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15 Percent Of Sepsis Survivors Die Within A Year Of Leaving The Hospital: Study

Sepsis is a serious disease that could result from any infection. Among nearly 100,000 survivors of critical cases, a new study revealed that 15 percent died in the first 12 months after getting discharged.

Public Health June 2, 2019

Diabetes Drug Linked To Flesh-Eating Genital Infection

A popular diabetes drug is found linked to a flesh-eating infection known as Fournier gangrene. This disease is a rare but life-threatening infection that kills skin tissue in the genital or anal area.

Medicine May 10, 2019

CDC Statement Warns Of Multi-State Outbreak Of E. Coli

A multi-state E.Coli outbreak has been reported by the CDC. The outbreak started on March 2 and has affected five states in the United States.

Public Health April 9, 2019

Viral Infection That Sickened 10 In UK Traced To Blood-Shedding Religious Ritual

Doctors wondered how the men contracted HTLV-1 because they did not engage in acts associated with infection. Scars found at the back of one of the patients revealed all men participated in religious self-flagellation.

Medicine March 14, 2019

Health Officials Warn LAX Travelers Of Possible Measles Exposure

A passenger who tested positive for measles had a layover at LAX on Feb. 21. Public health officials warned those who were in the area last month might have been exposed to the contagious disease.

Public Health March 13, 2019

Getting An Infection During Pregnancy Could Result In Higher Risk Of Autism And Mental Disorders

Infection during pregnancy increases the likelihood that her child will be diagnosed with a mental disorder, particularly autism and depression, in the future, a study has found. The risk remains high even if the mother experienced an infection that is considered mild.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 7, 2019

Contaminated Stethoscopes May Be Spreading Infections, Says Study

Stethoscopes used in the intensive care unit have been found to be contaminated with bacteria, including Staphylococcus. Doctors and nurses are encouraged to disinfect their equipment regularly to prevent the spread of infection.

Public Health December 13, 2018

Girl Catches Deadly Infection After Trying On New Shoes Barefooted

A 4-year-old girl developed sepsis, a potentially deadly complication. Doctors said bacteria may have entered the child's body through an open wound when she tried new shoes barefooted.

Public Health September 3, 2018

Experimental Anti-Aging Drugs Reduce Infections, Boost Immune System Of Older Adults

Elderly participants of a clinical trial who received low doses of mTOR inhibitor drugs RAD001 and BEZ235 had fewer infections compared with those who received placebo. What were the other effects of these anti-aging drugs?

Medicine July 12, 2018

New Strains Of Hepatitis B Found In Skeleton Remains Proves That Virus Had Been Around For Thousands Of Years

A team of scientists discovered strains of the infection, Hepatitis B, in human skeleton remains. The discovery showed 12 different types of the infection that has been around for thousands of years.

May 9, 2018

Drinking Cranberry Juice Will Not Cure Urinary Tract Infection, Water And Antibiotics Are More Beneficial

According to the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence, drinking cranberry juice isn't a cure for Urinary Tract Infections. The institute claimed that there isn't enough evidence to support this theory.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 8, 2018

Lawmakers Threaten Budget Cuts On Agency Refusing To Release Information On Virus That Killed State Park Worker

Last June, an employee of the Meramec State Park died after contracting the Bourbon virus infection. Months later, Missouri lawmakers are threatening budget cuts to the state's agency for refusing to release information on the virus.

Public Health March 11, 2018

Woman Dies OF Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Eating Raw Oysters

Next time you crave for oysters, think again. A woman from Texas reportedly died weeks after eating fresh oysters that were infected with flesh-eating bacteria. This condition is rare, but deadly.

Public Health January 9, 2018

Doctor Stumbles On Cure For Deadly Sepsis And It’s All About Vitamin C

The physician successfully treated his patients with vitamin C infusions, along with thiamine and hydrocortisone. Pending validation through additional studies, his remedy could prove to be a long-awaited breakthrough in sepsis treatment.

Public Health March 24, 2017

Patients Less Likely To Die In US Hospitals During Surprise Inspections: Study

Patients during surprise hospital accreditation surveys may have a slightly lower risk of dying within 30 days of their admission, a new study has found. What could account for these lower mortality rates?

