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Mars Opportunity Rover May Have Perished 'Honorably' During Dust Storm, Says NASA

NASA might soon be ending its efforts to recover Opportunity. The principal investigator behind the mission said that while they have not given up hope yet, it might also be the end of the 15-year-old explorer.

Space January 28, 2019

NASA Team Sends New Set Of Commands To Opportunity Rover On Mars

NASA continued its attempt to recover Opportunity months after the rover had gone silent because of June's dust storm. Engineers at JPL started sending new commands in the hopes of addressing the issues preventing the rover from contacting Earth.

Space January 26, 2019

NASA Reports Live 'Infectious Organisms' Have Been Found On Space Station

In a recent study, microbiologists investigated the presence of five strains of bacteria onboard the International Space Station. While the Enterobacter strains were known to be highly resistant to antibiotics, the study assured that astronauts are not in danger.

Space November 26, 2018

NASA Engineers Create Creepy Tech-Inspired Halloween Pumpkin Masterpieces

NASA engineers took a time off from developing spacecrafts and rovers and, instead, spent their energy making out-of-this-world pumpkin creations. This has been a yearly tradition at the NASA HQ.

Space October 31, 2018

NASA Announces Survival Deadline For Mars Rover Opportunity

Mars has started to get clearer skies after a planet-wide dust storm covered it with a crimson-hued haze. NASA revealed plans to communicate to Opportunity, which has remained silent in the past several weeks.

Space September 3, 2018

Can A Waymo Engineer Help Apple’s Allegedly Behind-Schedule Autonomous Driving Project?

By hiring Waymo and NASA engineer Jaime Waydo, Apple’s self-driving software project gains a speed boost. With her expertise, she could reorient Apple’s problematic venture into autonomous driving.

Apple June 16, 2018

Mars Curiosity Rover Is Drilling The Red Planet Again, This Time With A New Method

Since the Mars Curiosity Rover hit a snag in 2016 that broke its ability to drill the Red Planet’s surface, NASA has been hard at work trying to fix it. Now, the space agency may finally be on to something.

Space March 2, 2018

Are Robots Better Pilots? NASA Pits Human Pilot vs. AI And Here's What Happened

Robot-controlled drone against human-controlled drone and scores in accuracy and consistency. JPL researchers positive after AI's performance in drone flying.

Computers November 25, 2017

Mt. Erebus Ice Caves Stand In For Frozen Alien Worlds To Help NASA JPL Test Tools

It's no Europa but Mt. Erebus’s ice caves do good work simulating the frozen environments that could be present in alien worlds in the outer solar system, providing NASA with suitable conditions to test its tools in.

Robotics February 15, 2017

Image Of A Lifetime From Pluto And New Horizons

New Horizons has imaged the surface of Pluto like never before, and likely never again within decades. What does this magnificent new photograph show?

Space May 29, 2016

Curiosity Rover Records Seasons Happening On Mars

Seasonal cycles on Mars have now been observed over the course of two Martian years. What has the Curiosity rover seen on the surface of the Red Planet?

Space May 15, 2016

Cassini Probe Returns Stunning New Image Of Saturn

Saturn is seen in a stunning new image from the Cassini spacecraft. What is next for this hardy space observatory?

Space April 5, 2016

NASA's 360-Degree Video Is On YouTube

The video was first presented on the Rover's Facebook page last week.

Robotics February 8, 2016

Opportunity Rover Celebrates Stunning 12th Anniversary On Mars

The original expedition was expected to last for three months.

Space January 28, 2016

NASA Will Study Carbon Absorption In An Effort To Fight Climate Change

NASA is studying carbon absorption - the 'other half' of the Earth's carbon dioxide problem - to help scientists figure out the amount of carbon dioxide Earth's ecosystems can take in. The effort is also to prevent that rate going beyond the natural tipping point before it's too late.

