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New 2020 Mars Rover Already Assembled In Preparation Of Testing For Next Year's Launch

NASA announced it’s on track in launching its Mars Rover in July 2020. In its clean room, the team had already assembled the parts using a method called stacking. It is now undergoing more tests, simulations, and checks.

Space April 22, 2019

Heavy Rain Carved Complex Network Of Valleys On Mars 3.8 Billion Years Ago

The networks of deep channels carved into the ground on Mars were caused by rain pummeling through the planet’s once-dense atmosphere. However, the bigger question is: Where has all the water gone?

Space June 29, 2018

Life On Mars Possibly Began 100 Million Years Earlier Than Earth

A new study found that Mars’ final crust hardened rapidly than how Earth’s crust was formed. This new finding suggested that Mars may have become habitable 100 million years earlier than Earth.

Space June 28, 2018

Scientists Say Earth's Acidic Streams Suggest 12,000 Olympic-Sized Pools Of Evidence Of Life On Mars

Scientists believe that there is a connection between the acidic streams on Earth and potential life on Mars. They studied acidic streams in Dorset, an area in the United Kingdom.

Space May 15, 2018

Don’t Be Fooled: The ‘Warrior Woman’ Rock On Mars Isn’t Proof Of An Early Civilization

A new rock formation on Mars is being hailed as proof that an ancient civilization once existed on the planet. Don’t believe it — it’s your mind playing tricks on you.

Space April 30, 2018

Bacteria Survives In The Most Mars-Like Place On Earth, Giving Hope For Life On The Red Planet

David Bowie onced asked if there’s life on Mars. Well, according to a new study published in PNAS, it’s possible Mars harbors life despite its conditions.

Earth/Environment February 27, 2018

Mars Cannonball Evidence Of Ancient Alien War And Shattered Civilization, UFO Hunter Says

Prolific UFO hunter Scott C. Waring claimed that a mysterious object spotted on the surface of Mars is a cannonball, proof of an ancient alien war that destroyed the planet's civilization. Is there another explanation for the Mars cannonball?

Space December 5, 2017

Is There Life On Mars? Man Claims Of Past Life On Red Planet

A man claimed to be a Martian in his past life. A new paper revealed microorganisms can live for several millions of years underneath Mars' surface. Suggesting the presence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet seems to support his statements.

Space November 10, 2017

Mars Science City: UAE Plans To Build City That Simulates Life On Mars

The Mars Science City project will build a prototype of a Red Planet colony on Earth. UAE said that it will be the most sophisticated building in the world. Here's how it will simulate Mars environment.

Space September 29, 2017

Ancient Lake On Gale Crater Had Varied Oxygen Levels Across Depths: What This Tells About Life On Mars

Martian lake paints a picture of environmental changes on the planet. Scientists find evidence that Mars could have supported life at many points in the past.

Space June 3, 2017

No-Bake Bricks For Future Mars Colony: Will They Actually Work On The Red Planet?

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have created bricks using Mars-like soil. But will these be strong enough for human habitats on the red planet?

Space May 1, 2017

UFO Hunter Claims This Is A Petrified Ancient Tree Stump On Mars

An image taken by the Curiosity Rover has turned viral after a video posted by a group insisted that the image was the vestige of an ancient Martian tree on the planet as an assertion of life on Mars.

Space April 27, 2017

NASA's Life-Hunting Tools For Mars Mission Tested In Atacama Desert

NASA scientists and engineers braved the heat in the Atacama desert to test tools designed to drill for samples and hunt for signs of life on planet Mars. How do these life-hunting instruments work?

Space March 14, 2017

New Study Shows Water-Rich History Of Mars

An original hydrogen-containing mineral was found in the Red Planet's meteorite. The found mineral shows the planet's possible water-rich history and exposes a potential breeding ground of life on its surface.

Space March 8, 2017

Alien Towers Spotted On Mars? Alien And UFO Experts Say Red Planet Full Of Intelligent Life Artifacts

UFO enthusiasts are certain that the three formation photographed recently on Mars may actually be towers built by an advanced civilization. NASA however claims that the key to the mystery may actually be found in the human brain.

Space December 13, 2016

Strange ‘Funnel’ Spotted On Mars: Is This Where Alien Life Is On The Red Planet?

Two depressions that could have sheltered life on Mars were analyzed as part of new research. The study suggests that the formations could be the result of asteroid clashes and volcano activity.