Public Health March 21, 2017

Putting Paper On Toilet Seat To Prevent Infection Is Not A Good Idea: Here's Why

Putting a cover paper on a toilet seat to prevent acquiring infection only makes the matter worse. Toilet seats, according to public health experts, are not vehicles for the transmission of any infectious agents.

Public Health March 20, 2017

California Truck Driver Dies From Untreated Tooth Infection

Vadim Anatoliyevich Kondratyuk was driving the route from Truckee to New York on Jan. 24 when he began to experience pain in the lower left portion of the mouth. The pain turned out to be a tooth infection fast becoming worse.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 1, 2017

Dentist Faces Court Rap Over Death Of Teen During Wisdom Tooth Removal

A family in Minnesota is now finally filing charges against a dentist for the death of their daughter during routine wisdom tooth removal. It was a change of heart as they have formerly expressed no intention to sue the doctor for malpractice.

Medicine January 29, 2017

Researchers Turn To ‘Superhemophobic’ Titanium To Address Blood Clotting, Infection In Medical Implants

Blood clots and infections have been plaguing medical implants for years. According to researchers, turning medical devices like stents and catheters to become blood-repellent may hold the solution to issues with implants.

Biotech January 22, 2017

Here Are The Potential Dangers Of Tapeworm In Your Sushi

Given that experts have recently identified the presence of the Japanese broad tapeworm in wild pink salmon caught in Hawaii, is there an immediate danger of infection for salmon and sushi lovers in the country?

Healthy Living/Wellness January 16, 2017

Can Humans Survive A Zombie Apocalypse? Studies Investigate Spread Of Zombie Infection

Human population could be down to just hundreds in the 100th day of a zombie infection. Survivors, however, can do something to save humanity from being wiped out.

Feature | Science January 5, 2017

Put The Q-Tip Down: Doctors Release New Guidelines For Earwax Removal

Updated clinical guidelines from the American Academy of Otolaryngology released last Jan. 3 warned about the dangers of using cotton swabs on one’s ears, urging people to let their earwax naturally protect their ears.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 4, 2017

CDC Urges Fast Action To Prevent Sepsis Death

The CDC has urged healthcare providers to do more to identify and treat sepsis in their patients. The agency said the blood infection is a serious medical emergency that needs to be addressed early and accordingly.

Public Health August 24, 2016

People Hospitalized For Infection At Increased Risk Of Dying From Suicide

People who were hospitalized with infection have increased risk for suicide death, new research suggests. The risk is higher in those with HIV, AIDS or hepatitis.

Public Health August 11, 2016

Hepatitis C-Related Deaths Reach All-Time High In US

Hepatitis C infections are now killing more people in the US than other infections combined, according to a new CDC report. The data pointed to hepatitis C in baby boomers as well as new worrisome virus transmission routes.

Public Health May 5, 2016

GSK Reformulates Mouthwash Into Antiseptic Gel To Prevent Infection In Newborn Babies

Antiseptic chlorhexidine gel Umbipro from GlaxoSmithKline was endorsed by the European Medicines Agency for use against umbilical cord infection in newborns. The product developed from GSK's mouthwash is targeted to address omphalitis in developing countries.

Medicine April 30, 2016

Illinois Death Linked To Bacteria That Killed 18 In Wisconsin

The blood infection Elizabethkingia claimed the life of a resident in Illinois. The infection has also taken 18 lives in Wisconsin since November 2015.

Life April 13, 2016

PeaceHealth St. John Notifies Nearly 300 Patients Of Possible Exposure To HIV, Hepatitis C And Hepatitis B

PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center has notified nearly 300 patients who might have been exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. The likelihood of infection is extremely low, but the hospital is still exercising caution and offering tests to concerned patients.

Life April 7, 2016

Lyme Disease: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Tips To Prevent Tick Bites

Lyme disease, a bacterial infection caused by tick bites, can cause serious health complications if left untreated. Here is everything you need to know about the infection.

Life April 3, 2016

Everything You Need To Know About The Deadly White-Nose Syndrome: Can Humans Be Infected?

A deadly bat disease has killed 6 million in North America already. It is currently threatening millions more as it continues to spread in an alarming rate. Are humans also at risk?

