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American Psychological Association Releases New Therapy Guidelines For 2019

The new guidelines released by the APA encourages mental health professionals to be more aware of biases and recognize the different experiences of girls and women. It offers new recommendations that reflect changes in the society for the past decade.

Public Health May 15, 2019

Teen Suicide: Increasing Number Of Girls 10 To 15 Years Old Trying To Kill Themselves By Poisoning

A new report revealed that there has been a disturbing increase in the number of young girls trying to kill themselves by poison. The data emphasized how much of an urgent matter teen suicide prevention is.

Public Health May 2, 2019

HBO Now February 2017: Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream And Leaving This Month

New titles available to stream on HBO Now include the final season of ‘Girls’ and the limited series ‘Big Little Lies.’

Movies/TV Shows February 2, 2017

HBO And HBO GO March 2016: New Movies, TV Shows And Returning Favorites

New movies like 'Pitch Perfect 2' and 'Vacation' will debut on HBO in March, along with new episodes of 'Girls' and Vinyl.'

Internet Culture February 22, 2016

UN Chief Calls For New Unharmful Rites Of Passage To Replace Female Genital Mutilation

At least 200 million girls across 30 countries suffered from FGM in the 21st century. The United Nations urges communities to stop the violent practice and come up with alternative rites of passage.

Society February 9, 2016

HBO And HBO GO February 2016: New Movies, TV Shows And Returning Favorites

New movies like 'Furious 7' and 'Magic Mike XXL' will debut on HBO in February, along with the premieres of season 5 of 'Girls' and the debut of the new series 'Vinyl.'

Internet Culture January 25, 2016

Jewelbots Is A Bracelet Designed To Teach Girls How To Code

It's no secret that tech is a largely male-dominated industry, but thankfully, there are people working to change that. Jewelbots is a bracelet designed to teach girls how to code from a young age.

Gadgets July 13, 2015

Marvel Uses 'Ant-Man' To Challenge Teen Girl Scientists

Attention future female scientists of America: Marvel wants you to develop your best smaller-than-average technology for a new challenge in honor of the release of the studio's next film, 'Ant-Man.'

Culture June 1, 2015

DC Comics Releases Superhero Universe Comics And Toys For Girls

In a move that embraces its growing female audience, DC Comics plans on releasing a series of comics and action figures targeted at girls age 6 to 12 featuring iconic DC superheroes.

Movies/TV Shows April 23, 2015

'Girls' Episode With Hannah Horvath Working On 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' ?

Seth Meyers is always looking for talented, new writers so he thought it'd be a good idea to try out Lena Dunham's character from HBO's 'Girls', Hannah Horvath, for this fun comedy bit.

Movies/TV Shows March 19, 2015

Dove Encourages Girls To Embrace Their Curls In New Hair Campaign

Dove released a new video that teaches girls to embrace their curly hair, saying that they are perfect they way they are. The video starts with young girls ages five to 11 from all different kinds of races and backgrounds revealing their frustrations with their hair.

Internet Culture January 21, 2015

Google Gets Girls To Program White House Christmas Tree Lights

During this year's holiday season, the many lights on the White House's Christmas tree will come courtesy of thousands of girls programming them, thanks to Google's Made With Code program.

Geek December 5, 2014

New GoldieBlox ad declares war on 'perfect' beauty standards

GoldieBlox released an ad for their new action figure engineering toy for girls that takes on the notion of pink toys for girls and shatters it, asking girls to 'break the mold.'

Internet Culture November 6, 2014

Caffeine impact on boys, post puberty, is more dramatic than girls' reaction

New research indicates boys have a greater response to caffeine post puberty than girls. Teenagers are now consuming greater amounts of caffeine thanks to energy drinks, states a separate report.

Life June 16, 2014

Why female babies boast higher survival rate: It's all in the placenta

New reports suggest female babies have a better survival rate than their male counterparts. And the reason lies in the placenta.

Life May 28, 2014

Researchers examine autism differences in boys versus girls

Approximately seven males with mild autism exist for every female with the condition.

Life February 27, 2014

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