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Study Links Ocean Behavior With Seasonal Monsoons

The South Asian monsoon is the most intense in the world due to the combination of the presence of the Himalayas and the wind-ocean interplay. In a study, researchers found that the ocean influence the strength and timing of the monsoon.

Earth/Environment May 10, 2019

Are Yetis Real? DNA Links Abominable Snowman To Himalayan Bears

Does the abominable snowman exist? A DNA study that looked into the mitochondrial genome of the purported samples of the Yeti revealed that the specimens belong to animals.

Animals November 29, 2017

Fun Google Maps App Now Lets Kids Explore The Himalayas In 3D As A Yeti [Video]

Google has launched a fun new app for Android called 'Verne: The Himalayas,' which lets children explore the Himalayas in 3D as a 500-foot tall Yeti called Verne.

Google August 4, 2016

Distinctive Song Leads Scientists To New Himalayan Bird Species

DNA confirms what song differences suggest; a species of thrush in India and China is, in fact, two distinct species. The song of the forest thrushes is much more musical than that of their mountaintop counterparts, researchers note.

January 23, 2016

Ancient Indian Ocean Microplate Reveals Formation Date Of The Himalayas

A team of Australian and American scientists claimed to find the first ancient Indian Ocean microplate, which helped them identify the time of the initial collision of India and Eurasia. This event about 47 million years ago led to the formation of the 2,900-kilometer long Himalayan mountain range.

Animals November 12, 2015

Monkey That Sneezes When It Rains, Walking Fish Among 211 New Species Found In Himalayas

More than 200 new species have been discovered in Eastern Himalayas from 2009 to 2014. Among the notable find were a walking fish and a monkey that sneezes when it rains.

Animals October 8, 2015

Extremely Endangered Snow Leopard Captured On Camera In The Himalayas

A camera trap image of the snow leopard, an endangered species of big cat, provides the first documented proof of the animal's presence in Himalayas' Kumaon region.

Animals July 9, 2015

Study Says Majority Of Everest Glaciers May Disappear By 2100

A new study conducted by the European Geosciences Union predicts that the volume of glaciers in the Everest region will decrease by around 70 and 99 percent in the year 2100 because of the continued increase in world temperatures.

Earth/Environment May 28, 2015

When It Comes To Continental Drift, India Has Been A Speed Demon, Study Finds

India got a geologic 'boost' that sped it toward a collision with Eurasia, MIT researchers suggest. The speed of the resulting impact created the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on Earth.

Animals May 4, 2015

Yeti Hair Samples Didn't Come From A Yeti, But Mystery Still Surrounds Its Origin

Controversial hair samples attributed to "Abominable Snowman" of the Himalayas are from a bear, studies suggest. But just what kind of bear is the subject of heated scientific debate.

March 16, 2015

Geese Follow 'Roller-Coaster' Flight Pattern to Save Energy: Study

Geese that migrate over the towering Himalaya Mountains every year use a "terrain-following" strategy for the most efficient use of their energy, researchers find. "Smart" flight strategy makes the long, high-altitude journeys possible, scientists say.

Animals January 15, 2015

'Giant Red Leech' sucks down massive worms like spaghetti [Video]

Captured for the first time on video, this newly discovered giant leech swallows its victims whole. The slimy creature is so big that simply drinking the blood of its victims isn't enough.

Internet Culture September 28, 2014

Ancient Tibet may be origin of Ice Age mammals, fossils reveal

Mammals may have learned how to live in harsh, cold conditions in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, before spreading to other areas of the world during the last ice age, a new study reveals.

Animals June 12, 2014

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