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Some Antidepressants May Help Treat Multiple Infections, Study Says

A multi-organizational study has identified a potential of certain antidepressants to inhibit the spread of infections. The class of drug known as FIASMAs can target an enzyme in cells needed by pathogens to survive within their host's body.

Medicine June 2, 2019

Maine Becomes 4th US State To End Religious, Philosophical Vaccine Exemptions

Governor Janet Mills has signed a bill formally lifting all non-medical exemptions to immunization in the state of Maine. Residents will have to secure a written statement from healthcare professionals if they wish to secure an exemption.

Public Health May 28, 2019

Millions Of People And Animals Are At Risk Of Naturally Occurring Anthrax

A new CDC study outlines the potential threat of naturally occurring anthrax to people and livestock around the world. As many as 1.83 billion people and 1.1 billion livestock live in areas where the bacterial infection can be found.

Public Health May 19, 2019

Health Officials Confirm Cases Of Canine Brucellosis In Iowa

Several cases of canine Brucellosis have been reported at a commercial breeding facility in Marion County, Iowa. While the disease primarily affects dogs, it can also be transmitted to humans.

Public Health May 13, 2019

3 LAPD Officers Contract Possible Antibiotic Resistant MRSA Infection

The Los Angeles Police Department revealed that a potential MRSA outbreak may have occurred at its West Valley station in Reseda. Three of its police officers developed skin infections after coming into contact with a homeless person.

Public Health May 8, 2019

Arizona Health Officials See Surge In Hepatitis A Cases

The number of hepatitis A cases in Arizona has been increasing over the past few months. Most of those infected by the disease were concentrated in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Public Health May 6, 2019

Scientology Cruise Ship 'Freewinds' Quarantined Over Confirmed Case Of Measles On Board

Only one case of measles is confirmed but it is possible other people on board the vessel have been exposed to the disease. Passengers and crew members of the cruise ship have been quarantined.

Public Health May 2, 2019

'Kissing Bug' Biting Confirmed In Delaware For First Time, CDC Says

A Delaware girl was bitten on the face by a suspected kissing bug in 2018. The CDC said the culprit has been identified as a Triatoma sanguisuga, an insect known to carry parasites that can cause Chagas disease.

Public Health April 25, 2019

Animals In Petting Zoos Carry Highly Virulent Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Health experts warn about the potential of petting zoos becoming breeding grounds for multidrug resistant bacteria. Zoogoers can come into direct contact with these microbes when they interact with infected animals.

Public Health April 16, 2019

Illinois Father Donald Greene Sr. And Son Charged For Selling Human Body Parts With Infectious Diseases

It is not illegal to dismember and broker human body parts, but it is illegal to sell remains that tested positive for the infectious disease. The Greenes were involved in this scheme from 2008 t0 2014.

Feature | Health April 12, 2019

Oregon Sees Unusual Spike In Tick-Borne Disease

CDC reported more than usual numbers of tick-borne disease in Oregon. Investigators found that there are more cases of CTF in the summer of 2018 than in the previous average numbers per year.

Public Health March 30, 2019

Traveler With Measles Exposed Santa Clara County Residents To Virus: Here Are The Places He Visited

The unnamed traveler was infectious when he visited 20 places in Santa Clara County between March 16 and 23. The health department warned unvaccinated individuals to watch out for symptoms.

Public Health March 26, 2019

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Intentionally Exposed His Unvaccinated Kids To Chickenpox To Build Their Immunity

Bevin said in an interview he intentionally exposed all of his nine children to chickenpox instead of having them vaccinated. The CDC, however, advises against this method of immunizing children. Here's why.

Public Health March 21, 2019

Wisconsin Man Jeffery Murawski Criminally Charged For Breaking Measles Quarantine To Go To Gym

Jeffery Murawski was supposed to be under quarantine in his home but decided to go to the gym to work out. He was unfortunately spotted by off-duty sheriff's deputy.

Public Health March 6, 2019

World’s Deadliest Tick-Borne Disease Kills Woman In Wisconsin

Wisconsin saw its first ever death caused by a tick bite when a resident died of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a tick-borne disease that CDC said is world’s deadliest. Doctors initially thought the patient only contracted a viral infection.

