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Haven App By Edward Snowden Transforms Android Phones Into Mobile Home Security Systems

Haven is a free app that can turn any Android smartphone into a home security system. The app, which was released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, utilizes the array of sensors included in all smartphones to provide protection.

Apps/Software December 23, 2017

Interview: Eric Balfour Discusses Saying Goodbye To Syfy's 'Haven'

Now that the final season of Syfy's 'Haven' has arrived, actor Eric Balfour discusses the series finale, the toughest part of leaving Nova Scotia behind and how he's moving on.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

'Haven' Stars Emily Rose And Adam Copeland Discuss The End Of The Series

With Syfy's 'Haven' wrapping up its series with this one final season, series stars Emily Rose and Adam Copeland spoke to press about the end of 'Haven' and how it will satisfy viewers.

Movies/TV Shows October 7, 2015

HP Goes on Demand with Big Data Haven Platform

Hewlett-Packard's latest version of Haven enables developers and data scientists to selectively tap into the platform's Big Data components. Haven is also being pushed deeper into HP's suite of enterprise software.

Apps/Software December 2, 2014

Syfy's Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant discuss season 5 of 'Haven'

In an interview with 'Haven' stars Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose, we learn a little more about that season four cliffhanger, as well as what it means for season five.

Movies/TV Shows September 9, 2014

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