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Researchers Find Correlation Between Medicaid And Lower Rate Of Heart-Related Deaths

Researchers found that counties, where Medicaid coverage was expanded, saw lower mortality linked to cardiovascular diseases. The findings add evidence to the claim that the presence or absence of health insurance can influence public health.

Public Health April 7, 2019

Cigna Wants To Cap Insulin Monthly Out-Of-Pocket Expenses At $25

Cigna announced a new program that offers a 40 percent reduction in the out-of-pocket cost of insulin for members who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The company said that about 700,000 people will benefit from the price change.

Medicine April 4, 2019

Cheap Amazon Prime Memberships Now Available For Medicaid Recipients

Amazon Prime is now more than half off for Medicaid recipients. Instead of the regular $12.99 per month, the low-cost version for those on Medicaid costs just $5.99 per month and offers all benefits of the regular subscription.

Internet March 8, 2018

Teenage Girl Denied Of Insurance Coverage For Brain Surgery To Stop Seizures: Here's Her Response

A teenager had a simple two-word response to the insurance company that denied coverage of a brain surgery that would have ended her seizures. The 15-year-old girl suffers several seizures every week.

Medicine December 12, 2017

Here’s How The Sick Could Get Sicker Under GOP Health Plan

The American Health Care Act, a GOP plan designed to replace Obamacare, passed through Congress. The House of Representatives’ vote will influence health insurance coverage for people relying on the Affordable Care Act, particularly those with pre-existing conditions.

Public Health May 8, 2017

Health Insurance In America: Here Are Pre-Existing Conditions Under The GOP Health Plan

The U.S. Congress has approved the Republicans' Obamacare replacement bill. Check out the list of pre-existing health conditions under the GOP’s American Health Care Act.

Public Health May 5, 2017

26 Doctors, Medical Professionals Charged In $40 Million Health Scam In California

More than a dozen medical professionals were charged in an alleged California health scam that got doctors getting kickbacks over unnecessary prescriptions and tests. Learn more about the suspected $40 million health scam.

Public Health April 21, 2017

Repealing Obamacare Could Result In Millions Of Americans Losing Their Insurance

The repeal and delay of Obamacare could affect millions of Americans in the first year itself. According to estimates, the number of uninsured people is expected to increase to 32 million by 2026.

Public Health January 19, 2017

Many Patients Still Receive 'Surprise' Bills After ER Visit

About 22 percent of patients who visit emergency room hospitals within their health insurance network still receive expensive medical bills, a new study revealed. Researchers propose that a new law would help in addressing the issue of surprise bills.

Public Health November 17, 2016

More Hispanic Women Received Breast Cancer Treatment After Obamacare

More Hispanic women received breast cancer treatment and participated in clinical trials after the Affordable Care Act was implemented. Hispanic women had the third highest incidence of breast cancer in the U.S. in 2013.

Public Health September 26, 2016

ObamaCare Crisis: Insurer Aetna Cancels Plans To Expand Into 5 More States

With expected losses of $300 million from its ObamaCare business this year, Aetna is rethinking its participation in the Affordable Care Act exchanges. The insurer is withdrawing plans to expand into five more states in 2017.

Business Tech August 2, 2016

Obamacare Lawsuit: Judge Says Affordable Care Act Wrongly Repays Funds To Insurers

A judge decided in favor of the House Republicans on the Obamacare lawsuit. The ruling said that the Administration should not spend billions of federal funds to subsidize payments to private insurers under the Obama health care law without Congress' approval.

Public Health May 13, 2016

Arizona Restores 'KidsCare' National Insurance Plan For Working Poor

After six long years, Arizona has once again approved KidsCare that shall benefit at least 30,000 children. However, can it beat the hurdles including a possible violation of the state’s constitution?

Public Health May 8, 2016

Health Insurer UnitedHealth To Exit Most ObamaCare Exchanges

The nation's biggest health insurer, UnitedHealth, plans to exit most Obamacare exchanges due to feared financial losses. In both 2015 and 2016 alone, the company estimates about $1 billion losses.

Business April 21, 2016

Oklahoma Senate Passes Bill Requiring Insurance Companies To Cover Autism Treatments

The Oklahoma Senate passed legislation requiring autism insurance coverage for children younger than age 9. Washington also passed bills that will expand Delaware's autism program services in schools.

Life April 16, 2016

Obamacare Enrollees Sicker And More Expensive To Insure

United States residents who recently enrolled in the Affordable Care Act are sicker and more expensive to cover. The new report by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBS) details the actual medical claims made by people who enrolled before and after the act took effect.

Life March 31, 2016

Traumatic Brain Injuries May Up Risk Of Losing Health Insurance

Patients of traumatic brain injuries were more likely to lose their health insurance coverage or see changes in it. Since most people get health insurance through their job, changes in coverage emerged mostly due to changes in their employment, such as because of disability.

Life March 11, 2016

US Spending On Prescription Drug Rose To $457 Billion

U.S. spending on prescription drugs rose to $457 billion in 2015. A government agency projects that this trend will continue to increase in the coming years.

Life March 9, 2016

Nearly 13 Million People Sign Up For ObamaCare

The Health and Human Services Department has revealed that close to 13 million people in the U.S. have signed up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act. About 2.7 million of the newly-insured are between 18 to 34 years old.