Life April 2, 2016

Breastfeeding, New Vaccines Tied To Reduced Infant Ear Infections

Fewer babies in the United States are getting painful ear infections now compared with two decades ago, a new study revealed. The decline is apparently connected to new vaccinations, higher rates of breastfeeding, and the drop in smoking rate.

Life March 29, 2016

UK Hospitals To Test New Chickenpox Vaccine

Though chicken pox is a common childhood infection, it may lead to serious health complications. In the United Kingdom, they are now trialing a new vaccine to protect both kids and adults from the disease.

Life March 6, 2016

Graphene Oxide's Antibacterial Properties May Help Combat Hospital Acquired Infections

Researchers in Italy explored the potential antibacterial and antifungal actions of graphene oxide. How could this wonder material help serve as an effective, eco-friendly antibacterial treatment in the future?

Life March 5, 2016

Ancient Viruses In Our DNA Boost Immune System, Help Us Fight Infections

Our DNA is embedded with ancient viruses that targeted our ancestors millions of years ago. Researchers at the University of Utah explained that this specific genetic code actually boosts our immune system.

Life March 4, 2016

Wiping C-Section Babies With Vaginal Bacteria May Expose Them To Infection

A lot of mothers and health practitioners opt for vaginal seeding. Doctors warn that this practice, which has not been proven to be effective yet, may increase the infant's risk of infection.

Life February 24, 2016

Heartburn Drugs Linked To Increased Risk For Dementia

Popular heartburn pills known as PPIs may increase risks for dementia. The drugs, which include include Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid have already been linked to lower magnesium levels and increased risk for infections.

Life February 15, 2016

Scientists Find About 100 Bacteria In Beards And About 25 Percent Show Antibiotic Activity

Microbiologists from the University College London discovered bacterial strains in human beards that are capable of killing other known infections. The team believes this could lead to the creation of newer antibiotics to treat drug-resistant microbes.

Life February 4, 2016

Leishmaniasis And Chagas Parasitic Diseases Can Pass From Mother To Child

The world has all eyes on the Zika virus. Now, scientists warn that two other parasitic diseases can also be passed from mother to child through the placenta.

Life February 2, 2016

Nearly 300 Massachusetts Hospital Patients Possibly Exposed To HIV, Hepatitis

Baystate Noble Hospital in Massachusetts sent out notification letters to patients who underwent colonoscopies as they may possibly be exposed to HIV and hepatitis. The reason for the exposure is the lack of adequate disinfection measures in cleaning the endoscopes used.

Life January 23, 2016

Plants Use Molecular Clock To Raise Resistance When Fungal Infection Is Likely To Occur

Plants have super powers. They can ward off infection by regulating their internal molecular clock to anticipate impending infection by pathogens.

Earth/Environment December 18, 2015

Woman Undergoes Surgery Due To Severe Infection Caused By Wearing Hair Tie On Wrist

A woman was forced to undergo surgery after developing severe infection on her wrist. The doctors said the most probable cause of the condition was her hair tie.

Life November 28, 2015

High-Speed Video Reveals How Sneeze Travels And Spreads Infection

MIT researchers showed the droplets extent using a high-speed video in 2D. Sneeze droplets are not readily formed during escape from the mouth and nose. Suspended viruses trapped inside droplets can infect a person through inhalation and skin contact.

Life November 26, 2015

Study Of Blood Sucking Kissing Bugs Could Help Control Chagas Disease

Researchers study the vector mostly linked to Chagas disease. Kissing bugs carry the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi and the study aims to determine certain characteristics these bugs have to develop effective insect control methods in the future.

Life November 18, 2015

Pennsylvania Hospital Says 1,300 Open Heart Surgery Patients May Have Been Exposed To Potentially Fatal Bacteria

Some 1,300 open heart surgery patients from a Pennsylvania hospital have been notified that they could be infected by a bacteria found in other patients. The cause, CDC found, was the use of infected medical devices, which the hospital has already replaced.

Life October 27, 2015

Pennsylvania Hospital Says 1,300 Open Heart Surgery Patients May Have Been Exposed To Potentially Fatal Bacteria

Some 1,300 open heart surgery patients from a Pennsylvania hospital have been notified that they could be infected by a bacteria found in other patients. The cause, CDC found, was the use of infected medical devices, which the hospital has already replaced.

Life October 27, 2015

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