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NASA Finds Newly Made Impact Crater On Mars

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a new crater near the equator of Mars. Scientists said that the feature might have been created when a small space rock crashed into the Red Planet.

Space June 18, 2019

Scientists Find City Sized Meteorite Crate Underneath Greenland Ice

Researchers found one of the biggest impact craters ever under thick ice sheets in Greenland. According to the study, the impact crater might have been created around the end of the last ice age thousands of years ago.

Space November 16, 2018

Impact Crater Linked To Powerful Tsunamis On Mars: Another Proof Of An Ancient Ocean?

New research points to the Lomonosov crater as a potential evidence of strong tsunamis sweeping across part of Mars some 3 billion years ago. Is this another proof that oceans indeed once flowed on the ancient planet?

Space March 26, 2017

Earth Bombarded By Multiple Meteors 790,000 Years Ago, Researchers Find

Tektites tell the tale of a series of impacts that struck Earth 790,000 years before our own time. A new dating technique answers questions on their source, but also asks a vital question.

Space February 24, 2016

Double Impact: Two Meteorites Hit Sweden More Than 400 Million Years Ago

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found two enormous craters in the county of Jämtland that were likely formed by meteorites that hit the Earth around 458 million years ago.

September 14, 2015

ESA Mars Explorer Finds Monster Crater Created By What Could Be A Yellowstone-Like Supervolcano

The European Space Agency has released images of massive craters on the surface of Mars that are believed to have been created by supervolcanoes.

Space May 22, 2015

Largest Ever Meteorite Crater Discovered In Australian Outback: What Really Happened?

The largest asteroid impact zone in the world has been uncovered. When was it formed, and what mysteries about the feature remain to be answered?

March 23, 2015

Mile-wide Mysterious Ring in Antarctica Might be Meteorite Impact Crater

Scientists on an aerial research flight over East Antarctica spotted the ring-like structure on what should be flat ice. The structure is believed to be the impact crater of a meteorite that smashed into the Earth in 2004.

Animals January 13, 2015

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