Public Health July 12, 2018

Tularemia Confirmed In Dead Rabbit In Colorado, What's The Threat?

A rabbit found in Colorado was confirmed to have died from tularemia. It is the first case of the disease in the state this year, and the first case of the disease in the county since 2015.

Public Health June 24, 2018

Obese People Have More Energy Reserve To Survive Infection During Hospital Admissions: Study

New studies concluded that obesity helps fight off infections during hospital admissions. Experts found that obese individuals fare better in this medical aspect than people with normal weight due to extra energy reserve.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 25, 2018

‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Is An Epidemic In At Least 27 US States: What Could Happen If It Continues To Spread?

Government officials and healthcare workers worked double time to prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These superbugs will cost the country billions of dollars in hospitalization and medications with no certain recovery.

Public Health April 5, 2018

Disease X: Unknown Pathogen Could Cause Epidemic That Can Kill Millions Worldwide

The World Health Organization identified Disease X as a global threat. A deadly epidemic caused by the still unknown pathogen may emerge from a variety of sources and may strike anytime.

Public Health March 10, 2018

Thousands Of Cheerleaders From 39 States Possibly Exposed To Mumps During National Event In Dallas

The All-Star National Championship event held in Dallas in February may have exposed thousands of cheerleaders to the contagious mumps disease. Texas state health officials have now sent out letters to all the participants, informing them about the same.

Public Health March 7, 2018

These Horrifying Parasitic Worms Were Found Inside An Oregon Woman's Irritated Eye

What a woman thought as an ordinary eye inflammation is actually an infection that only occurs among cattle. In three weeks, not only one parasitic worm but more than a dozen were extracted from her eye.

Public Health February 13, 2018

Hives Could Be A New Symptom Of Influenza

When her son came home scratching from school, a Nebraska mom had no idea that her son’s hives were already an indicator of a flu infection. She immediately took to social media to spread this important warning.

Public Health February 1, 2018

Model Sues New York For Identifying Her As HIV Patient In AIDS Campaign Photo

After a state agency illegally used her stock photo for an HIV campaign, the NY court ruled in favor of Avril Nolan. The model can now pursue a lawsuit demanding payment for the emotional distress caused by the ad.

Public Health January 17, 2018

WHO Prequalifies Affordable Typhoid Vaccine For Infants By Bharat Biotech

An Indian pharmaceutical company formulated a typhoid vaccine that could provide long-lasting immunity for infants older than 6 months. WHO announced that it will be in distribution in developing countries by 2019.

Medicine January 15, 2018

Researchers Identify Which Animal Is The Most Likely To Spread Diseases

Scientists have identified which specific mammals are the most likely source of animal-to-human diseases. They also mapped out different areas of the world where these animals are located to find out where potential outbreaks could occur.

Public Health June 24, 2017

Meningitis-Causing Bacteria Suspected To Be Behind Deadly Mystery Outbreak In Liberia

Evidence points to a contagious bacterial infection that can lead to meningitis in the occurrence of a mystery illness in Liberia. Find out more about this infectious disease from U.S. health officials as well as the WHO.

Public Health May 9, 2017

Malaria Could Be Deadlier In The United States Than Previously Thought

Serious and even deadly cases of malaria may be striking the United States more often than previously reported. Learn more about malaria incidence in the country, according to a new report.

Public Health April 25, 2017

Lyme Disease Arrives Early In East Coast This Year, Climate Change To Blame?

Experts are of the belief that Lyme disease's early arrival at the East Coast is due to climatic changes. Come 2025, the Lyme disease season could get preponed by two weeks by 2065.

Public Health March 13, 2017

Lyme Disease Control: What To Do After A Tick Bite

With Lyme disease concerns growing, it’s important to understand which ticks carry the disease and which areas are more at risk for housing them. Here’s what to do if you suspect you’ve been bitten by a Lyme-infested tick.

