Nick Viall Gets Engaged To Vanessa Grimaldi To Conclude ‘The Bachelor’ Finale


Finally, the long search for true love is over.

Star of The Bachelor Nick Viall has concluded the finale of the show with a Valentine's-like marriage proposal to Vanessa Grimaldi. With the wintry Finnish countryside in the backdrop, the debonair dropped to his knees and popped the question to Grimaldi and made her the winner of Viall's heart (and the show).

The long-running dating reality show The Bachelor is currently on its 21st season on ABC. It began in 2002 and gained major following while spawning spinoffs like The Bachelorette along the way.

Then There Were Two

The final episode of the The Bachelor could not have been more dramatic and full of twists. Viall had to choose between two lovely ladies: 29-year-old Canadian special education teacher Grimaldi, and 25-year-old fashion boutique owner Raven Gates.

The show's finale followed the tear-soaked events that led to the climactic — and surprising — ending. The beautiful ladies met up with Nick's family. First one to meet the folks was Gates, who had met them earlier in the season. The show's favorite brunette confessed her feelings for Nick to his dad. She said she loves him even though he hasn't told her he feels the same way, too. She really thought she would get a proposal from Nick.

Next one to meet her loved one's parents was Vanessa, who in a strange twist, admitted to Nick's mom that she wasn't ready to get engaged. She did tell his dad though that she loves his son despite her reservations about their long distance from each other, and the eventuality of her moving out for him.

The meet-the-parents scene was followed by the final dates with each of the ladies. First up was Vanessa, who spent the day with Nick doing horseback riding and literally meeting Santa Claus, who asked them what they want for Christmas (surprise: it's love).

Next up was Raven, who had a bit of action with Nick as they spent the day ice-skating and kissing on a frozen lake and playing with baby huskies. During this scene, the viewers could see Raven's feelings (and thoughts) that she would be the one wearing the prized ring at the show's end.

But There Can Only Be 'The One'

However, Nick had other plans. His heart belongs to Vanessa. So in an awkward yet emotion-filled moment, Nick broke the bad news to Raven.

"I think about every moment that we've had and how much I've grown to care about you, respect you, and how much love I have for you. Thinking about it last night and this morning ... I just don't know if I'm in love. I know that my heart is somewhere else," he told Raven.

After saying goodbye to Raven, Nick waited for Vanessa to arrive. And on one knee — and before millions of viewers — he popped the question and got a sweet "Yes" to end his long wait.

Viall is famous for being dumped as a contestant during the 2014 and 2015 The Bachelorette seasons. His rejection earned him the endearment and love of fans and now he's gotten the biggest love in the show that stars him.

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