Apple Previews iOS 11.3 With Improvements To ARKit, Messages, And More


Apple has been on a roll with the announcements as they recently revealed the HomePod and released a new iOS update in anticipation of the Bluetooth smart home speaker.

Now, the tech giant has given fans a preview of the next big software update, iOS 11.3. The highlights of the preview include an update to the ARKit, Animoji, Apple’s Health app, and the power management.

The Coming Features To iOS 11.3

When the new software arrives in spring 2018, users will see improvements to experiencing augmented reality on iOS devices, different Animoji, and viewing health records in the Health app.

As far as ARKit is concerned, iOS users will notice that their device can recognize a lot more items. This will include things such as vertical surfaces and circular objects. ARKit is also able to spot 2D images such as signs or posters.

The iOS 11.3 update will also introduce a handful of new Animoji for the iPhone X. The software update will bring a dragon, bear, skull, and lion to the existing characters.

Another feature coming to Messages is something called Business Chat. This will allow users to communicate with different companies, including Discover, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s, and more through the iMessage app. This is similar to a feature already found in Facebook Messenger.

As for the Health app, Apple is looking to make the app more useful for users with wearables. The company is adding a Health Records feature that shows user information in one place. This will be especially helpful for users who want to focus on improving their health. It also gives doctors a look at their patients' health outside the doctor's office.

We’re not done yet, as Apple is adding something new to help regulate iOS device batteries. The iOS 11.3 update will add a battery health meter and offer a user different recommendations when it is time to get your battery checked out. This is very similar to a check engine light on a vehicle.

Even more, Apple has heard user complaints about slowing down older iPhones to conserve battery life and is looking to make it right. In 11.3, the company is adding the option to allow users to shut off the slowing-down effect.

When Will The New iOS Update Arrive?

The iOS 11.3 update will arrive in spring 2018, but developers can get their hands on the update Wednesday, as a public beta is coming.

The new update will be compatible with the iPhone 5 and other iPhones released after. It will also work on the iPad Pro models, fifth-generation iPad, iPad mini 2 and later, and sixth-generation iPod touch.

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