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Scientists Figure Out Why Giant Human-Sized Beavers Became Extinct

About 10,000 years ago, giant beavers that roamed across North America went extinct. In a new study, a team of researchers found that the mega-rodents died out because of climate change.

Ancient June 3, 2019

Alpine Marmot Lost Its Genetic Diversity Due To Climate Change

A study on alpine marmots by the Charité Institute of Biochemistry showed why their large populations can coexist even with very low genetic diversity and variation. However, these animals could be more vulnerable to climate change.

Animals May 27, 2019

Seawater From The Ice Age Squeezed Out Of Ancient Rock From Maldives

The ancient water was squeezed out of rock samples drilled from underwater limestone deposits that form Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean. What hinted the water was from the Ice Age?

Earth/Environment May 26, 2019

Continents And Islands Smashing Into One Another Can Trigger Ice Ages Says Study

Ice Age periods are triggered whenever land masses and volcanoes collide every few millennia. It's the Earth's natural carbon sequestration system, the planet's way of balancing the carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment April 14, 2019

Depths Of Pacific Experiencing Drop In Temperatures From 'Little Ice Age'

Researchers found that the cool surface water during the Little Ice Age has only started reaching the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. While the world currently experiencing modern global warming, the depths of the Pacific has only started cooling.

Earth/Environment January 5, 2019

Puppy Unearths 13,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Tooth In Family Backyard

The dog named Scout was paying close attention to something that looked like a rock in the backyard. It turned out that the object was part of a tooth of an extinct woolly mammoth.

Animals November 30, 2018

World's Oldest Cave Painting Of Animal Found In Borneo

A new paper revealed that an animal painting inside a cave in a remote part of Borneo is about 40,000 years old. This contradicts the previous belief that cave painting originated in Europe.

Ancient November 8, 2018

Miner Digs Up 50,000-Year-Old Mummified Wolf Puppy In Canada

A miner discovered the perfectly mummified carcass of a wolf pup in the Yukon region. After radiocarbon dating, researchers found that the animal lived through the Ice Age over 50,000 years ago.

Animals September 17, 2018

Construction Workers Found Fossil That Predates Life In Florida

Construction workers digging in southwest Florida discovered a fossil estimated to be from 2 million years ago. Experts believed that the animal from which the fossils came from lived before humans came to Florida.

Animals August 14, 2018

Carbon Dioxide Leak May Have Led To The Rise Of Human Civilization

The world’s southernmost ocean leaked carbon dioxide into the air, causing an increase in CO2 that created warmer climates. This led to the rise of human civilizations, according to researchers.

Earth/Environment July 31, 2018

Meghalayan Age: The Earth Is Now In Holocene Epoch's Third Stage

The Meghalayan age is the youngest stage in the Holocene Epoch, which started after the last ice age. What makes the Meghalayan unique from other intervals of the Geologic Time Scale?

Earth/Environment July 19, 2018

Scientists Find Evidence Of Massive Freshwater Flood That Caused Abrupt Climate Change 13,000 Years Ago

A freshwater flood coming from Canada’s Mackenzie River flowed into the North Atlantic Ocean 13,000 years ago. This created extreme weather disturbances that abruptly caused a mini Ice Age.

Earth/Environment July 10, 2018

Man Finds Woolly Mammoth Bone While Strolling On A Beach

A man discovered a piece of a mammoth leg bone on a shore of one of the beaches in Scotland. His discovery could be the first ever confirmed mammoth bone found in his country.

Animals June 12, 2018

Ancient Humans May Have Traveled To North America From Asia Through This 17,000-year-old Coastal Route

New evidence suggested that early humans migrated to America through a 17,000-year-old coastal route found along Alaska’s Pacific Border. This current conclusion clashed with previous theory stating that early humans passed through Siberia to the Americas.

Ancient June 1, 2018

This Is What Earth Looked Like 2.4 Billion Years Ago

The Earth’s first supercontinent is said to have rapidly emerged from the ocean 2.4 billion years ago. The sudden appearance of landmass led to climate change that eventually led to the Great Oxygenation Event.

