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New Study Sheds Light On How Fruit Flies Live Without Sleeping

In new research, scientists provided proof that sleep is not as necessary for survival as previously believed. The study findings suggested that sleep may not be crucial to perform basic biological functions the way food does.

Animals February 23, 2019

HIV Test On The Go? Scientists Develop USB Tool For Convenient HIV Testing

An HIV test on a USB stick? Researchers have made the technology possible, making HIV tests more accessible without compromising the quality of test results.

Public Health November 10, 2016

Brain Zaps From Mobile App May Ease Symptoms of Motion Sickness

A new study conducted by researchers at Imperial College London suggests that electrical current from a mobile device could help alleviate symptoms of motion sickness.

Life September 5, 2015

Music In The Operating Room May Not Be Advisable Says Study

Researchers at the Imperial College London and the UCL Institute of Education have found that playing background music while conducting a medical operation can impair communication between members of the operating team.

Life August 5, 2015

Scientists Find Dinosaur Blood In 75 Million-Year-Old Fossil: How Did They Do It?

Researchers at the Imperial College London have discovered remnants of what appear to be soft tissue and red blood cells in 75-million-year-old dinosaur fossils. These specimens may help explain whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded like birds or cold-blooded like reptiles.

Animals June 10, 2015

Turn light into matter. This 80-year-old theory can be a reality in 12 months.

An experiment physically proving the Breit-Wheeler theory in 1934 could even unlock two of physics' greatest unsolved mysteries: the first 100 seconds of the universe and the composition of gamma ray bursts.

Energy May 21, 2014

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