Earth/Environment November 13, 2015

NASA Releases Photos Of Halloween Asteroid That Is Five Football Fields Long

The asteroid passed by Earth on Halloween morning, missing us by a distance equal to seven Earths.

Space November 4, 2015

New Hubble Images Delve Deep Into Jupiter's Mysterious Red Spot [Video]

An annual 'portrait' of the giant planet shows its famous Red Spot is shrinking. Images also capture unique atmospheric waves, similar to ones sometimes seen on Earth.

Space October 13, 2015

NASA May Soon Explore Uranus And Neptune Following Pluto Mission

Will NASA be headed to Uranus or Neptune next? The agency is in the process of studying its options to decide on its next flagship mission.

Space August 26, 2015

NASA Curiosity Mars Rover's Latest Exploits: Drilling And Taking Selfie

Mars rover uses a robotic arm as a 'selfie stick' to capture a dramatic image of its surroundings on the Red Planet. The image was taken while Curiosity drilled yet another Martian rock for analysis.

Space August 20, 2015

NASA Developing Gecko-Inspired 'Gripper' System That Would Help Robots Climb And Crawl In Space (Video)

Engineers turn to nature and the 'sticky feet' of geckos as inspiration for robots that could climb around the International Space Station. Unlike adhesive tape or Velcro, the feet of such robots would never wear out or lose their 'stickyness,' they say.

Space August 17, 2015

Want To Go To Mars? NASA's Online Tools Let Public Join In Mars Exploration

The space agency created Web-based tools to allow the public to take part in explorations of the Red Planet. Two websites, Mars Trek and Experience Curiosity, can take citizen scientists on a unique virtual journey.

Space August 7, 2015

Veteran NASA Spacecraft Approaches 'Marathon' Milestone In Its Travels Around Mars

NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft is on the verge of completing 60,000 laps around the Red Planet. Odyssey has done important planetary science and has served as a 'call home' link for rovers on the Red Planet's surface.

Space June 23, 2015

NASA's Odyssey Spacecraft Nears 60,000th Orbit Of Mars

The Odyssey orbiter circling Mars is about to complete its 60,000th trip around the red planet. The veteran spacecraft has a history of accomplishments, and its future is still bright.

Space June 20, 2015

Thousands Of Exotic Helium-Shrouded Planets May Inhabit Our Galaxy, Astronomers Suggest

Planets unlike anything in our own solar system may be common in the Milky Way, a study suggests. What would make the 'warm Netpunes' so distinctive is an atmosphere of helium, researchers say.

Space June 12, 2015

Watch Ceres Flyover Video From Dawn Spacecraft In New NASA Video

A flyover video of the dwarf planet Ceres is available from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The 1:15 minute film contains images from the first mapping orbit flights, with a star background added. Here's how to watch.

Space June 8, 2015

Rosetta Makes New Discoveries About 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Comet's Atmosphere

Scientists have made new discoveries about the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet’s surface and atmosphere, using the Alice spectrograph aboard the Rosetta spacecraft.

Space June 3, 2015

Hang Glider Concept Could Land More Probes On Martian Soil

If successful, the new landing technology could pave the way for human exploration of Mars, Venus and Saturn’s moon Titan in the future.

Space May 20, 2015

Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf Likely To Disintegrate Completely By End Of Decade: NASA [Video]

A huge floating Antarctic ice shelf is nearing collapse and could disappear within a few years. The likely result may be an increase in the rise of sea levels around the world, researchers say.

Animals May 18, 2015

NASA Instruments Scan Forests Ravaged By Wildfire, Help In Planning Recovery Efforts

Highly detailed maps of recent California megafires, created with data from airborne NASA instruments, can improve restoration efforts, researchers say. The understanding of how such fires start and spread may be improved using such maps, they believe.

Geek April 13, 2015

Once-In-A-Century Pi Day Is Here: How Are You Celebrating Pi Day 2015?

The Pi Day this year is extra special because it stretches 3.14 to 3.1415 and this will never happen again until the next century. Here are ways math enthusiasts and ordinary folks celebrate the day.

