coffee, tea, and alcohol.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 16, 2018

Researchers Identify Gene That Could Be Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction

A new study has identified the gene that might have been causing erectile dysfunction in men. Researchers hope that their findings will lead to better options for prevention and treatment.

Public Health October 11, 2018

Tall People More Likely To Develop Varicose Veins: Stanford Study

A new study found a link between height and a higher risk of getting varicose veins. Scientists said that this is the largest study conducted on the disease, with over 400,000 data analyzed.

Public Health September 27, 2018

Human Genome Contains Genes Common To Hundreds Of Species

Researchers discovered that the human genome shares genes with at least 750 other species. This sharing of genes across species is actually common and has helped fuel evolution.

Animals July 10, 2018

Loneliness Can Be Linked To A Person's Genes, New Study Suggests

A new study from the University of Cambridge suggested that loneliness is found in a person's genetics. The study also noted that loneliness and obesity could also be linked.

Public Health July 7, 2018

There Are Now More Than 1,000 Genes Linked To Humans’ Intelligence

A new study found new genes that are associated with humans’ intelligence. With these new findings, a total of 1,016 genes were now identified as responsible for people’s brilliance and stable minds.

Neuroscience June 26, 2018

A ‘Parasite’ Jumping Gene Turns Out To Be Critical For Embryo’s Survival

An experiment revealed 'jumping gene' that was rendered by experts as useless is actually integral to the process of embryonic development. The study revealed that while cells normally restrained this jumping gene, embryonic cells actually unleashes them.

Feature | Health June 22, 2018

Tiny One-Celled Microbe Breaks DNA Rule All Other Life Forms Follow

Scientists discovered a rare species of yeast that breaks what is supposed to be a universal DNA rule. The yeast was found to translate its genetic code randomly.

June 16, 2018

Largest Genetic Study Establishes Hereditary Links To Atrial Fibrillation To Explore Treatment Options

Scientists are exploring new ways to develop cardiovascular therapies using human genomics data. Atrial fibrillation is linked to lifestyle factors and genetic predisposition, and it affects more than 33 million people worldwide.

Public Health June 13, 2018

How A 30-Second Cracker Test Reveals How Much Carbs You Can Eat Per Day

The cracker test is a way for people to measure how many carbohydrates to consume. Using saliva in the mouth, the test involves the use of an enzyme called amylase.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 6, 2018

These Genes Might Be Responsible For Our Big Brains, And They’re Only Found In Humans

Why are human brains bigger than those of other species in the animal kingdom? New research suggests a trio of genes could be responsible, and they’re exclusive to humans.

Neuroscience June 2, 2018

Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

The latest research is debunking current knowledge about evolution. After studying 5 million genetic barcodes, scientists found 90 percent of species on Earth may have emerged around the same time as humans.

Animals May 30, 2018

Scientists Identify 44 Genetic Risks For Depression, And Everyone Carries At Least Some Of Them

Some people regard depression as just a feeling that can be solved by positive thinking. As a new large-scale study proves, it ties in with our genetics.

Neuroscience April 27, 2018

Scientists Discover Over 100 New Genes That Are Responsible For Hair Color

Dozens of new genes were discovered, giving scientists an idea of how hair color is determined. Before the discovery, scientists only knew about the existence of 13 genes that determine hair color.

Biotech April 18, 2018

Study Links Depression to Nearly 80 Genes That Could Shed Light On The Condition

A new study suggested that depression could partly be a genetic disorder after analyzing more than 300,000 DNA datasets from 23andMe. Scientists said this widens the understanding as to why certain individuals develop this condition.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 17, 2018

Earth's Magnetic Field Reunites Turtles With Similar Genetic Composition

Biologists found that loggerhead sea turtles may get lost while finding their natal beaches even with their capabilities for magnetic navigation. These turtles would nevertheless find other turtles with similar genetic composition.

Animals April 14, 2018

Gene That Makes You Eat More Sugar Might Also Help You Lose Fat

Years ago, scientists discovered that a variation of the FGF21 gene makes people eat more sugar. Now, they’ve discovered that it could lower body fat, too.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 14, 2018

23andMe CEO Compares Complicated Genetic Risk Reports To Simple At-Home Pregnancy Test

23andMe chief executive Anne Wojcicki released an opinion article saying that people don't need experts to decipher genetic risk reports. She likened the reports to at-home pregnancy tests.

