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Viagra 20 Years Later: Here's Why Young, Healthy Men Use The Blue Pill

Twenty years since Viagra became available in the market, the erectile dysfunction medication has evolved into a recreational drug. It is now frequently taken by younger men who are reliant on it for sexual dependence.

Medicine March 28, 2018

Pfizer Slashes Viagra's Price In Half As It Launches Generic Version Of Impotency Drug

A generic version of Viagra will be sold by pharmaceutical company Pfizer from Monday onward in the United States. The drug will be half the price of Viagra and compete against generics of the drug manufactured by other companies.

Medicine December 7, 2017

Viagra For Free: Villagers Claim Men And Dogs Get Arousing Effects From Fumes Of Factory Producing Erectile Dysfunction Drug

Residents of a small village claimed that fumes from a factory that produces the impotence drug Viagra have an arousing effect on men and their dogs. Here's Pfizer's response to the tale of "Viagra in the air."

Medicine December 5, 2017

Stem Cell Therapy Addresses Impotence, Helps Men Get Sexual Function Back

Researchers have successfully employed stem cell therapy in treating people who suffer from erectile dysfunction. A Phase-2 trial will follow, investigating the effectiveness of this new treatment.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 28, 2017

Researchers Develop Heat-Activated Penile Implant That Can Restore Sexual Function In ED Sufferers

A newly developed penile implant offers better relief for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The device works by expanding the size of the penis using a heat-activated exoskeleton made from nitinol.

Biotech December 30, 2016

Study Finds No Link Between Erectile Dysfunction Drugs And Prostate Cancer Risk

Can erectile dysfunction drugs lower cancer risk? Prostate cancer diagnosis is nearly the same for men who were prescribed PDE-5is and those who did not take these medicines.

Medicine August 2, 2016

Erectile dysfunction drug Cialis may soon be made available OTC

Eli Lilly and Sanofi want to make Cialis available over the counter. Men with impotency problem may soon be able to have easier access to treatment.

Life May 29, 2014

Penis pumps are major drain on Medicare

The U.S. government has overspent on penis pumps, according to the review conducted by the Office of the Inspector General.

Life January 14, 2014

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