Life February 8, 2016

High-Deductible Health Insurance Plan Enrollees Not Necessarily Savvy Health Care Price Shoppers

A new study found that high-deductible health plan enrollees are not just savvy when it comes to health service price shopping. Such policy holders also looked into quality as much as other traditional plan enrollees.

Life January 20, 2016

More People Actually Prefer Paying IRS Penalties Than Insurance: Report

Americans would rather pay IRS penalties than spend on health insurance coverage. Most prefer paying for medicine and doctors' fees out of pocket than paying monthly dues for insurance.

Life January 5, 2016

Officials Extend Obamacare Sign-Up Deadline By Two Days

People looking to pick their insurance plans for 2016 have been given a two-day extension to sign up in the federal government's health insurance exchange website as well as to its state-level equivalents. This is to allow more individuals to receive health care coverage for next year.

Business December 16, 2015

No Obamacare? Fine For Not Getting Health Insurance To Increase 47 Percent In 2016

The Affordable Care Act may have its drawback for individuals who are without health insurance: in 2016, the Obamacare penalty for being uninsured will increase to about 47 percent. Experts said this may drive uninsured Americans to sign up for health insurance.

Life December 10, 2015

Dermatology Drug Prices In US Skyrocketed Since 2009: Study

A new study found 19 brand-name dermatological drugs went through an average of 401 percent price hike since 2009. One in five Americans decided not to fill a prescription due to massive price increases in 2014.

Life November 26, 2015

Marketplace Silver Plans Offer AIDS, HIV Patients Limited Access To Drugs

A mere 16 percent of silver insurance plans – the most popular in the marketplace – fully cover the top 10 HIV/AIDS drug therapies and charge customers less than $100 in a given month. An expert warned that HIV is an exception in insurers' usually unified formulas.

Life November 15, 2015

97 Percent Of Children In West Virginia Have Health Insurance Coverage

Let the children play! Actually, they can do whatever they want, especially if they live in West Virginia, as the state has 97 percent of its children covered by health insurance.

Life November 3, 2015

Obamacare Plans Lack Reasonable Access To Medical Specialists: Study

The federal government healthcare plans may not be able to cover everyone's medical needs as effectively as hoped. A new study found that 14 percent of Obamacare plans lack access to specialists in at least one area.

Life October 29, 2015

Uninsured Rates In US Have Plummeted Over The past Year

The number of Americans without health insurance has significantly dropped. Analysts attribute this to the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act and the improving economy.

Life August 13, 2015

Survey Shows More People Have Health Insurance Due To Affordable Healthcare

Millions of people living in the United States received health insurance last year through the Affordable Care Act, according to the federal government's first official accounting.

Life June 23, 2015

Government Says Insurance Companies Must Cover Costs Of Birth Control

The Obama administration has clarified the Affordable Care Act on birth control coverage, and says insurers must cover all approved methods of contraception. Coverage must be offered without copays or deductibles, it says.

Society May 12, 2015

Americans Skipping Medications Due to High Costs

Prescription drugs are being skipped by many patients across the United States, due to high costs. How serious is the problem?

Life January 29, 2015

Medicaid Payment Cuts May Hinder Access to Care

Medicare-like rates encouraged doctors to join Medicaid. But now that payment cuts will be implemented once the New Year starts, its effects may start reflecting on the kind of care that will be left available to members.

Life December 30, 2014

Medicare may cover lung cancer scans for heavy smokers

Early detection is essential in the fight against cancer. With lung cancer scans covered, Medicare is giving thousands of people in the U.S. a fighting chance.

Life November 11, 2014

Shopping for health insurance? You can do it now at

Consumers can now compare the prices and features of health insurance plans using the website even before the start of the open enrollment period on Nov. 15.

Life November 10, 2014

New goes live with a screaming Spanish translation error

The updated version of the website was unveiled with a prominent translation error on its Spanish version. There have been other improvements to the website though, such as making it easier for new users to register.

Life October 10, 2014

U.S. to drop health insurance coverage of 115,000 immigrants

The Obama administration said that 115,000 people are in danger of losing their health insurance coverage due to their failure to prove their citizenship or legal immigrant status.

Society September 17, 2014

Obamacare health exchange errors cost family $1 million in medical bills

A family from Las Vegas is facing more than $1 million in medical bills caused by typos and other errors. Feeling helpless, the father takes legal action.

Life August 10, 2014

insurance companies team on healthcare database, security crops up as potential issue

A new California health insurance database, Cal Index, is expected to serve 9 million patients by the end of the year. The $80 million effort is being built by two insurance companies.

Life August 6, 2014

Medicare may soon pay for sex change surgery: Lifting of ban a boost to transgenders

Federal appeals board overturn ban on Medicare coverage for gender reassignment surgery. Ban had been in place since 1981.

Life June 2, 2014

Free drug samples for doctors may end up costing patients a lot: Study

Free drug samples may be pushing doctors to prescribe expensive medications over cheaper generic options, study finds. The result can be higher costs for both patients and health insurers.

Life April 19, 2014

South Korea state health insurer sues Philip Morris, other tobacco companies for $52 mn

South Korea's National Health Insurance Service is suing Philip Morris, British American Tobacco and KT&G Corp for roughly $51.9 million to cover treatment costs for diseases that were likely caused by smoking.

Life April 14, 2014

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