The past week brought a crippling hack to PlayStation and Xbox Live, a new legal headache for Apple and some colorful insight from a telecom leader who is clearly intent on making 2015 the big year for his company.

In case you haven't been able to keep up with everything, we've put together a list of the biggest events of this past week so that you can kick off the weekend all caught up on tech news.

Lizard Squad Criticized By Anonymous Over PlayStation Hack

Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live network both experienced more distributed denial of service attacks at the hands of none other than Lizard Squad.

The hackers exploited the Tor network in the hack, essentially the anonymity Tor is supposed to provide, and and angered other groups, such as Anonymous.

While Lizard Squad's goal is to point out flaws in networks, eventually strengthening them, Anonymous sent out rather forceful tweets to the recently rebooted hackers.

"Hey @LizardMafia don't f--k with the Tor network. People need that service because of corrupt governments. Stand the f--k down," said Anonymous in a tweet.

Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over iOS 8 Size

In what is perhaps the most ridiculous class action lawsuit to come knocking at Apple's door, two plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit claiming iOS 8 takes up far too much space on Apple devices.

The lawsuit is ridiculous for a number of reasons. It aims to include not only users who installed iOS 8 from previous versions, but also those who bought a device with iOS 8 pre-installed. In the past similar cases were dismissed by the courts.

T-Mobile CEO Hopeful For 2015

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has spoken on his hopes for 2015, saying that while he doesn't yet know just yet if T-Mobile is the third largest network as numbers for Q4 2014 have not yet been released, he's pretty confident it's going to happen and happen soon.

The carrier has had an extremely busy 2014, making a number of groundbreaking announcements and quickly gaining ground on rival carriers Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Samsung To Expand Tizen To New TVs

Samsung first announced the Tizen operating system in 2012, aiming to compete with Android. It was first brought to a number of wearable devices, but it now seems as though the company will be bringing Tizen to its TVs.

Samsung is aiming to reduce its dependence on Google's Android, with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 being among the most successful smartphones ever.

'The Interview' Becomes Sony's Highest Grossing Online Movie Ever

Following a rough few months for Sony Pictures, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the entertainment company.

The Interview has become the biggest online move release ever, with around two million digital downloads and 331 theaters helping the film rake in a whopping $18 million.

While it certainly isn't the $60 million Sony Picture originally hoped it would make in its opening weekend, it is a nice consolation prize given all the pain experienced by the hands of hackers Guardians Of Peace, or #GOP.

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