Earth/Environment May 25, 2018

Autistic Trait In Early Humans Linked To Ice Age Art Revolution

Experts concluded that early humans with autistic trait led an art revolution during the Ice Age. Their ability to focus on detail, an aptitude attributed to people with autism, also helped them create complex hunting tools for their survival.

Ancient May 16, 2018

Footprints Traced Back To Ice Age Reveal Humans Chased And Hunted Giant Sloths

Scientists have offered an alternate theory on what drove giant ground sloths to extinction. A set of footprints found in New Mexico suggested that humans armed with stone spears may have chased and hunted sloths during the last Ice Age.

Ancient April 26, 2018

Breastfeeding Linked To Genetic Mutation That Helped Ancient Native Americans, East Asians Survive Ice Age

A study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley linked breastfeeding to a genetic mutation distinct to ancestors of Native Americans and East Asians. This mutation may have helped the ancestors survive during the last Ice Age.

Ancient April 24, 2018

Ancient Mayan Civilization Artifacts Found In World's Largest Underwater Cave

Mayan artifacts and human bones that appear to be at least 9,000 years old were found in Mexico’s Sac Actun, the largest underwater cave system in the world. Most of the nearly 200 artifacts are from Mayan civilization.

Ancient February 20, 2018

Nintendo Teamed Up With Illumination For 'Super Mario' Movie Because Shigeru Miyamoto 'Clicked' With Studio's CEO

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed he “clicked” with Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri, which resulted to the, now underway, “Super Mario” film project. Rumors suggest a 2020 release date for the film, and more movie details will emerge soon.

Video Games February 12, 2018

Massive Comet Crashed Into Earth 13,000 Years Ago, Triggering Firestorms And Mini Ice Age

An international team of scientists concluded that a massive comet crashed into the Earth 13,000 years ago. The event supposedly created firestorms around the world, with the dust clouds blocking the sun and eventually leading into a mini ice age.

Ancient February 5, 2018

A Mini Ice Age Could Happen Within The Next Few Decades, Might Affect Global Warming

A mini ice age could happen on Earth in the next 30 years or so. It might reverse the effects of global warming, but only for a little while.

Earth/Environment December 29, 2017

Ancient Volcanic Eruptions In Antarctica Sparked Rapid Climate Change At The End Of Ice Age

The ancient eruptions of the stratovolcano Mount Takahe released high levels of chlorine and fluorine. How did these likely trigger the sudden and widespread climate change that occurred at the end of the ice age?

Earth/Environment September 5, 2017

Here’s How 9-Year-Old Boy Finds Million-Year-Old Fossil In New Mexico

During a family hike, then 9-year-old Jude Sparks stumbled on an Ice Age fossil by accident: a stegomastodon skull. Learn about how the family helped identify the ancient remains, now excavated and being studied.

Ancient July 20, 2017

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Project: Paypal Founder Peter Thiel Funds Effort To Bring Back Extinct Ice Age Animal

Paypal founder Peter Thiel gave a fund of $100,000 to a Harvard genomic professor who is working to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth. Why do some scientists want to bring back the Ice Age animal?

Animals June 30, 2017

Ice Age Tooth Fillings Show How Prehistoric Humans Treat Tooth Cavities

A 13,000-year-old pair of teeth has the oldest known example of tooth filling. Analysis of the incisors suggests Ice Age dentistry involved use of stone tools to drill tooth cavities.

Ancient April 26, 2017

Europe's First Cave Fish Found By Spelunker In Germany

Spelunker Joachim Kreiselmaier accidentally found Europe's first known cave fish while exploring the Danube-Aach cave system in Germany. What are the characteristics of the newly discovered species?

Animals April 5, 2017

Researchers Discover Art And Jewelry Dating Back To Last Ice Age

Archaeologists discovered an array of jewelry and art objects from a cave in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The artifacts date back 30,000 years ago and reportedly belong to the last ice age.

Ancient April 4, 2017

Resurrecting Extinct Woolly Mammoth May Help Mitigate Climate Change: Scientists

Creating a hybrid of the woolly mammoth is possible in as little as within two years. Scientists say that resurrecting the extinct Ice Age animal can help mitigate climate change. How?

Animals February 17, 2017

Did Humans Arrive In North America 10,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought?

