Trying to make people feel good about their appearance is kind of Dove's thing. And now Dove just released a new campaign to help young girls embrace their curly hair. 

With sleek, smooth and straight hair labeled the beauty ideal, girls with curly hair often feel like outcasts. In the new video for Dove Hair called "Love Your Curls" the beauty company is reminding girls that curls are beautiful too.

After surveying 859 women across the U.S., U.K. and Brazil in September 2014, they found that only 10 percent of U.S. women reported "feeling proud" of their natural curly hair. Only four out of 10 girls thought their curly hair was beautiful, which is why many curly haired girls opt to chemical straighten their hair to hide their natural waves.

So to change the way these young girls and women view themselves, the video promotes inner beauty and self- confidence, all while promoting the Dove brand of course.

The video starts with young girls ages five to 11 from all different kinds of races and backgrounds revealing their frustrations with their hair. The girls are asked if they like their hair and if they think straight hair is more beautiful.

Some say they wish they could just rip out their hair, and feel sad when they wear their hair natural. The girls then enter a room where a bunch of curly haired guys and girls sing and dance along to the words, "We all love our curls."

Watch the perfectly adorable video/marketing ploy below.

[Photo Credit: Gordon/Flickr]

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