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NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures Image Of Volcanic Plume In Jovian Moon Io

Space scientists have spotted a volcanic eruption on Jupiter’s moon Io. The image was captured by NASA’s probe, Juno, which is currently on its 17th flyby over the gas giant.

Space January 8, 2019

NASA Juno Spacecraft May Have Found Hidden Volcano In Jupiter Moon Io

The NASA Juno spacecraft may have spotted a hidden volcano on Io, one of the dozens of moons of Jupiter. NASA is expecting more clues on the previously undiscovered heat source from the space probe's next flyby.

Space July 15, 2018

Is This A Van Gogh Painting? Chaotic Clouds Of Jupiter Appear Like Stunning Oil Painting In Color-Enhanced Image

Citizen scientists used data from Junocam imager to create a color-enhanced image of the clouds of Jupiter. The image was captured during the 13th close flyby of the Juno spacecraft.

Space June 25, 2018

NASA’s Flyby Juno Survives Jupiter’s Radioactive Field And Gets Another 3 Years Of Probe

The Juno mission is set out to explore Jupiter’s structure, mass, core, and origin. After two years of orbit, Juno remained operationally healthy, extending its mission to another three years.

Space June 8, 2018

NASA Releases New Images Of Gas Giant Jupiter

The U.S. space agency released new photos of Jupiter, showing the spectacular cyclones present on the poles of the planet. The images were captured by the JIRAM instrument on the Juno spacecraft.

Space March 11, 2018

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Will Disappear In 10 Years

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter will evaporate and die in the next 10 to 20 years. The GRS is actually a superstorm, which has been going on for the past 400 years.

Space February 20, 2018

NASA's Juno Captures Close-Up Image Of Jupiter's Colorful Clouds

A striking image of Jupiter's brilliant clouds was captured by the Juno probe. Unlike previous photos, it features the gas planet's northern hemisphere for the first time.

Space January 10, 2018

NASA's Juno Probe Will Get Its First Look At Jupiter's Planet-Sized Storm

We know very little about Jupiter's planet-sized storm, but that may change soon. NASA's Juno probe will get its first look at Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Space July 11, 2017

In First Flybys, Juno Reveals How Little We Know About Jupiter

The first round of data from NASA's Juno mission has been released and it reveals that we know very little about Jupiter. From the planet's core to water and unexpected cyclones, here's what we learned.

Space May 25, 2017

Jupiter At Opposition: Here’s Why The Giant Planet Shines Brighter And Bigger This Friday Night

New photos from the Hubble Space Telescope reveal breathtaking views of Jupiter. They come in days before Jupiter at opposition, or where the planet forms a straight line with Earth and the sun.

Space April 7, 2017

NASA Will Forgo Shorter Orbit Around Jupiter: How Will This Affect Juno Mission?

NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter will continue on its 53-day orbital period instead of shifting to a shorter 14-day orbit. What caused the change in plans and why is NASA optimistic about it?

Space February 19, 2017

NASA Postpones Planned Juno Rocket Burn To December Flyby: Engine Trouble Blamed

The Juno period reduction maneuver will be delayed because of problems with main engine, Leros 1b. Mission managers estimate that the soonest it could be rescheduled is on Dec. 11.

Space October 18, 2016

Juno Spacecraft's Close-Up Images Of Jupiter Reveal Unexpected Weather And Storm Systems

NASA's Juno spacecraft has captured images of Jupiter's north pole. The photographs showed storm systems and weather activities that scientists have not seen in other gas giants in the Solar System.

Space September 5, 2016

NASA’s Juno Probe Reaches Closest Point To Jupiter This Saturday

Juno has successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit and will be at its closest to the gas giant on Aug. 27. This will be the first flyby where the probe will have its entire suite of instruments turned on.

Space August 27, 2016

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures First Pictures From Jupiter Orbit

NASA's Jupiter probe Juno captured the first photos of the gas giant using the visible-light camera Junocam. An image released Tuesday shows Jupiter and the planet's three biggest moons.

Space July 13, 2016

NASA Juno Enters Jupiter Orbit: How To Watch Live Stream Of Crucial And Historic Moment

NASA's Juno probe will enter Jupiter's orbit tonight. Viewers can catch a live stream of the historic event starting at 10:30 p.m. Eastern on Tech Times.

Space July 4, 2016

Juno Makes History As Seventh Probe To Reach Jupiter

Jupiter has been visited by spacecraft six times prior to the upcoming arrival of Juno on July 4. What did these missions teach us about the largest planet in the solar system?

Space June 30, 2016

Spectacular New Infrared Images Of Jupiter Released Days Before Juno Probe Encounter

Days ahead of NASA's Juno probe encounter, astronomers have released spectacular new infrared images of the planet Jupiter. The images will help set the scene for the space probe's mission.

Space June 27, 2016

Juno To Probe Jupiter On July 4: Why This Mission Is Important

Like its namesake, the Juno probe will pierce through the stormy atmosphere of Jupiter to examine its true nature. The long awaited mission could potentially change our understanding of the solar system.

Space June 13, 2016

Does Planet Nine Exist? These Are The Tools Astronomers Are Using To Find It

Observations of bodies deep in the solar system suggest an unseen ninth planet sits beyond the orbit of Neptune. Here are some of the tools astronomers are using to find the distant world.

Space February 28, 2016

NASA's Jupiter Probe Juno Sets Solar-Powered Spacecraft Distance Record

The spacecraft Juno, which is on a mission to study Jupiter, broke the distance record to become the furthest traveling solar-powered probe in space.

Space January 14, 2016

Juno spacecraft captures Earth and Moon in cosmic waltz (Video)

NASA's Juno spacecraft took stunning video footage while flying past the Earth before heading off to Jupiter.

Space December 11, 2013

Jupiter probe Juno wakes up after short nap

Jupiter probe Juno is now fully active after it went on a safe mode unexpectedly.

Space October 14, 2013

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