Public Health March 7, 2017

Skeleton Of Pilgrim Sheds Light On How Leprosy Spread In Medieval Europe

A skeleton of a young pilgrim who died of leprosy during the Middle Ages has shown another means leprosy spread in Europe during medieval times. The man may have contracted the disease during his travels.

Feature | Health January 27, 2017

Can Humans Survive A Zombie Apocalypse? Studies Investigate Spread Of Zombie Infection

Human population could be down to just hundreds in the 100th day of a zombie infection. Survivors, however, can do something to save humanity from being wiped out.

Feature | Science January 5, 2017

Bill Gates: World Is Vulnerable To Deadly Flu Epidemic In Next Decade

In an interview with the BBC, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates expressed his concern about the world's inability to handle deadly epidemics in the future. He said global emergency response systems need to be strengthened and better treatments developed.

Public Health December 31, 2016

Scientists Track Spread Of White-Nose Syndrome In Bats Using Fungus-Infecting Virus

Researchers have discovered a virus that they can use to track the spread of the fungal disease known as white-nose syndrome in bats. The disease has already killed an estimated 6 million bats in North America since 2006.

Animals December 27, 2016

New York Veterinarian Catches Rare Bird Flu From Sick Cat

A veterinarian working at an animal shelter in New York has contracted a rare form of bird flu. Officials said the vet may have gotten the infection from the respiratory secretions of sick cats being treated at the shelter.

Public Health December 26, 2016

Red Squirrels Carry Bacteria That Cause Leprosy In Humans

Red squirrels in the UK were found to carry strains of bacteria that cause human leprosy. What are the chances that these animals can transmit the infectious disease to humans?

Public Health November 10, 2016

Harmful Bacteria Can Latch On Hospital Scrubs, Study Finds

A new study revealed that nurses' scrubs help facilitate the spread of pathogens that cause hospital-acquired infections. The scrubs' pockets, midriff and sleeves have been found as the most contaminated.

Public Health October 28, 2016

Possible Cases Of Leprosy Detected In Kids In California: What You Should Know About This Flesh-Rotting Skin Disease

Two unconfirmed cases of leprosy were detected in a school in California. Here are some facts to know about this infectious but curable disease.

Public Health September 9, 2016

Scientists Identify Existing Drugs That Can Kill Zika

Researchers have identified three existing drug compounds that can target the Zika virus. These drugs were shown to be able to prevent the infection from replicating itself and killing brain cells during lab tests.

Public Health August 30, 2016

Gulf Coast States Most At Risk For Zika Outbreak, US Health Official Says

Public health officials warn that people living in Gulf Coast states are the most at risk for a Zika outbreak. This is because conditions in these areas are suitable for the spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Public Health August 22, 2016

Texas Man Tests Positive For Zika After Traveling To Florida

A man in El Paso County, Texas tested positive for Zika infection after a recent trip to Miami, Florida. Health officials say this is the first confirmed case of interstate transmission of the virus in the United States.

Public Health August 16, 2016

People Hospitalized For Infection At Increased Risk Of Dying From Suicide

People who were hospitalized with infection have increased risk for suicide death, new research suggests. The risk is higher in those with HIV, AIDS or hepatitis.

Public Health August 11, 2016

Health Researchers Begin Clinical Trials For Experimental Zika Vaccine

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have launched an early-stage clinical trial for an experimental Zika virus vaccine. The testing will be conducted in different NIH sites in the United States.

Public Health August 4, 2016

West Nile Detected In California

Three cases of West Nile virus infections have been detected in California since the start of July. Officials said the latest of these infections was found in a dead bird recovered in Santa Cruz County.

Public Health July 11, 2016

Louisiana Woman Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria While Surf Fishing In Gulf Of Mexico

A woman in New Orleans contracted flesh-eating bacteria while surf fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The microbe can infect the body by entering through open wounds or through ingestion of raw oysters that have already been contaminated.

Public Health June 1, 2016

Fungal Disease Threatens Populations Of Salamanders And Newts

Experts warn the public against the potential spread of a fungi-borne illness known as salamander chytrid disease, which has been linked to mass die-offs of wild animals in Europe and the UK. It is particularly deadly to newts and salamanders.

Animals June 1, 2016

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