Space November 12, 2016

Search For Life On Mars: Scientists Simulate Two-Week Mars Mission Around Hawaii's Mauna Ulu

A team of scientists will begin training around Hawaii’s Mauna Ulu this week as part of NASA’s search for Martian life. The two-week experiment is set in Hawaii because of the region’s ideal conditions for research.

Space November 7, 2016

Alien Hunters Spot Strange Fossilized Beast Resembling A Grizzly Bear On Mars: Here's What UFO Hunters And Skeptics Think

Alien hunters observed a new object in the form of a grizzly bear on a NASA image of Mars. They theorized that the footage is proof of finally finding life on the red planet.

Space November 5, 2016

NASA Develops Sense Of Smell In Rovers To ‘Sniff Out’ Life On Mars

NASA specialists have been working on a new instrument which will be used in looking for bio-signatures in the attempt to find life on Mars. Possibly, the technique will also be employed in observing other planets in our solar system.

Robotics November 2, 2016

Water Could Be On Mars, But Don't Expect Much Of It

Astronomers have been seeking to find water on Mars for years, but nothing much has come up to prove the planet is home to this valuable resource. The latest findings suggest we may never come across large amounts of it.

Space August 30, 2016

Space Spuds: NASA Grows Potatoes On Mars-Like Peruvian Soil

NASA researchers are working with scientists from International Potato Center in Lima to study whether or not potatoes can be cultivated on Mars. The scientists are planning to use the Mars-like soil of Pampas de La Joya Desert for farming.

Space April 17, 2016

Could Argyre Basin On Mars Hold Secrets To Finding Ancient Martian Life?

The best place to find life on Mars, past or present, could be the Argyre Basin. What makes this area so special in the search for Martian life?

Space April 2, 2016

UK To Send New Robot To Mars: What Makes Bruno Different From Other Martian Rovers?

No, it's not a space pun involving the American singer. The UK really is sending a new rover to Mars and its name is 'Bruno.' Here's what you need to know.

Space March 28, 2016

Martian Cauliflower Structures Discovered By NASA's Spirit Rover Could Be Proof Of Alien Life On Mars

Two astronomers from Arizona believe that our best bet to finding life on Mars is by investigating a mineral detected on the red planet eight years ago. NASA's Spirit rover found the mineral among cauliflower-like structures on Mars.

Space February 4, 2016

Is There Life On Mars? Fungi From Antarctica May Give Us A Clue

It is possible that ultra-hardy fungi could survive extreme weather conditions in Mars, a new study conducted onboard the ISS revealed. Scientists searching for life on the red planet find the research very promising.

Space January 29, 2016

Life On Mars Atmosphere? NASA To Reveal Key Science Findings On History Of Red Planet

Is Mars the new Earth? American space agency to reveal new findings about Mars' atmospheric history and its fate on Nov. 5.

Space November 4, 2015

Methane In Mars Meteorites Suggests Life Is Possible On The Red Planet

Methane, which could support rudimentary forms of life, has been found in Martian meteorites, researchers report. While not necessarily hard evidence of life on the Red Planet, it suggests conditions there may have been friendly to life at some point in the planet's history, they say.

Space June 16, 2015

Curiosity Rover Finds Traces Of Nitrates On Mars: Evidence Of Life?

The samples collected and tested by the Curiosity rover's on-board laboratory hints at possible evidence of life on Mars. The samples were collected from three different sites on Mars.

Space March 24, 2015

New crowdfunded mission wants to throw darts at Mars to search for life

A group of scientists set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a possible future mission that will penetrate Martian soil to search for existing life on the red planet.

Internet Culture August 18, 2014

Bacteria from Earth can easily colonize Mars

Bacteria could hitch a ride to Mars or future space colonies aboard spacecraft launched from Earth. Here is what happened when three teams subjected bacteria to real-life space conditions.

Space May 4, 2014

Martian meteorite suggests presence of water...and possibly, alien life, on the Red Planet

Study of a Martian meteorite has once again reignited the debate over possibility of existence of alien life on the Red Planet.

Space March 2, 2014

Did NASA just discover evidence of water on Mars? The truth is out there

NASA may have finally found evidence of flowing water on Mars. However, the space agency is not disclosing much.

Space February 12, 2014

NASA video walks us through Mars 4 bn years ago

An animation produced by NASA gives everyone a peek of what Mars could have looked like billions of years ago when it had ideal atmospheric conditions.

Space November 15, 2013

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