Public Health April 11, 2018

Your Chances For Heart Disease May Decrease If You Stay Active, Regardless Of What Your Genes Say

Keep working out. A new study says staying physically active diminishes one’s risk of developing heart disease regardless if they have an elevated genetic risk for such complications.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 11, 2018

Medical Search For Superpowers Leads To Discovery Of People Who Are Resistant To Liver Disease

Even though it is not a superpower in terms of comic book superpowers, resistance to liver disease can lead to a new drug. People who were found to be resistant to liver disease could drink all they wanted and not develop the disease.

Medicine March 25, 2018

NASA Confirms Scott Kelly's Genes Have Been Altered By Space Travel

NASA revealed preliminary findings that confirm recent stories that Scott Kelly's genes have changed after being in space for a year. Scott Kelly's identical twin brother now has different genes than him.

Space March 15, 2018

Your Genes Might Explain Why You Have A Great Deal Of Empathy

A new research sheds some light on why certain people seem to have more empathy than others. Could it be because of differences in genetics?

Healthy Living/Wellness March 13, 2018

Science Says It's Okay To Marry Your Cousin But Not For Your Kids To Marry Theirs

A new study shows that it is okay for people to marry their first cousins, their children probably shouldn't follow suit. Marrying cousins used to be more popular but has fallen out of favor.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 8, 2018

CRISPR And Deafness: Gene-Editing Tool Prevents Hearing Loss In Mice

Scientists recently cured mice with progressive hearing loss using a new genetic engineering technique. What is the CRISPR-Cas9 and how could it cure deafness?

Public Health December 30, 2017

Genetics Unlocks Mystery Of Why Dogs Are Friendly

Why are dogs friendly? Researchers look for clues in common underlying genetics between dogs and humans to potentially explain dogs’ hyper-social behavior toward people.

Animals July 20, 2017

Science Stumbles On 40 New Genes Linked To Intelligence

Scientists have discovered 40 new genes linked to intelligence. However, intelligence proves time and again that it's a complex affair, raising the question: is intelligence hereditary?

Neuroscience May 23, 2017

Couple Trying IVF Treatment Supposedly Learn They Are Twins: What Are The Risks For Children With Blood-Related Parents?

Reports of a young couple finding out they are twins while trying for IVF are circulating the internet. The legitimacy of the story is starting to crack, but what are the risks for children of consanguineous couples?

Feature | Health April 15, 2017

Octopuses And Squids Can Rewrite Their Own Genes: How Is This Possible?

The California two-spot octopus is among the smart cephalopods that can edit their RNA codes to adapt to the environment. Just like other species of squids and cuttlefish, this octopus uses gene editing to change neural functions.

Animals April 7, 2017

It’s Not All About Fast Food: Study Finds Rare Genetic Obesity Cases Are More Common Than Anticipated

Researchers found 79 syndromes linked to genetic causes of obesity, almost triple than previously anticipated. Although rare, these syndromes are much more numerous and diverse than expected and their understanding could help curb obesity rates worldwide.

Public Health March 28, 2017

Are You At Risk Of Getting Alzheimer's Disease? Gene Testing Can Predict When

New research shows that it may be possible to predict which individuals are at a risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Scientists reveal that there are multiple genetic reasons behind people being afflicted with the condition.

Public Health March 23, 2017

GOP-Sponsored Bill Could Help Companies Access Your Genetic Information

A new GOP-sponsored bill could grant companies access to their employees' genetic information. Both Democrats and advocacy groups have expressed opposition to the bill.

Public Health March 11, 2017

Huge Leap Forward In Understanding Autism: 18 New Genes Identified

Extensive DNA scan reveals additional 18 genes associated with autism. Study shows genetic mutations differ for each affected individual, offering a deeper comprehension of the autism spectrum.

Public Health March 7, 2017

Engineers Store 214 Petabytes Of Data In A Gram Of DNA: What It Means For The Future

Scientists in New York have successfully stored the highest amount of data ever kept in just a single gram of DNA. This breakthrough in data science can change how we keep and retrieve information in the future.

March 3, 2017

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