Based on new carbon aging tests on ancient bones from the Bluefish Caves in Yukon, humans may have been living in North America 10,000 years earlier than previously believed.

Ancient January 17, 2017

Ancient DNA Reveals Mysterious Species In Cave Art To Be Unidentified Bison-Cattle Hybrid

Today’s European bison is descended from the mysterious species researchers found in cave paintings in Ice Age caves. After examining ancient DNA, it has been revealed that the species is a bison-cattle hybrid.

Ancient October 19, 2016

Well-Preserved Mammoth Skull Excavated At Channel Islands National Park Puzzles Scientists

Well-preserved fossil remains of a 13,000-year-old mammoth found at Channel Islands National Park are leaving scientists puzzled. The size of the skull neither fits a pygmy nor a Columbian mammoth.

Animals September 18, 2016

Ice Age Giants Fell From Onslaught Of Humans, Climate Change

Giant animals which roamed the Earth at the end of the ice age may have met their match from a one-two punch of human hunters and climate change. What was life like during this distant era?

Ancient June 18, 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is A Weasel: Astrophysicist Joins ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ Cast

Neil deGrasse Tyson is turning into a weasel for 'Ice Age: Collision Course.' Named Neil deBuck Weasel, the character is crucial to the herd’s attempt at stopping an asteroid in destroying the planet.

Movies/TV Shows June 13, 2016

Mars Once The White Planet During Recent Ice Age

An ice age on Mars may have once made the Red Planet far more white than it is today. How can finding this evidence assist NASA engineers in planning a human mission to that alien world?

Space May 27, 2016

Secrets Of First Americans Uncovered From Mastodon Bones

Clovis hunters were not the first inhabitants of North America after all, a new find suggests. Humans were butchering mastodons in Florida 15 centuries before their arrival.

Ancient May 14, 2016

Climate Change And Colder Temperatures May Have Doomed Neanderthals

Neanderthals may have been driven to extinction by climate change, as well as the arrival of modern humans in Europe, research shows. How does this change what we know of the ancient creatures?

Ancient May 12, 2016

DNA Analysis Of Ice Age Human Bones Unveils Complex Patterns Of Migration: Why This Is Important

The analysis of the DNA of human bones from 51 prehistoric people goes beyond explaining the complexity of migrations back then. It also shows how European population has evolved through time.

Ancient May 5, 2016

Ancient DNA Shows All Europeans Were Once Descended From Belgians

New DNA analysis techniques are revealing new information about human migrations in Europe during the Ice Age. How did researchers uncover a wealth of new secrets hidden in the ancient genetic code?

Ancient May 3, 2016

Massive Tectonic Shifts May Have Triggered Different Ice Ages

The reason behind the infamous ice ages might have been discovered by geologists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ancient tectonic collisions seem to have triggered the ice ages.

April 21, 2016

Preserved Ice Age Puppies May Have Been First Domesticated Dogs

Hunters found two Ice Age puppies in a region in Russia’s far northeast region, Yakutia. The brain was well-preserved and the two puppies lived way back 12,000 years ago.

Animals March 30, 2016

Study Offers Insights On Why Humans Produce More Pottery At End Of Last Ice Age

Pottery production increased significantly at the end of the last Ice Age - and culture may have a bigger role than environmental influences.

Animals March 23, 2016

First New Butterfly Species Found In Alaska In 28 Years May Be Ancient Hybrid, Researchers Claim

Biologists have found the first new species of butterfly discovered in Alaska in 28 years. Are these winged insects the offspring of two ancient species?

Animals March 20, 2016

Can Climate Change Alter Course Of History? Little Ice Age Linked To Political Turmoil In China, Fall Of Roman Empire

Can political and social upheavals such as the fall of the Roman Empire be directly linked to the so-called Little Ice Age? Scientists say that a connection is likely, given how the cooling period caused changes in agriculture, human movement, and spread of disease at that time.

Earth/Environment February 10, 2016

Major Population Shift In Europe Near End Of Last Ice Age Linked To Climate Change

A DNA analysis found Europe endured a major population shift towards the end of the Last Ice Age. Climate change contributed to the demise of a group of prehistoric humans that scientists previously believed didn't exist in Europe.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2016

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