March 14, 2015

Curiosity Rover Uses Healed Robotic Arm For First Time To Deliver Rock-Powder Sample

A short circuit on the drill of the Curiosity rover's arm halted some tasks for the mission, but NASA reported that the rover has once again used its robotic arm to deliver a rock powder sample.

Space March 13, 2015

Astronomers Find Massive Exoplanet With Four Parent Stars

Exoplanets may be ways away from the solar system but they intrigue researchers just the same. A recent study has found an exoplanet with four parent stars, only the second to be discovered so far.

Space March 5, 2015

New, Better Images Of Dwarf Planet Ceres Taken By Dawn

New, sharper images of dwarf planet raise more questions than answers, astronomers say. Scientists eagerly await the arrival of the Dawn spacecraft at Ceres in March.

Space February 18, 2015

Asteroid 2004 BL86 Preps For Earth Flyby Monday: Here's How And When You Can Watch It

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the next asteroid to zip past the Earth? A small telescope or even a good pair of binoculars could give you a ring-side seat, astronomers say.

Space January 25, 2015

NASA to Study Volcanoes with Little Robot Explorers

Robots used to explore volcanoes on Earth could lead to similar explorations on other planets or our moon, researchers at JPL say. Small VolcanoBots can explore small fissures to help understand how volcanoes erupt, they say.

Space January 13, 2015

'Vintage' Exoplanet Posters by NASA Are Out of This World

Wondering what it would be like to travel to a distant exoplanet? NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released 'travel posters' to help you imagine it.

Space January 9, 2015

NASA's New Satellite May Help Track Droughts, But Will It Help Stop Them?

The Smap satellite will launch into orbit to study soil moisture around the globe. How could this observatory help reduce damages from flooding?

January 9, 2015

NuSTAR Captures Image of Sun in High-Energy X-Rays

Space telescope turn its gaze from the edges of the universe toward our own sun. X-ray instrument is ideal for uncovering mysteries of our star, scientists say. Thanks to NuSTAR, now we can look at the Sun in all its magnificence.

Space December 26, 2014

Curiosity Detects Mysterious Spike in Mars' Methane Gas

Presence of methane gas on Mars once again suggests an intriguing possibility, that the Red Planet is harboring some kink of life. Mysterious "spike" in methane levels recorded by NASA's Curiosity rover on the planet's surface.

Space December 16, 2014

Mountain-Sized Asteroid Headed for Earth Won't Harm Us: Here's Why

Astronomers say recently discovered asteroid has orbital path that will keep it from threatening Earth. Computer projections show no risk for at leas the next 150 years.

Space December 9, 2014

What's it like working on Mars? Curiosity rover finds mineral and scientist speaks out

Scientist find mineral on Mars that may hint at the Red Planet's past habitability. Remotely operating instruments millions of miles away makes for interesting work, one researcher says.

Space November 6, 2014

Stealing from Mars: Curiosity’s methane-detecting tech finds gas leaks on Earth

California utility company adopting NASA hardware to help ensure safety of natural gas pipeline. Methane detecting technology is taken straight from instruments on the Mars rover Curiosity.

Space October 8, 2014

NASA selects astrobiologists to study life origins and extraterrestrial possibilities

NASA funds research teams to look for the where, how and why of extraterrestrial life. Space agency dedicated almost $50 million to the search.

Space October 7, 2014

Asteroid 2014 RC buzzed by Earth dangerously close last weekend: What you should know

An asteroid passed by Earth at just a tenth of the distance of the moon. Dubbed "Pitbull," the space rock approached our planet at a distance of 21,000 miles away.

Space September 9, 2014

Newly found asteroid to glide closely past Earth this Sunday

Asteroid around 60-feet long will make close flyby of Earth. Small telescopes will be able to spot it, and a couple of webcasts will follow it live.

Space September 4, 2014

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