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Feeling Hangry? New Study Explains The Psychology Why People Get Angry When Hungry

Feeling hangry is more than just a drop in the blood sugar, according to a new study published by the APA. Personality, environment, and context of a situation can trigger negative emotions due to hunger.

Neuroscience June 12, 2018

Here's Why You Feel More Hungry After You Lose Weight

After losing a large amount of weight, most people experience an increased feeling of hunger and this was previously thought to be entirely psychological. However, a recent study proved there are physical mechanisms working behind.

Public Health February 9, 2018

From Heat Waves To Hunger: Scientists Reveal Fatal Health Risks Of Climate Change

There's no time to waste when it comes to climate change. Heat waves, disease outbreaks, and hunger could kill more people as Earth heats up, warned scientists at the recent Climate and Health Meeting in Atlanta.

Earth/Environment February 17, 2017

Non-Surgical Method Offers Another Way To Treat Severe Obesity

A procedure used to stop stomach bleeding may soon offer less invasive option to treat obesity. Bariatric artery embolization was found effective in reducing hunger and sustaining weight loss.

Life April 4, 2016

Drinking More Water Can Help You Stay Slim

Increased intake of plain drinking water was linked to reduced daily calorie intake as well as decreased sugar, fat, sodium, and cholesterol consumption. This echoed previous recommendations to make plain water one's beverage of choice when thirsty.

Life March 4, 2016

Science Says Being 'Hangry' Is Real - Especially If You're Married

Scientists confirmed that being 'hangry' is an actual condition caused by low blood sugar. According to studies, the brain cannot function properly when it doesn't get enough fuel, causing people to be more irritable and aggressive.

Life January 4, 2016

Restricted Eating Stimulates Hunger Hormone Ghrelin To Increase Appetite

Experimental rats with restricted feeding schedules learned to eat more as assisted the hunger hormone ghrelin. Previous research emphasized ghrelin's ability to increase both circadian and external cues in increasing food intake and therefore driving obesity.

Life December 19, 2015

Gut Bacteria Influences How Much You Eat: Here Are Mind Tricks To Help You Lose Weight

A new study conducted by Rouen University researchers in France suggests that E. coli bacteria commonly found in the stomach of humans help trigger a hunger-satiating effect in the brain. This event often occurs around 20 minutes after the start of a meal.

Life November 27, 2015

Diabetes: Early Signs You Should Look Out For

Diabetes is a growing concern worldwide as it also increases a person's risk for cardiovascular disease. Being wary of the symptoms of this disease can pave way for early detection and treatment.

Life November 16, 2015

Scientists Find Hunger Switch In Mice: Will Humans Stop Overeating?

A new study conducted by the Harvard Medical School and Edinburgh University found a way to mitigate the feeling of hunger in people by altering a part of the brain called melanoncortin 4 receptor-regulated. The researchers believe that this brain circuit can be influenced through drugs in order to help people regulate their weight.

Life April 30, 2015

Does Fructose Rich Food Make People Hungry?

Fructose-rich food items and beverages may make people hungry when compared to glucose rich food. Ingesting fructose releases smaller amount of hormones such as insulin that does not give the feeling of being full.

Life December 12, 2014

Half of World's Population Affected by Poor Nutrition: WHO, UN Join to Tackle Problem

Hunger and malnutrition affect half of the people on Earth, a problem being tackled by the United Nations and World Health Organization.

Life November 19, 2014

Want to make better decisions? Go hungry, study suggests

Making a choice with an empty stomach could be a good idea, findings of a new study suggest. In three experiments, people who were hungry made better decisions than their counterparts who had a generous meal.

Life November 4, 2014

Hungry men find larger, curvy women more attractive: Study

Men tend to find larger and big-breasted women attractive when they are hungry. The attraction wanes once they have eaten a good meal.

Life June 11, 2014

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