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Aurora Borealis To Show Up In Parts Of The US This Week

A geomagnetic storm is bringing the dazzling northern lights to the United States and Canada this week. Here's how you can get a good glimpse of the natural light show.

Earth/Environment May 15, 2019

NASA Probes Witness Magnetic Explosions That Influence Weather In Space

NASA probes were able to detect magnetic explosions that influence space weather. The new discovery may pave the way for better understanding of space weather and prevention of unwanted events.

Space May 13, 2016

Massive Solar Storm To Hit Earth Before New Year's Eve: What Happens When Solar Flare Hits Earth?

In the wake of a solar storm that blasted on Dec. 28, a coronal mass ejection may hit the Earth on or before New Year's Eve. The CME may cause the beautiful aurora borealis to appear in some parts of the night sky.

Space December 31, 2015

Carrington-Like Solar Storms That Could Disrupt Power Supply And Communication Evade Detection Systems

Astronomers in Spain compared previous solar storm incidents and found that solar storms can evade most detection systems. Researchers have thus suggested an efficient system to measure geomagnetic perturbations.

Space October 20, 2015

How A Giant Coronal Hole In The Sun Affects Everyday Life On Earth

A new image of a massive coronal hole was captured by NASA using its orbital Solar Dynamics Observatory. It is believed that this solar phenomenon is what has been causing the formation of auroras over the Earth for the past several nights.

Space October 18, 2015

Space weather secrets unlocked by physicists

Scientists probe the secrets of the solar winds that can batter Earth's magnetic field. The winds can cause geomagnetic storms that can knock out satellites, power grids, cell phone networks.

Space October 29, 2014

One. Two. Sun hurls two solar flares: Earth put on geomagnetic storm alert

Two solar eruptions are sending charged material racing toward the Earth. What does that mean for people on the planet and satellites in space?

Space September 12, 2014

Very creepy solar storm set to hit Earth on Friday the 13th

A coronal mass ejection from the sun is heading to the Earth and will arrive on Friday the 13th. The eruption occurred during the production of a trio of solar flares.

Space June 13, 2014

Fast solar winds linked to increase in lightning strike rates on Earth

Solar winds slamming into earth's atmosphere linked to lightning and thunderstorms, study finds. Finding could help in weather forecasting.

Space May 16, 2014

Solar flare unleashes geomagnetic storm - Did you feel it?

A powerful solar flare struck the Earth on 29 March and three more are on the way. Here's what happened and what you can expect from the coming space storm.

Space April 1, 2014

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